GH Recaps – Aug 9-10

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By Katrina Rasbold

…and here are the final two recaps for this past week.

Have a positively stellar weekend.







It is so hard to be a reluctant, manipulated villain like Dr. Ewen.  My heart goes out to him.  When he gets new instructions, he resists, but in the end, he is forced to follow through.

Alexis runs into some trouble at Wyndemere and really, who doesn’t?

Ewen denies that anything is wrong when Liz questions him and then he kisses her to shut her up.  I’m feeling a little yappy and inquisitive myself, Dr. Doom… any chance…?

Spinelli continues to encourage Jason to reconnect with fair Samantha.

John is served with restraining orders and never does get to atone to Natalie for his wayward, drunken lips.

Alexis agrees to represent him and Sam is giving him a consoling hug right when Jason shows up.

Maxie thinks that Lulu might be pregnant.

Ewen follows orders and stealthily breaks into Carly’s house WHILE SHE AND JOHNNY ARE HAVING SEX!  I’m not sure which part of that bothers me most.

Sonny tells Kristina about his intention to marry Kate.

Alexis finds more trouble.

Joe gets Trey to move faster with Kristina.

Sonny makes plans to propose to Kate.

Sam and Jason talk about their marriage.  (I hope they don’t talk about their marriage as much as they talked about getting married, which took something like three years).

Lulu takes the pregnancy test, but the results are not known to us.

Lulu tries to find an opportunity to talk to Dante.

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