The Doctor’s Orders

As someone who has only enjoyed Sonny with three women–Brenda Barrett, Alexis Davis, and Kate Howard—I’m thrilled that Crimson’s editor-in-chief is back and being reworked into Sonny’s circle. It makes a lot of storyline sense for her to get through to him at this time; she and Brenda are the only two characters I’ve seen who can reach the Sonny who wants to be a better man. The rest of his pairings have always been fairly at peace with his mobster life, but Kate and Brenda were in love with Sonny, the inner man, rather than Sonny Corinthos, Mob Kingpin. Thus I’m intrigued by the reinvigoration of Kate Howard, but I’m still flummoxed as to why Megan Ward was booted out. Even more puzzling, however, is Kate’s transformation into a raccoon.

Why on Earth is the new actress wearing so much smudged eyeliner? Is she Zombie Kate, and should I expect her to start sending obscure text messages and killing people soon? Honestly if she decides to off Olivia, I won’t complain. Nothing makes me loathe Olivia more than when she gets on her high horse, accusing Kate of being on a high horse. Is it crazy for me to believe people have the right to reinvent themselves if they so choose? Yes, I’m sure it hurts that Kate blocked off all her Falconeri connections, but she had the right to, and she doesn’t have to take that crap from Olivia. And the disdain dripping from every word Olivia said while attempting to get past Kate’s reticence to speak with Sonny was sad! If Kate doesn’t want to talk to him after getting shot at the altar trying to marry him, it’s not a personality flaw—it’s sensible! Olivia should give the same understanding to her cousin that she’s demanding her cousin give to Sonny. Kate had three, count ‘em, three incidents of gun violence while with Sonny:  Michael shot her, Michael was shot at next to her, and she was shot at the freaking altar. Olivia’s a great mother to Dante, but her loyalty and concern for Sonny will never make sense to me.

But I’m still excited that Kate’s the one who’ll be reaching out to Sonny this time.

Luke’s back in town, and I really don’t care. His character lost all cred with me over the whole rehab deal and how he treated his children. It’s going to take a lot to redeem Luke Spencer in my eyes, and frankly, I am not convinced it can be done.

At least he’s not swimming in alcohol this time—the drowned rat look really didn’t suit him, and I swear, I could smell the alcohol on him through my television. The all-black, sneaking-around-to-spy-on-my-children outfit is a much better choice.

You know what was refreshing last week? Hearing that Tracy changed the tune she’d been singing about Dante. Her former opinion that Dante was fated to be a cheating womanizer just like Sonny was probably the most nonsensical stance Tracy’s ever taken—well, okay, that may have been marrying a mobster a few decades ago, but this was close. I love that she encouraged Lulu not to lose her good thing with Dante, love that everyone’s doing that and basically telling Lulu she’s overreacting, which she totally is. The woman is so determined to let her Spencer freak flag fly that she makes up problems out of nowhere. It’s not like she doesn’t have enough already without manufacturing drama with Dante.

The chemistry between Ethan and Kristina isn’t getting any less reactive.

It’s going to be adorable when he finally accepts that he’s in love with her—I’m perfectly happy with that still taking months at this point, because Krissy does not need an actual relationship complicating her life right now. I think she’s actually had more scenes inside of hospital beds than outside of them. Give the girl a break! I want to see her doing something fun, like maybe training to be a candy stripper like Maxie and Georgie used to do. Possible paralysis? Not so fun. However, if Ethan insists on taking care of her, maybe pushing her to her classes . . . possible paralysis may have potential I hadn’t considered.

I’ve taken some flack for overlooking just how wonderful of a specimen Shawn is while ranting about how I so don’t want him to be another Jason.

Accept this as my penance, please.

I know, my priorities were horribly messed up in evaluating what he contributes to the show. I can see much more clearly now; hot man is hot, and thus, he should be allowed to stay. But I can still be utterly confused as to how he gets in Sonny’s face every chance he gets yet he’s Sonny’s employee, right? Do Carly and Jason’s opinions of Shawn trump the mob boss’s own opinions? It sure seems that way, and frankly, if I were Sonny I’d be concerned about Shawn’s PTSD, too. It’s not like he’s going to be in only stress-free situations, nor does the Organization need to meet federal requirements for nondiscrimination for mental problems, I’m sure. If only Shawn had taken the teaching job Carly found him rather than another position with the mob. Because this Shawn–

–is a Shawn that I can support and even enjoy. When he’s inexplicably taking Carly’s side in everything, I just can’t. Keep Shawn shirtless and interacting with Molly, and I’ll change my tune.

Prescription for Better Soap: Hide all of Shawn’s clothing, give Kristina something fun to do (I’ve heard Ethan’s free), and let Kate zap Olivia with a Taser every time she says “Conni,” “the neighborhood,” or some variation of “hoity toity.”

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