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For this week’s specials, we have food fit for anyone nursing a broken heart—Lulu, Lucky, and Michael have dibs on the first few rounds. How about a savory cup of chicken soup, made with thyme-roasted chicken, parsnips, and rotini noodles? Perhaps a flaky, buttery pie pocket stuffed with ground lamb and beef, anise, and bright, fresh peas? Either will be gratifying if you need some homey goodness to help you through recent—and future—disappointment.

Break ups are in the Port Chuck air! Both Abby and Siobhan dumped their men to protect them, with vastly different reasons for thinking they were a threat. How does Siobhan think breaking up with Lucky will get her sister back, when she’s supposed to give info on Lucky’s actions? It doesn’t make a lot of sense unless we are to believe that her growing love for Lucky is stronger than that for her sister. I’m as confused about her actions as the Balkan is. Plus, she basically jumped from one reason to another for breaking up during those scenes. Lucky suggested that her ex spooked her and she agreed that was the reason why. Then Lucky mentioned Ronan and she said maybe she had wanted him instead of Lucky.

"Let me guess, a leprechaun will give you his pot of gold if you break up with me?" "Yes, exactly!"

Least believable break up strategy ever! I think she stressed her independence about twenty times, too.

Abby tried to convince Michael that she’s a prostitute to keep him away. Frankly, that was a much better strategy than Siobahn’s. I’m a fan of the couple, and I think Abby’s done Michael a lot of good, but he is clearly not able to keep his cool around her.

Not smart. Not smart at all.

Attacking police officers for booking her? Entering her strip club illegally to piss off his mother? Michael’s parole IS very close to being revoked, if he keeps up that behavior. It was also disturbing how Kristina had to talk him into going to Ally’s funeral; it’s like he’s enjoying his outsider role just a bit too much. I’ve got to applaud Abby for pushing him away for his own good. She may be a great match for him—after he gets that very, very overdue therapy.

Lulu, however, didn’t dump Dante for his own good; she simply wised up to his lovelorn-for-Brenda ways. She may not have realized that he’s carrying a torch for the model, but she does know that he hasn’t been anything resembling honest about her. When keeping secrets applies to your significant other, it’s definitely cause for alarm. Most folks I know share secrets with spouses or partners. It’s part of trusting the person you love and needing someone to share thoughts with. If you can’t trust them with your secrets, then maybe you shouldn’t be with them—Lulu’s figured that out. But I love this couple, and I hope Dante finds a way to make things right. Something needs to happen to prove to him how much he cares about Lulu, because frankly, he didn’t seem that upset by the break up.

I need tears, Dante, tears. And in the name of all that’s soapy, move on from Daddy’s fiancé.

Lastly, I am not looking forward to the exit story line for Elizabeth Webber and her portrayer, Rebecca Herbst. Each time I see her gorgeous hair and skin and her subtle, natural acting, I go into mourning. It appears, if her recent scenes with Brook Lynn are any indication, that she’s going back to her roots—the scheming, little sister that showed up in Port Charles full of plans to steal her sister’s potential boyfriend. I welcome it.

Only Cam does this look better.

Liz is fun when her manipulative side comes out to play; it’s second only to when her hurts and emotional scars appear plainly on her face—I still remember her expression on the other side of the door when Greg Vaughn’s Lucky begged her to forgive him. Please, please, let her exit give her the chance to show off those chops.

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