General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014

July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2014 - July 31 – August 4, Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel & Event Center, Studio City, California

Main Cast Luncheon

bradfordThe Main Cast Luncheon is a huge event that many of the GH actors currently on cast attend. This is the time to meet a good many of the cast at once and mix and mingle with a lot of GH fans.  This event, the GHFCW Kick Off Cocktail Reception, and the Past Cast Event are expected to be the events that have the most actors in attendance.

The Main Cast Luncheon is set up as a sit-down luncheon with assigned table seating.

At the appropriate time, follow the signs to the check in area.  Be prepared to show identification to check in.  Once you have checked in, you may get breakfast, visit or do whatever you like until the doors to the main ballroom open.  You have a reserved seat, so there is no need to rush.

Your event wristband gets you in.  When you check in, you will be given a wristband and told your table number.  Tables are selected based solely on when your ticket order is received. Ticket orders received on the same day will be seated according to the order in which they are pulled from the mail bag.  Wristbands may not be shared with others and if your wristband is altered or removed, you may be denied entrance to the luncheon.

Ballroom doors usually open at 10:30am.  A line forms outside the main ballroom.  If doors are closed, do not enter.  Seating is assigned, so your placement in the check in or admission line does not affect your seating at this event.

When the doors open, if you have been checked in, you may go into the ballroom, and locate your table.   If you ordered your tickets with friends, you will be most likely seated with them or near them.  We make every effort to seat people together who ordered tickets on the same ticket order.

There will be vendors in the ballroom with photos and memorabilia for sale.  You will also find raffles and silent auctions available to you.

The tables are on the main floor and there is a raised stage filled with chairs for the actors when they come out.

Raffle ticket numbers will be called out and a full lunch will be served.  A bar will be open for soft drinks and alcohol (for a charge).  Iced tea and water are served with lunch.

After the meal, Debbie Morris (the event coordinator and President of the Official General Hospital Fan Club) will introduce the emcee, who will then announce each of the stars present one at a time.  When their name is called, they enter from the Green Room and go up onto the stage to sit.  Please do not leave your table area as the actors enter the room.

There will be some banter between the emcee and the actors.  There will be a question and answer session with the actors that is typically quite fun.

After this, the entire event will split with some of the actors moving into a separate room and some remaining in the ballroom to accommodate the autograph signing, meet & greet part of the event.  Table numbers will be called individually to go into actor lines.  Please do not leave your table before your table number is called.

Tables not being used by the actors will be removed from the ballroom to create more walking space.  When you get up from your table to go get autographs, be certain to take all of your belongings with you at that time.

Lines for some actors are very long.  Guests are encouraged to keep their expectations realistic and choose their favorite actors first.  It is unlikely guests will be able to successfully get through every line, so be sure and prioritize your time.  This event, historically, sells out, so we are moving literally hundreds of people through the lines of many, many actors.

You may bring something from home for the actors to sign or you may purchase something from the GH Fan Club Boutique during the weekend.  Guests are allowed ONE autograph per actor and ONE photo per actor.  his is necessary in order to keep the lines moving and allow all of our guests to see as many actors as possible.  Please plan your autographs according to this rule.  Guests should not expect to spend more than 2-3 minutes with each actor due to high guest and actor volume.  

If you do not have someone to take your photo with the actor, one of the GH Fan Club Weekend staff will take your photo using your camera or phone.

There is almost no cell phone reception in the main ballroom.

Your wristband allows you to exit and return to the ballroom, but you will need to show your wristband each time you return.  People with wristbands that have been altered or removed are subject to refusal of entry without refund of their ticket price.

Actors normally begin to leave around 2-3pm.  The event continues until 4pm or when the last actor leaves.

Any guest causing a disruption to the event, interfering with the participation of other guests or behaving inappropriately with event staff will be removed from the premises without a refund of their ticket money.