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ALS Association’s #IceBucketChallenge

It’s the latest craze to help raise money for a wonderful organization & it is catching on around the globe. ALS #IceBucketChallenge. A cause to help raise funds for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) research and support. Just to help enlighten you folks, this is how it works. If someone you know challenges you, you then then have 24 hours to donate $10 (or more if possible) to the ALS Association. You then take a bucket of ice water and dump it over your head, then you challenge 3 other people to do the same.

Below are a few of your favorites from General Hospital who have honored their challenge. Will you be the next to help raise money for this very worthy cause? Take the challenge, then get your friends and family involved. Together we can make a difference one challenge at a time!

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ABC7 GH Actors Talks Time Change

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First Take with suprise guest Maurice Benard

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First Look At Michelle Stafford on GENERAL HOSPITAL


On Tuesday, June 3rd, Michelle Stafford will officially join the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Nina Clay! In a promo touting her joining the soap, Stafford is heard saying “I’m Back” in reference to her character returning from her 20 year coma.

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Behind the Scenes: Nurses’ Ball 2014


Take a look behind-the-scenes of the performances at this year’s Nurses’ Ball!
In case you missed the performances catch them now in this 2 part Nurses’ Ball recap.

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Chad Duell – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

MICHAEL CORINTHOS considered having 2 dads a good thing. He was raised by SONNY CORINTHOS. Michael’s bio dad, AJ QUARTERMAINE recent return to Port Charles allowed Michael to get to know his other dad. While Sonny & AJ never got along, they both loved Michael. Sonny faced a massive tragedy when his girlfriend, CONNIE FALCONERI, was brutally murdered. Before Connie died, she wrote the letters “AJ” in blood. Sonny’s anger drove him to seek revenge against AJ. Michael would be the only one that could stop Sonny.

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Children of Internment Interview

A wonderful interview with Kristina Wagner about her documentary Children of Internment!

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The Ghost and The Whale


THE GHOST AND THE WHALE tells the story of Joseph Hawthorne (Maurice Benard), a bi-polar man who went off to sea with the love of his life and returned back to the sleepy town of Bodega alone. His wife Annabel Lee’s (Madeleine Hamer) disappearance and his subsequent exoneration creates a divided mystery among the town and moreover her bloodthirsty family.

One year later, acclaimed journalist Ed Hale (James Gaudioso) has been called to Bodega to cover Joseph’s mysterious and still untold story. A toilsome proposition, now that Joseph has relapsed into an untreated state, alternating between hysterical mania and crippling melancholia. Often times Joseph will seek sanctuary down by the water with his only friend, a massive Gray Whale (Jonathan Pryce).

Ed recruits the help of a gregarious townsman and wanna be writer, Mitch Captree (Bryan MckKinley) to help navigate the terrain and local customs. After ten years of incarceration, the most diabolical of her brothers, Jack Lee (Anthony Gaudioso) returns home to exact his revenge. Now, both Ed and Joseph must survive long enough to unveil the truth before the Lee’s bury them both.

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Good Day LA – Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson

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ABC7 Celebrates General Hospital’s 13,000 Episode

Frank Valentini and Maurice Benard

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