General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014

July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014 - July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

2013 General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Photo Gallery

Here you will find some of our favorite photos from the 2013 GHFCW. It was an emotional time as memories seemed to crowd every corner for those of us who are lifetime viewers and long-time fans.

Click on the thumbnails (after the jump) to see the full sized photos.  More smiles than we could count!

2013_Main_Event014  2013_Main_Event374 2013_Main_Event347

Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma), Kelly Thiebaud (Britt), and Lynn Herring (Lucy)

2013_Main_Event343 2013_Main_Event315 2013_Main_Event312

Maxine Bennett with Richard Simmons, John J. York (Mac) and Haley Pulos (Molly)

2013_Main_Event295 2013_Main_Event278 2013_Main_Event254

Debbie Morris, Robin Mattson (Heather), and Drew Cheetwood (Milo)

2013_Main_Event248 2013_Main_Event213 2013_Main_Event173

Robin Plate with Tequan Richmond (TJ) and Samantha Logan (Taylor), Lynn Herring with Victoria Russell, and Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) with Jason Thompson (Patrick).

2013_Main_Event149 2013_Main_Event108 2013_Main_Event083

Kin Shriner (Scott) with Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, GH Cast, Kin Shriner with Lynn Herring.

2013_Main_Event061 2013_Main_Event051  2013_Main_Event034

Michael Easton (Silas), Brandon Barash (Johnny) and Kirsten Storms (Maxi), and Drew Garrett (Michael) with Kristen Alderson (Kiki)

2013_Main_Event026 2013_Main_Event023 2013_Main_Event020

John J. York (Mac) with photographers, John J. York, Kathleen Gati (Dr. Obrecht)

2013_Main_Event017 2013_Main_Event016 2013_Main_Event376

Lisa Locicero (Olivia), Haley Pulos (Molly), and Rebecca Staab (ex. Elizabeth Barrington) with husband William DeVry

2013_Past_Cast_003 2013_Past_Cast_340 2013_Past_Cast_339

Susan Brown (Gail), Peter Hanson (Lee), and Rachel Ames (Audrey), Cynthia Preston (Faith), and Lilly Melgar (Lily)

2013_Past_Cast_336 2013_Past_Cast_334 2013_Past_Cast_328

John Reilly (Sean), Edie Lehmann (Katherine), and Sam Behrens (Jake)

2013_Past_Cast_302 2013_Past_Cast_293 2013_Past_Cast_280

Vanita Harbor (Dara), Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), Rick Hearst (Ric) with photographer, Becca Gomez Farrell

2013_Past_Cast_265 2013_Past_Cast_257 2013_Past_Cast_236

Michael Cole (Harlan) with Katrina Rasbold, Gregory Zarian (Julius) with Delena Rasbold, and Chris Robinson (Rick #2)

2013_Past_Cast_243  2013_Past_Cast_191 2013_Past_Cast_189

John Reilly with Debbie Morris, Julian Stone (Jerry #1), Tamara Braun (Carly #2)

2013_Past_Cast_179 2013_Past_Cast_171 2013_Past_Cast_163

Michael Gregory (Rick #1), Christine Carlo (Leticia), Kiko Ellsworth (Jamal, Port Charles), Lindze Letherman (Georgie) and Cynthia Preston, Christine Carlo

2013_Past_Cast_122 2013_Past_Cast_105 2013_Past_Cast_093

Rick Hearst, John C. Reilly, and Jackie Zeman, GH Past Cast

2013_Past_Cast_092 2013_Past_Cast_078 2013_Past_Cast_070

Julian Stone with Gregory Zarian, Maree Cheetham (Aunt Charlene) with Brianna Brown (Lisa), Hugo Napier (Lord Lawrence Ashton)

2013_Past_Cast_067 2013_Past_Cast_062 2013_Past_Cast_008

Chris Robinson and Michael Gregory, Kiki Ellsworth, Michael Cole

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