General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014

July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014 - July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

Event Procedures/Rules

Please note that information in this section pertains ONLY to tickets sold to events sponsored directly by the GH Fan Club.  You can tell who sponsors an event by looking at the point of contact on the  Event Details page.  If the point of contact is “Debbie Morris,” it is a GH Fan Club sponsored event.  if the point of contact is NOT Debbie Morris, you must contact the person who IS listed.

We do not have ANY information on other events other than what is posted on the Event Details page.  If an event coordinator sends us information to post, it goes onto our site.

Regarding GHFC sponsored events, please read this page completely before emailing with questions.


Please check in at the stated time.  Have an ID card ready to present and your printed ticket if possible.  When you check in, you will be given a table number if there is assigned seating.

If your name is not on the check in listed for the event and you ordered tickets before the cut off date of July 1st, you will be asked to speak with Linda Howard, who will assist you.

Do not remove your wristband before you leave the event for the day.  You may leave an event and return to it provided you still have your wristband intact and on your arm.

If you arrive late to an event and check in is no longer in session, you must find event staff to check in and continue the event.  No refunds are given for late arrival.  Guests who arrive after food has been served are not guaranteed that a plate will still be available.


Unless the event is hosted by an actor, there is no guarantee of any actor’s attendance at an event.  Actors are encouraged by the studio to attend and actors currently on the show are invited.  Actors are under no obligation to attend.  If you email us to ask about an actor’s attendance, our response will absolutely be, “We do not know.”  Please do not base your participation in the GHFCW on the presence of any particular actor(s) unless you know for certain that they are personally hosting an event.


The length of an actor’s line varies according to the popularity of an actor. Some actors have exceptionally long lines and it is not unusual to wait for quite some time in that line. Other actors have shorter lines. It is important that you weigh out the value of seeing one actor versus many actors.  Long lines are why we require fans to adhere to the “one autograph, one photograph” rule.

At individual actor events, some actors prefer to go table to table visiting with the people at each table.  This can be quite a lengthy process, so you might want to tuck a book into your bag in case you are the last table to be visited.

There should only be ONE line in front of any actor.  Do not cluster around the area where the actor is seated or standing.  Take your place at the end of the line unless you have bid on and won a “Front of the Line” pass in our silent auction.


Line cutting is expressly not allowed.  The only exceptions to this rule are GHFCW staff and people who have won “front of the line” passes in the silent auction.  People who cut in line are subject to removal from the event.  This includes people who mill around and attempt to blend into an existing line anywhere other than at the end of it and also people who let their friends join them in line rather than going to the end of the line when they arrive.


Actors are usually very gracious about photos and typically do not mind giving a hug for the photo. It is important that fans remember that these actors are people and as such, are usually made uncomfortable by inappropriate touching or remarks. Fans must behave appropriately with the actors or they will be removed from the event.  Below is an example of a photo that is within the comfort zone of most actors. We want our actors to enjoy our events as much as the fans do and as such, we require that they be treated with dignity.

Fans should NOT stop actors for photos or interrupt them when they are en route to or from an event or taking a bathroom break.

Fans are not allowed to hand actors a cell phone during an event to speak to someone.


Fans are allowed one autograph and one photograph per actor.  This is to allow the actor time to visit with as many guests at the event as possible.  Please plan your time with the actor accordingly and do NOT request or expect exceptions to this rule.  Security and line managers are authorized to have guests removed who cut in line, insists on additional attention from the actors than what is allowed, or otherwise behave inappropriately.

If you would like more than one autograph from or photo with an actor, you will need to go to the back of the line and go through the line again for each additional autograph and photograph.

Staff will usually be on hand to assist you with photo taking.  Please be patient with them as they are not familiar with how to work every single camera on the planet.  They will do the best they can to get you a good photo.

We do not have provisions for purchasing batteries or charging your cell phone or camera at events.

Please do not crowd the professional photographers of the press.

Do not lurk outside of events for which you are not ticketed to get photos with the actors.


Please inform the GH Fan Club if you require special dietary considerations for the Main Cast Luncheon (no dairy, vegetarian, no gluten, etc).  You must do so before July 1st.

Events are wheelchair accessible.


Event staff are all volunteers and fans of the show.  They are giving up their own GHFCW experience to make sure yours is the best it can be.  They work hard,  and have to fly through lines on their ONE quick break to try and see the actors they love for a few moments before returning to work.  Please be kind to them and do not hassle the staff.  They’re doing the best they can.