GH Actor Birthdays

General Hospital Cast List
Executive Producer Frank Valentini

Actor                                      Character                              Birthday
Anthony Geary                     Luke Spencer                       May 29

Bergen Williams*                Big Alice Gunderse              July 14

Blake Gibbons *                   Coleman Ratcliffe                June 21

Bradford Anderson             Damian Spinelli                    September 21

Brandon Barash                   Johnny Zacchara                 October 4

Bruce Weitz                          Anthony Zacchara               May 27

Carolyn Hennesy*               Diane Miller                           June 10

Chad Duell                             Michael Corinthos III          September 14

Chrissie Fit*                          Mercedes Juaraz                 April 3

Constance Towers*            Helena Cassadine                May20

Derk Cheetwood*               Max Giambetti                      October 8

Dominic Zamprogna           Dante “Dominic” Falconeri  April 21

Drew Cheetwood*              Milo Giambatti                      July 14

Haley Alexis Pullos*           Molly Lansing                        July 10

Jane Elliot                            Tracy Quartermaine            January 17

Jason Cook                          Dr. Matt Hunter                    September 13

Jason Thompson                  Dr Patrick Drake                 November 20

Jen Lilley*                             Maxie Jones                          August 4

John Ingle                             Edward Quartermaine       May 7

John J York                           Mac Scorpio                          December 10

Julie Marie Berman             Lesley “Lulu” Spencer        November 3

Kassie DePaiva*                   Blair Cramer                        March 21

Kelly Monaco                        Samantha “Sam” McCall    May 23

Kelly Sullivan                        Kate Howard                        February 3

Kodi Kitchen                         Dr. Maggie Wurth                May 25

Kristen Alderson                 Starr Manning                      May 29

Laura Wright                       Carly Corinthos                    September 11

Leslie Charleson*                Monica Quartermaine         February 22

Lisa LoCicero                        Olivia Falconeri                    April 18

Maurice Benard                   Sonny Corinthos                  March 1

Michael Easton                   John McBain                           February 15

Nancy Lee Grahn                 Alexis Davis                          April 28

Nathin Butler                       Dr. Ewen Keenan                January 23

Rebecca Herbst                   Elizabeth Spencer               May 12

Rebeka Montoya*               Delores Padilla                     N/A

Roger Howarth                       Todd Manning                   September 13

Ronnie Marmo*                    Ronnie Dimestico                January 2

Sean Blakemore                  Shawn Butler                        August 10

Scott Reeves                        Steven Lars Webber           May 16

Steve Burton                        Jason Morgan                       June 28

*recurring, non-contract

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