General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014

July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014 - July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

What To Wear/Bring

luggage full and ready to travelIt is important to remember that you are coming to California in July and it’s often very HOT. LA, for all its greenery, was built on top of a vicious desert. Clothing should be lightweight, comfortable and loose. Even in the coolest of clothing, be prepared for really hot weather.

Be sure and track the weather for Studio City for the time of the event by clicking here.

It is important to remember when you are planning your wardrobe that the Sportsmen’s Lodge is a family hotel, so please dress in such a way that you would be comfortable with children, mommies, daddies and grandparents seeing you (as in yours).  The standard dress, unless otherwise specified for an event theme, is “dressy casual.”  Most people will wear jeans, capris, shorts, simple and cool dresses, etc.  In regard to shoes, keep in mind that you may be on your feet for a while, especially when waiting in line for time with actors, so do not wear shoes that are uncomfortable for walking or standing.  Often, events are scheduled closely together, but are in different parts of the hotel, so you may be walking quickly at some points.

You may want to bring a swimsuit. Most hotels in the area have pools and Venice Beach is only a 20-30 minute drive in good traffic. The Sportsmen’s Lodge has a beautiful pool and jacuzzi area.

Bring a hat for when you are in the sun if you intend to be outside.

Bring and plan to buy more… water.  As I said, it’s hot, it’s California and it is extremely important that you stay hydrated.

Bring a tote bag to carry things like your camera, your wallet, a notebook to write down impressions and other things you want to remember, the items you want signed, memorabilia you may purchase and… your water bottle.

If you have business cards with your e-mail address or website URL, bring them.  It will save writing because you WILL make friends.  If you want to order them inexpensively for the trip, try

Bring sunscreen for when you are in the sun.  SPF 5000

If you are asthmatic, bring an extra inhaler.  It can be hard for people to breathe under normal circumstances… such is LA.

If you have hair past your shoulder, bring a hair tie or something to get it up off your body.  You’ll be glad you did.  Along about day #2, you’ll be doing anything to get your hair up, including and not limited to ponytail holders and the dreaded banana clips.  Best to plan ahead rather than be caught without honorable recourse.

Don’t forget chargers for your camera or cell phone and the battery and cable for your laptop!  Remember to charge up each before you head out every morning because it is almost impossible to find a place to plug in when you are at the events.

Bring a picture ID!  Some events require a valid ID for proof of identity to check in and some do not.

You can either bring something from home for stars to sign or you can pick up something at the GH Fan Club Boutique.  Hours will be posted closer to the time of the event.