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gourmez3Kisses were exchanged like currency this week at General Hospital, but they didn’t seem to buy relationship advancement. What’s that all about? I’m glad Carly cut off her transaction with Todd, but why didn’t Sam take McBain to the bank?

First, let’s cover the thankful lack of romance between Carly and Todd. I do think they have awesome chemistry, and when they slept together, it was through the roof. But he’s fixated on her since then, begged for her trust and love on TV, in prison, in court, and I’m sure he’ll be hiring a plane to fly a banner soon. But coming from Todd, the sudden devotion feels unbelievable…and kind of creepy even before bringing spy-camera Easter bunnies into it.

todd bunny

That he’d fall so hard so fast for Carly when all we’d seen previously was a man still in love with his ex-wife is inconceivable. I like when Todd’s trying to be a better man, I do, but I can’t figure out why Carly’s his sudden reason to live. Laura Wright’s been acting her booty off, though.

carly todd longing

I can feel how hard it is for Carly to resist this man throwing himself at her feet. It feels like progress for her as a character to have endured it without giving in for so long. Carly, well done, especially still saying no after that kiss. Todd, stop being so pathetic. It doesn’t suit you.

I have never been keen on the instant connection Sam and John McBain supposedly felt when they met. It seemed like a wink and a nod to Livvie and Caleb’s torrid affair on Port Charles. But much like Lucy’s vampires didn’t stay confined to a stake in her purse, this unexplainable attraction didn’t stop at that one mention. It’s been brought up over and over again, and the funny thing is, I’d support their romance much more easily without it.

sam mcbain kiss

They are two people just plain attracted to each other. It doesn’t have to be an intangible connection. Being told one exists feels like a cop out when the physical attraction is obviously there and they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They have a basic pull of physical attraction, and they need to go ahead and act on it at this point. Sam is long past due for a sweet romance, and her and John could pull that off believably. Maybe it won’t be an epic, earth-shattering love, but I’d be happy for them to have one similar to Starr and Michael’s.

star michel comfy

Are those two burning up my TV screen? No. But I buy that they get along easily and don’t want to keep their hands off each other. They also support each other well and click for me. Sam, John, embrace that rather than some destined love for the ages. But do embrace it, please. Because Sam pulling away after their kiss made no sense to me at all. It’s been long enough since Jason, and they are honest and sweet together. That’s all I want.

A romance I am not buying is Laura and Scotty’s despite their many years of history.

scotty laura

She keeps talking to him in a condescending whisper, and it turns me right off of the pairing. Add in Scotty being possessive of her as he always has been—and who can blame him with Luke and Laura’s history?—and there isn’t a lot that makes me want them together. Scotty and Lucy plotting is much more fun to watch.

lucy scotty scheme

I remember loving Scotty with both Bobby and Lucy, so it’s refreshing to see him with at least one of them again. I’m not old enough for the early days of Scotty and Laura, so perhaps I just don’t have the built up nostalgia to appreciate them, but they’ve never worked for me in the brief attempts to reunite them since — and I even missed that whole “Rick Webber’s a horrible man” retcon! Scotty is in his element with Lucy, and I hope they got something more exciting to do than this rushed wedding. Because no one believed this…

scotty laura wedding

…was ever going to happen. Not with Laura and Luke in the same town.

Prescription for Better Soap: Don’t tell us Sam and John have an immeasurable connection. Just let them act on what they have organically. Keep Scotty in Lucy’s orbit and remind us how absolutely funny they can be together. And please, please allow Carly to keep her resistance to Todd’s wiles. I appreciate her growth more than their chemistry.

See you in two weeks for my next prescription!


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