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I love how nervous Brenda was for the first few hours before the wedding—it was an appropriate and needed remembrance of character history. Of course, she’s shown no shortage of superstitious worries about weddings since she gave Murray the rundown on her past failed romances—a fear that’s been consistent since her return, making its most recent appearance when Sonny stepped in to see her before she’d dressed on Friday’s episode—and she’s had plenty of actual sabotage to concern her. But I’m talking about how few qualms Brenda has expressed about Sonny’s life this go-round. It’s fitting that she devoted so much time to being worried he might not even appear at the pavilion, and I love that her friendship with Robin is strong enough that she could express them. Not calling back to their last wedding would have been a huge faux pas.

I’m forgoing any further storyline-centered wedding talk for this column; instead, let’s look at the dresses!

Alexis looked fabulous in blue, in a very flattering and revealing cut.

I also enjoyed Tracy’s blue and grey suit, a nice change from her usually red and cream-colored ensembles.

Olivia seemed squeezed into her outfit and somehow reminded me of Olive Oil. I don’t think I liked the look, but I can’t explain why.

We haven’t seen Brenda’s dress in full yet, but the polka-dotted veil is . . . interesting. The bridesmaids, however, did not come across well to me.

The color combination is one I’m always a fan of, but the style was really unflattering for all three of them. Halter tops need more top-heavy women than that petite, and gorgeous, trio. They deserved a pattern that would show off their forms better—well, at least Robin’s and Kristina’s forms. Molly’s just fine not accentuating any curves at this age.

In case you haven’t realized the essential formula by now, Patrick + Jealousy = Hotness2. Of course, he actually had reason to be for once!

I’m rather surprised Terrell hasn’t thrown the towel in on Lisa’s plans yet: he genuinely likes Robin and keeps giving Lisa those “you’re so crazy” eyes—does he really still want to sleep with her? She must be phenomenal, if that’s case. I’d have hightailed it out of there at the first, and continually obvious, sign of her obsession with Patrick. What does Terrell think he can gain from playing along? I also have no clue if or when Robin will cave in to Patrick. Is divorce in their future or reconciliation? I honestly don’t think I’d mind it if they did divorce, because I expect Patrick would work even harder to get her back, and Determined Patrick is nearly as hot as Jealous Patrick.

Trust has been the theme of Lucky and Siobhan’s relationship the past couple of weeks.

Lucky’s complete faith in his instincts about Siobhan comes off as rushed to me, and I say that as a fan of the couple so far. In the past year, he’s had his trust betrayed by his brother and lifelong love in the worst way, and then his new girlfriend lied to him for months, at least, about spying on him. I don’t think knowing when to trust someone is his strongest suit right now. I’d be in favor of his agreeing to help Siobhan get her sister back if he hadn’t already taken her back, too—she should have to work to win his trust, because she ought to have told him about the threat in the first place.  She and Patrick could talk classes on the fine art of reconciliation together.

Carly continues to be amazingly supportive of Michael—-she actually listened to him talk about Dante’s support without screaming or even making a squeak!

Hold in the rage, Carly, hold it in.

I know she’s going through with her revenge plans against Brenda and Dante anyhow—not even Milo, Max, and the glamour of a bride to be could stop her—but at least she manages to swallow her anger when she sees that her son needs her agreement more than her disdain. I look forward to her confrontation with Brenda today; I have a feeling that she’s going to deflate when no one, except maybe Lulu, has any opinion about the baby at all. I also don’t think the child was Dante’s, so that helps my rosy outlook about the reveal.

Don’t forget to stop by for the specials in two weeks! Between now and then, there will have been so many wedding shenanigans, I sense a special cocktail will be in order to relax us and further our gossiping about Port Charles’s rich and glamorous. Perhaps mint juleps with Knob Creek bourbon, ginger syrup, crushed mint, and star anise shavings? I’ll start refining the mixture now.

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Pictures courtesy of GH-Caps.

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