Bryan Craig – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

MORGAN CORINTHOS returned to Port Charles with his girlfriend, KIKI JEROME, after a run in with an online gambling ring. Kiki learned from her mother, AVA JEROME that she was related to the wealthy Quartermaine family. Morgan & Kiki soon made themselves at home at the Quartermaine estate. Morgan’s older brother, MICHAEL CORINTHOS, found he was drawn to Kiki. While Kiki felt something for Michael, they knew it could never be since they were Quartermaine cousins! Morgan learned that Kiki wasn’t related to the Quartermaine family. To keep his relationship intact, he quickly married Kiki before the truth was revealed in the local press. Morgan also turned to his father, SONNY CORINTHOS and begged him to keep Morgan’s secret: that Morgan knew Kiki was not a Quartermaine before the story was published. Ava & Sonny decided to throw Morgan & Kiki a wedding reception. Unbeknownst to Morgan, Sonny was no longer taking his medication and therefore capable of doing and saying anything at any time…

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Jane Elliot – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

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Dominic Zamprogna – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

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Jason Thompson – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

DR. PATRICK DRAKE had made real progress in moving on since the death of his wife, DR. ROBIN SCORPIO-DRAKE. Patrick started dating SABRINA SANTIAGO after the 2013 Nurses Ball. Patrick asked Sabrina to marry him and as they were about to say I do, Robin returned. Her death had been staged and she had been held hostage for the past 2 years. Patrick was thrilled to see the mother of his daughter and yet had fallen for the person that pulled him from the brink of depression. It was time for Patrick to make a decision when it came to who he wanted to be with: his wife Robin or his fiancée Sabrina.

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Chad Duell – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

MICHAEL CORINTHOS considered having 2 dads a good thing. He was raised by SONNY CORINTHOS. Michael’s bio dad, AJ QUARTERMAINE recent return to Port Charles allowed Michael to get to know his other dad. While Sonny & AJ never got along, they both loved Michael. Sonny faced a massive tragedy when his girlfriend, CONNIE FALCONERI, was brutally murdered. Before Connie died, she wrote the letters “AJ” in blood. Sonny’s anger drove him to seek revenge against AJ. Michael would be the only one that could stop Sonny.

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Kristen Alderson – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

New Year’s Eve turned out to be a head on collision of lies and truth for STARR MANNING. After being involved in a serious accident, Starr was forced to help the one person she wished was dead, CONNIE FALCONERI. Starr held Connie fully responsible for the death of her daughter, HOPE MANNING, and her boyfriend, COLE THORNHART. Starr quickly learned that it wasn’t Connie that caused the death of Starr’s family but someone else that she thought was her friend.

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Bradford Anderson – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

DAMIEN SPINELLI believed that his girlfriend, ELLIE TROUT, decided to end their relationship on New Years’ Eve. Heartbroken and drunk, Spinelli turned to former lover/always a friend, MAXIE JONES, for a night of consolation sex. Spinelli soon learned that Ellie was involved in a terrible accident while on her way to see Spinelli. Spinelli & Maxie agreed to never speak of their indiscretion again. As Maxie’s surrogate pregnancy progressed, Ellie became suspicious of Maxie and soon learned Maxie’s secret. The day had come for Maxie to give birth to her best friend, LULU SPENCER & her husband, DANTE FALCONERI’s baby. Ellie knew that it was time that Spinelli learned the truth regarding Maxie & the baby!!

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Kelly Sullivan – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

CONNIE FALCONERI was involved in a car accident on New Year’s Eve that put her only child, TREY MITCHELL in a coma. When it was determined that Trey was brain dead, Connie wouldn’t turn off the machines. Trey’s wife, KRISTINA CORINTHOS-DAVIS, acted quickly to get a court order to allow her husband to die with dignity. Connie realized that as a mother she had to do the right thing for her son and turned off the machines. Life without her recently discovered son had been completely unbearable for Connie. Connie’s childhood boyfriend, SONNY CORINTHOS seemed to be the only one that could help Connie through the dark moments.

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Award-Winning Rick Springfield Documentary “An Affair of the Heart”

1386427130Yellow Rick Road Productions’ award-winning 93-minute feature documentary An Affair of the Heart is now available on iTunes and other leading digital platforms including Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox, and Playstation for both rental ($3.99 SD/ $4.99 HD) and purchase ($9.99 SD/ $12.99 HD) simultaneously in the United States.United States.

Link to iTunes

“An Affair of the Heart” has been a labor of love from day one,” said Melanie Lentz-Janney, Executive Producer/Producer. “We have been very fortunate that the film had a successful festival run which lead to a theatrical opening at the IFC Center in New York City. We are thrilled that in addition to the DVD and BluRay release, starting today fans can watch it instantly on a variety of digital platforms.”

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‘On The Porch’ a new CD by Jack Wagner



During a career that has spanned over three decades, Jack Wagner has proven himself to be, not just a triple, but a quadruple threat. Though most well-known for his work in television, Wagner has achieved great recognition as an accomplished stage actor, musician, and holds the rare distinction of being a scratch golfer. Read more

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