GH Recaps – August 16-17th

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By Katrina Rasbold

Here’s what happened on GH this past Thursday and Friday!


Trey and Starr argued about his father and the secret he’s keeping from Kristina. They argued with their faces 6 inches apart. Michael and Kristina called them and they headed toward the hospital.

Joe Jr pressed Jerry unsuccessfully for details of his next job while Jerry talked in his crazy Shakespearean speak. Jerry poked at Joe Sr for using his son to destroy Sonny. Jerry got Joe released and let him know he has plans for him in Port Charles.

Sam and Kristina fretted over Alexis. She wrote off her “bug bite” as a spider bite from creepy Wyndemere.

Molly and TJ visited with Sean at Kelly’s. Molly defended someone called Rosie who is evidently dating Sean and vomited on an amusement park ride. Sean fantasized about Alexis.

John and Jason entered Wyndemere and bantered while they recreated the luring of Alexis. As they were puzzling, Ewen showed up and they drew guns on him. They told him about Alexis and Josslyn’s illnesses. As they questioned him about the security company’s calls, he got all frantic and weird. They figured out that Ewen was lying.

Steve told Carly and Michael that they need to chill out because it’s just a bug bite and a temperature. News for you, young Dr. Kildare: Everyone has a “temperature.” The issue is whether or not she has a FEVER.

MAC!!! Mac came to Kelly’s and has much better hair. He works at the Floating Rib now and waxed nostalgic over running The Outback. He was surprised Sean and Alexis had not yet gone on a date and pushed to see how interested Sean is in Alexis. He admitted he may have nudged Alexis in Sean’s direction. Sean asked if he thought Alexis would go. Mac said he wouldn’t know until he tried.

Ewen called Jerry and warned him about John and Jason while Jerry hacked blood into a tissue. Jerry chastised Ewen for his lame ass story about receiving the same security company call that Alexis received. Jerry threatened Ewen into compliance.

Steven looked at Alexis’ and Josslyn’s bloodwork and told Elizabeth that they have a problem on their hands.

Sam quizzed Alexis about her night at Wyndemere. She failed to remember anything interesting or significant. He talked to Sam and Carly and told them that Alexis and Josslyn have the same condition and that it’s something not naturally occurring and something they don’t know how to treat. I’m presuming it’s not a bad case of AWESOME!! šŸ™ OK, that was funnier in my head, admittedly. Steve narrowed it down to being injected into each of them while Ewen was slinking around in the background.

Molly was too busy conferring with TJ about the pros and cons of getting Alexis and Sean together to take Kristina’s call about Alexis.

John got a call from the Atlantic City cops and was told that someone is petitioning for Joe Sr to be released. He also suggested a HazMat team for Wyndemere to check for viruses.

Starr broke hearts by showing NuJosslyn Fred the Magic Frog and referencing Hope. šŸ™ She actually gave that frog away that she’s had since she was a baby. It looks remarkably good for a 20-year-old magic stuffed frog. Josslyn looked at it like it was something repugnant. Have some respect. Michael later said, “I can’t believe you gave her your frog” and those are words you just don’t work into conversation every day.

Trey got as far as telling Kristina that his father is in jail.

Jerry took Joe to Wyndemere and he marveled over the antiques. Jerry showed him the mystery vials.

John was stunned that Joe got a straight release on a murder charge.

Jason showed up and heard about Josslyn being injected with a chemical. Carly ranted about there being no treatment and Jason marveled that someone would do this on purpose.


Ewen listened attentively as Steve told everyone that it appears Josslyn and Alexis were injected intentionally.

Joe continued to question Jerry about their upcoming crime spree. He explained that he injected Alexis and Josslyn with “something that will make them very, very sick” and “apparently, it causes severe systemic inflammation” and a fever that can be fatal.

Molly noticed the call from Kristina finally. Sean took Molly to the hospital. She cried over Alexis, who was wrapped in ice packs.

Johnny swept in and Carly filled him in. He wore an unfortunate lilac, pinkish shirt.

Jason called out Ewen for being at Wyndemere. Ewen repeated his stupid security company call story. Jason revealed it was a set up. Liz stupidly talked about what a good thing it was that he didn’t go to Wyndemere right away or he could have been injected as well. Jason told Liz he was sure Ewen was lying after Ewen left. Liz accused him of “projecting.” She told him not to try and protect her.

Kristina told Trey she would never judge him for his dad being in prison, especially considering what her dad does for a living. He told her his father was framed and she asked by whom.

Steve interrupted Starr and Michael’s romantic hospital tete-a-tete to tell them to go get Carly. He dramaticaly told her that he has bad news and made her wait through a commerical break to find out what it was.

Joe called Trey and asked about his marriage plans. Trey told him “things are different” and there would not be a wedding. Trey told him he had to go. Joe made a face.

The dr told the Davis girls that the fever was going up and so is her heartbeat. Steve told Carly and Michael the same thing. They were all told about potential brain and major organ damage. Carly refused to accept that Steve couldn’t do anything.

Johnny took his unfortunate lilac shirt to the hospital chapen to pray for Josslyn in that “I know I don’t come here often, but let me beg” way. He took an attitude with God for punishing Josslyn for his sins (ego, much?). Starr showed up with a dramatic “Johnny?” They said concilitatory things to one another. Johnny felt guilty when she related “kid in trouble” to Hope. Johnny was a breath away from confessing to Starr when Michael showed up with the news that Josslyn might not make it. Johnny headed out to find Carly.

Ewen fussed at Jerry on the phone. Jerry kept him subdued.

There were the typical bedside vigil scenes.

Michael obsessing about taking Josslyn out on a boat, which is maddening.

Sean, Trey, and TJ showed up to have a group prayer circle.

Jerry calls Joe Jr “JoJo.”

Sam badgered Steven to not give up and Johnny comforted Carly as Sean’s prayer was played over the scenes.

Jason comforted Carly. Sean kept praying. Molly had her usual freak out as Alexis’ heartbeat went up to 240. Sean can really pray, let me tell you. An alarm went off on Josslyn and Carly yelled her name repeatedly.

Jerry waxed philosophical about dying young to Joe and said he’d never do anything to harm Josslyn. Just then, Josslyn said she was thirsty. Jerry said he knew the fevers had broken. Alexis woke up. Jerry said he knew their loved ones were celebrating. He siad a day of suffering was necessary to keep them safe. He explained it was an innoculation that he gave them. He’s about to unleash sickness and chaos on all of Port Charles. Ah yes. We’ve been here before, haven’t we? Unfortunately, we have no monkey this time.


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