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GH’s Teresa Castillo Gives Birth!

Ron Tom/ABC

Congratulations go out to GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Teresa Castillo (Sabrina) and her husband, Shane Aaron. The two welcomed their first child together on May 29. ““My husband and I are happy to announce the arrival of our baby girl, Victoria Milani. She was born on May 29th. We are in LOVE,” tweeted the actress.

The baby weighed in at 7 lbs., 2 oz. and measured 20 inches long.

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Keep Calm!

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First Look At Michelle Stafford on GENERAL HOSPITAL


On Tuesday, June 3rd, Michelle Stafford will officially join the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Nina Clay! In a promo touting her joining the soap, Stafford is heard saying “I’m Back” in reference to her character returning from her 20 year coma.

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Hannah Nordberg Cast as Josslyn Jacks


Beginning in June viewers will begin seeing a new Josslyn Jacks on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the show has cast Hannah Nordberg in the role of Jax and Carly’s daughter. Nordberg played Olive in the off-Broadway musical LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE.

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Behind the Scenes: Nurses’ Ball 2014


Take a look behind-the-scenes of the performances at this year’s Nurses’ Ball!
In case you missed the performances catch them now in this 2 part Nurses’ Ball recap.

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Sabrina and Patrick Name Their Baby!

sabrina family

On the Tuesday, May 27 episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL, Patrick and Sabrina finally came up with a name for their son. The pair name him Gabriel Drake Santiago.

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First Airdate for Michelle Stafford Revealed

michelle-stafford-5 announced that Michelle Stafford’s first airdate as Nina Clay will be on Tuesday, June 3rd. Fans will recall that the actress was revealed to have joined the cast of the soap earlier this month after Nina awoke from her 20-year coma.

Prior to joining GENERAL HSOPITAL, Stafford portrayed Phyllis Summers on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.

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Bryan Craig – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

MORGAN CORINTHOS returned to Port Charles with his girlfriend, KIKI JEROME, after a run in with an online gambling ring. Kiki learned from her mother, AVA JEROME that she was related to the wealthy Quartermaine family. Morgan & Kiki soon made themselves at home at the Quartermaine estate. Morgan’s older brother, MICHAEL CORINTHOS, found he was drawn to Kiki. While Kiki felt something for Michael, they knew it could never be since they were Quartermaine cousins! Morgan learned that Kiki wasn’t related to the Quartermaine family. To keep his relationship intact, he quickly married Kiki before the truth was revealed in the local press. Morgan also turned to his father, SONNY CORINTHOS and begged him to keep Morgan’s secret: that Morgan knew Kiki was not a Quartermaine before the story was published. Ava & Sonny decided to throw Morgan & Kiki a wedding reception. Unbeknownst to Morgan, Sonny was no longer taking his medication and therefore capable of doing and saying anything at any time…

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Jane Elliot – 41st Daytime Emmy Reel

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