General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014

July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014 - July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California


supershuttleYou will want to start planning your trip early, not just because it’s exciting, but because this is one of those instances where you may well lose out if you leave things to the last minute. As mentioned before, do make sure your event tickets are assured before booking travel.

Here are some important things to consider:

Will you fly? Bus? Train? Drive? All options are open for getting to the Los Angeles area.

If you are going to fly, start watching for good air fares as soon as you have your tickets to the events. Anything below $300 round trip is an absolute winner if you are more than two states away from California. You should have purchased your airline ticket more than 2 weeks prior to the events for the best prices. Most airlines, plus services such as,, and offer programs were you can be informed if a fare drops below a particular price.

There are two airports nearby: LAX (LA International) and BUR (Burbank – Bob Hope). Burbank is considerably closer to Studio City and not quite as mired in traffic, but also has fewer flights in. It’s very “user friendly.”

Once you have landed, you, of course, need to get to the Sportsmens Lodge where the events will be held

3.2.a)Taxis are available at the airports. The cost of a taxi from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank to the Sportsmen’s Lodge is around $35-40 one way. Several car rental options are available at both airports. The car rental facilities also usually have little slips with directions on them for how to get to major highways.

3.2.b)There is transportation called “Super Shuttle” that will take you to almost any hotel in the area provided you have a reservation. You can make a reservation to and from your hotel by going to or calling 800/258-3826. It costs around $25 per trip. When your plane lands and you have your luggage, go to “Ground Transportation” and wait for the shuttle (you’ll see a lot of different shuttles going by for rental car stations and such), which is basically a huge, blue van. There will likely be an attendant there and you can tell them to radio your shuttle.

SuperShuttle (the blue van) services both Bob Hope and LAX.

If you rent a car when you get there, you will still go immediately outside the concourse to Ground Transportation and wait for the shuttle that will take you to the car rental company you have chosen. SHOP AROUND before you book and be sure to check places like,,, and for good rates. Please remember that if you use a DEBIT card instead of a CREDIT card to pay for your car, it is typical for car rental dealerships to charge a deposit when you pick up the car. The standard deposit at an airport rental facility is $500. This does not release until the night after you return the car or, in some cases, after a few days.

LA Car Service is a family owned private car service with very reasonable rates. Go to for more information.