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The General Hospital special last week was definitely Luke’s intervention. It’s been coming since Jake’s death, and it’s taken each individual Spencer time to realize that (a) Luke has a problem and (b) they needed to do something about it. I think the different filming technique used for the intervention itself was wonderful. I always enjoy when our soaps switch things up with a different style. The carnival from November Sweeps a few years back comes to mind as the last time I appreciated the shift in technique as much. Because we are so used to the same style of filming, simply using different shots, coloring, or a spare setting like that used for the intervention makes quite a statement.

I’ve been especially moved by Lulu’s progression from denial to acceptance of her father’s alcoholism, because who wants to believe that their parent is incapable of keeping themselves in control? I said a few weeks’ back that her denial made sense, and it’s been done really well. Luke’s own denial has gone overboard a few times – I can’t say I found the gasoline scene on the Haunted Star believable – but Lulu’s thoughts and reactions seemed so organic. I didn’t expect her to agree to the intervention, and I was so proud of her for being there.

You go, girl.

I was just as proud of Ethan. Who would have thought the conman son would play an active role in getting Luke to the intervention?

What's a little drugging between family?

That’s some genuine character growth – the Ethan who first came to Port Charles would have written Luke’s problem off without a second thought. Between that and all the time he’s spent confiding in Kristina lately, who never fails to bring out Ethan’s softer side, he’s become a better man. Will he give up ripping other people off or working with Johnny? Probably not, unfortunately. I know, I know, this is not a show for true heroes, only conflicted ones. Yet I never stop hoping the hero side of our men will be exposed more often than it is.

Let me get this out of the way – why on Earth was Carly there? She doesn’t give a rat’s booty about Luke and his drinking, and I don’t buy for a second that she loves her uncle. If he did anything to threaten Sonny, Jason, or her kids, she’d sell him up the river faster than Maxie could change an outfit. I think she went so she would have a good excuse for cutting him off from the Metrocourt’s teat. Saving money is a reason I can buy for Carly’s presence. Concern for her relatives is not.

In contrast, Sonny being there was a stroke of genius. Calling back to that camping trip reminded me when both Luke and Sonny were better men.

Highlighting their friendship is always welcome, much as Luke’s scenes with Liz and Sonny’s scenes with Robin – these are people who have shared great grief together and that will always be a connection. Plus, Sonny can speak to Luke like a man, not as a family member or someone who depends on him at all. They are equals, and I felt Luke respected his words even if he ended the intervention still in denial.

Has anyone figured out Lisa’s game with Kristina? If you have, share it with me! I’m totally clueless as to why she’s drugging the stressed-out senior. It can’t just be so she has access to Robin and Patrick’s place, right? Because I’m pretty sure a brick through a window is a lot easier than gaining the trust of and slowly addicting a teenager to prescription drugs. Perhaps Lisa just likes to do things the hard way? I must say, I laughed hysterically when she bared her all to Anthony Zacchara.

Ducking his head in that bucket of ice was priceless insanity. I hope having him around reminds Johnny why being away from his father’s organization used to appeal to him. It’s more difficult to deny the harm the business has brought to his life when the embodiment of that harm is hanging out in his apartment, pruning the shrubs. Seeing the monster that Anthony is should be plenty of reason for Johnny to not want to go down the same path. But, alas, it won’t be. Again, I’m watching a soap opera full of tainted men not heroes. Someday, I’ll accept that.

Speaking of tainted men, I hate how torn Dante is between protecting his family and his job as a police officer. I don’t believe the Dante I adored for his first year and a half on the show would be this conflicted — loving his family isn’t the same as letting them get away with crimes or giving a head’s up to the mob when an investigation is going down so his family doesn’t get in trouble. Frankly, I think Ronnie should have internal affairs investigate Dante. He needs a wake-up call, because selfishly, I want to love his character again. These days, his attitude is a lot less attractive.

On the menu this week is Reckoning Day for Luke Spencer. Will he finally see the man in the mirror and realize it’s not himself looking back but a ghoul wasted away by alcohol? I sure hope so. Luke’s continued denial is more a blatant refusal to see the truth at this point, and he’s getting closer and closer to unsavable. Can the man who saved Port Charles time and again really be incapable of saving himself?

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