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This week, I have a special cocktail mixed up for Sam called Wake Up Your Senses. Her hearing’s a little iffy, but that’s no reason not to indulge her taste buds, nose, and eyes! This claret-colored drink is a mixture of freshly pressed cherry juice, crushed mint sugar syrup, and Catdaddy Moonshine with its nutmeg notes. Pass one over to Miss McCall; she deserves a drink!

Everyone’s done a fantastic job with Sam’s hearing loss story, especially Kelly Monaco.

It appears that her hearing is returning already, but I enjoyed the performances while I could. I love how Sam spoke a little louder than she should, and how subtly she expressed her struggle to understand what her family was saying—you could see the loss, but the character wasn’t dwelling on it at all. I’ve never seen Sam be such a trooper before, calmly accepting what fate dealt her. The character has certainly matured over the last few years.

Carly lecturing Shawn on selling someone’s life for money was the most recent in an endless stream of examples of how little self-awareness she has. Does she not know where her money, other than the Metro Court revenue, comes from? I forget, Sonny and Jason wouldn’t kill someone just because they got in the way of business, right? Like, oh, that guy Dante was supposed to kill when still pretending to be Dominic, or anyone else like Johnny who tries to move in on their territory. Dante was so right that Sonny would wreak havoc in Port Charles trying to find Brenda and not caring who he hurt—-remember when he killed Karpov for Kate’s shooting and didn’t care that he was the wrong man later? Why would Carly, who is fully aware of the men Sonny and Jason are, lecture someone else for doing what they do every day? Regardless, she does deserve some points for getting Shawn’s shirt at least partway off.

And the world rejoices.

The mercenary has a legion of fans who fainted when that happened. I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around Molly’s nonchalance at watching him be attacked. Surviving a bus crash and watching a bomb go off terrify her but watching a friend get strangled before her eyes equals a shoulder shrug, essentially. Lucky didn’t make much more of it, either, as he still didn’t place a guard on Shawn, a known criminal and the victim of repeated murder attempts by an even bigger criminal.

Speaking of Lucky, when was the last time General Hospital did a green card marriage? Has the show run that storyline before? It seems so cliche, but if it’s new to GH, it might be fun. Better than the millionith car bomb or mob shootout!

Of course, getting to know someone by marrying them is not advisable, nor do I find it believable that Siobhan would say goodbye to the sister she’d been so worried about that fast, but I like her waiting tables at Jake’s and her and Lucky’s relationship, so I’ll let that squeak by.

I love when Michael calls Edward “Grandfather.” I honestly wasn’t sure Michael would ever feel a family connection to the Quartermaines, but he’s been slowly building a relationship with them since he woke up from the coma, and I’ve loved every second of that. I also appreciated the return of Michael Corinthos the III, mob heir apparent, this week. Michael has wanted to follow in Sonny’s footsteps despite his family’s wishes for years, even using the Corinthos name to threaten other kids back in his playground days. Due to his parole, he couldn’t engage in anything suspicious, of course, but his desire to be the someday kingpin disappeared entirely. It was a jarring character shift to not have Michael waxing poetic about the business; I’m glad it resurfaced this week as he pledged to help his father find Brenda by any means necessary, only to be stopped by his mother.

His father's son?

I don’t want Michael to join the mob, but I couldn’t believe he simply stopped thinking about it, either. I hope to watch his feelings transition from shame that he’s not cut out for the work to eventually realizing it’s not a life he wants because he’s better than that. Abby’s helping him with that!

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