Jacklyn Zeman Launches New Club!

In celebration of 40 amazing years with General Hospital, Jackie Zeman is launching a new ‘Friends and Family Club’. Join her today at www.yournumberonefan.com!

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Nancy Lee Grahn is traveling East for a #Gabfest


Photo ABC

Nancy Lee Grahn is coming east to hang with you. We’ve much to talk about.

For all ticket information email: NancyLeeGrahnevents@gmail.com

Spring Events with Nancy Lee Grahn Read more

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Hi Everyone! We know that this lineup for the GHFCW 2017 Fan Reunion is long overdue and you are tired of waiting. We wanted to give the GH Convention respect and let it happen before we started pushing the GH Fan Club Weekend.

To date, we have not received final details on a number of the events happening over the GH Weekend, but we will list what we do know and update as more information comes in. We will mark if an event has tickets on sale and for those that do not, we will list the event coordinator as a point of contact for further information. Unfortunately, if we do not have the information, we cannot relay it to you. You will notice that many of the events do not yet have tickets available. We will keep you updated as we know more.

Here is what we know at this time, subject to change. Be sure and check back often:

For the following events:

Contact: Debbie Morris

Kick Off Welcome Event hosted by GHFC (A Fan Favorite) (ON SALE)
7PM-10PM Thursday, August 3, 2017

Main Cast Event hosted by GHFC (A Must) (ON SALE)
9AM-3PM Saturday, August 5, 2017

One Night Only hosted by Michael Easton & Roger Howarth
7PM-10:00PM Saturday, August 5, 2017

One Night Only Private Event hosted by Michael, Roger & Special Guest
10:30PM-12:30AM, Saturday, August 5, 2017 – Limited to 30 tickets!!
Those attending the 1st event will have first choice at the 30 tickets, if any remain we will then release them.

Kelly Monaco Event
Date/Time TBA

TBA Event  Besties & Company (not to be missed) (Details TBA at a later date)
1PM-4PM Sunday, August 6th,

For the following event:

Contact: Sheri Evans

Family Affair with Lisa LoCicero and Dominic Zamprogna (ON SALE)
9AM-12PM Friday, August 4, 2017
Order Form is up on Soap Star Events website


For the following event:

Contact: Tammy Uskavitch
ktfoundation@mchsi.com for ticket information

Celebrity Bingo hosted by Wally Kurth is BACK!
Joined by Robert Palmer Watkins and other friends!
9PM-Until ?  Friday, August 4, 2017

For the following event:

Nancy Lee Grahn Event
6PM-9PM Friday, August 4, 2017

For the following events:

Contact: Debby O’Connor


YourNumberOneFan will host the following events
Please check the site for updates often!
Carolyn Hennesy
Kathleen Gati
Bradford Anderson
Brytni Sarpy/Hayley Erin/Chloe Lanier
Marc Anthony Samuel
Ryan Carnes

For the following events:

Contact: Claire Mullan

William DeVry & Ryan Paevey Event
3PM-6PM Thursday, August 3, 2017
(No details available at this time other than time)

Donnell Turner Event (ON SALE)
4:30PM-7:30PM, Friday, August 4, 2017

Kin Shriner and Jackie Zeman Event (ON SALE)
4PM-6PM Saturday, August 5, 2017
Order forms available at www.ghfanclub.com

Michelle Stafford & Co (Charity Event) (TBA)
5pm-8pm, Sunday, August 6, 2017

Karaoke Event (ON SALE)
Hosted by Marc Anthony Samuel, Lexi Ainsworth & Ryan Carnes
9PM-12AM Sunday, August 6, 2017
Order forms available at www.ghfanclub.com

To stay up to date on GHFCW 2017


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Hello GHFCW Fans!!

Never fear! Info is coming! We had to make some quick changes to the event line up and will post the information tonight (before midnight PST). I just got off the phone with Debbie and she is this|close to being ready to release the news. We know you are all eager to see what is going on this year and we are just as eager to get it out to you.

We’re on this!

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GHFCW 2017

March 10th is the magical day, stay tuned folks it is gonna be a good one. As it always is!!

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GHFCW 2017 – Welcome & Cast Event Flyers

We are so totally excited about the GHFCW2017!  Our theme this year is ‘The GH Fan Family Reunion’. So appropriate! And why not? We are important and we deserve to be celebrated. Some of the most important people in my life I met at a GHFCW, some 20, 30, and as far back as 40 years ago, I have heard some of the same stories from many of you.  So, this year we celebrate us!

I have attached the flyers for the Annual GHFCW Welcome Event and our Annual GHFCW Cast Event. After asking many of you over the years what you liked and disliked, we have changed up a few things on our Cast Tickets so please read them carefully. We also have a few changes in mind on how we will structure the day…so stay tuned.

All of our wonderful event coordinators are currently working on their clients events at this time. I am not able to give you an exact date as to when our complete lineup will be released

Welcome Event Flyer Click here Welcome Event Flyer-1

Cast Event Flyer Cast Event Order Form2

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GHFCW 2017 Room Block / Dated Material

Embassy Suites Hotel, Glendale Californa.  It has been confirmed that the GHFCW room block will go on sale at PST, that will be 12:01 am tomorrow (Friday December 16th) morning, the code will be active.  So to be clear that is tonight/Friday morning at 12:01 AM.  Code is GHF.  You can either call 1-800-Embassy or do it online at www.hilton.com. Rooms normally sell out quickly!

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GHFCW 2017 Email

logo-2Please use our new email for anything relating to GHFCW to ensure you emails do not get lost in everyday emails.  GHFCW2017@gmail.com.  Thanks

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GHFCW 2017 Dates & Room Codes

GHFCW 2017


We hope that you will be able to join us for the GHFCW 2017. Our theme this year is ‘GH Fan Family Reunion’. I choose this theme because we are like family, we come together once a year to have fun and celebrate our love of the characters on our favorite daytime show General Hospital.

The dates are as follows, the Kick Off Welcome Event will be hosted on Thursday night August 3, 2017 and the Main Cast Event will be on Saturday August 5, 2017. Both will be at the Embassy Suites Glendale Hotel in Glendale, CA.

Tickets will go on sale January 15, 2017. If you would like a flyer to order please email me after January 1, 2017 if I have not gotten it up on the site. Please use our new email GHFCW2017@gmail.com  to request the order form or anything that relates to FCW. We will have our line up hopefully by the end of January.  Everyone needs time to pull their events together and this is the normal time that we release our lineup.  As always, our weekend will be full, please plan to stay through Monday as I am hearing that day will be utilized.

  • Room ReservationsRooms will go on sale Friday at 12:01am. Hotel did not know if that was EST or PST so I would check it at EST.  This means that once they release the rooms they will go on sale Thursday night/Friday morning again 12:01 am December 16th. The Code is GHF an can be done on line at hilton.com or please call the 1-800-Embassy and not the front desk in Glendale. Again, the codes will not go live until the time stated above.Room rates are $186 for King or doubles
    Rates are honored Thursday August 3, Friday 4, Saturday 5 & Sunday 6th until sold out.

    Each room comes with the following Amenities

    Complimentary Full Breakfast with cooked to order Omelet Station
    Complimentary Evening Manager’s Reception

  • Internet: $5.00
  • Parking: $8.00

I will also reserve a block at the Hilton Glendale for the overflow if anyone does not get in at the Embassy Suites or those that prefer the Hilton. As soon as I have that information I will send it out and posted.

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GHFCW 2017 Dates are Here!

We are happy to announce that the GHFCW 2017 will be hosted once again at the Embassy Suites Glendale in Glendale, CA.  The GHFCW Welcome Event will be hosted on Thursday Evening August 3, 2017 and the Main Cast Event will be hosted on Saturday August 5, 2017. Further information will be posted on Sunday December 11th.  Rooms will be available for reservations at the Embassy Suites on Tuesday December 13th.  Look for codes here on this site on Monday December 12th.  I have not yet signed a contract with the Hilton Glendale for the over flow but plans are in the works to do so.  Details later..stay tuned.GHlogoRed

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