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gourmez3Apologies for the delay in posting a new column! That’s what happens when strep and a fever knocks you off your booty for a week. We’re charging ahead at a breakneck speed with some plots, but I can’t complain if they’re as entertaining as Brenda’s liaison with Michael.

I figured Brenda wouldn’t sleep with Michael, but she sure had no problem making it look that way! Her multiple confrontations with Carly were full of awesome.

brenda taunt carly

Playing mind games with Carly entertained Brenda more than anything else she’s done during her last two stints in town. And AJ was so thrilled about Michael getting it on with a supermodel! His sheer delight over Carly’s dismay was adorable. I could have done without Carly squeezing his balls in retaliation, however. Anybody else completely forgot, like me and AJ, that Jocelyn had a kidney transplant from Jake a few years back? I can’t blame Carly for being annoyed over that mess up, but I haven’t enjoyed her overreactions this much in years. Her amazement that Sonny had not and would not kill Brenda over it was hilarious. When the time came for Brenda to fess up, I admit I was sad it was over.

brenda michael

Yes, Michael shouldn’t have been led to believe he’d slept with Brenda. But I can’t be mad about her using him. It was too delicious! And Michael came out of it smelling sweeter than anyone else. I’m so proud of him for taking responsibility over what he thought were his actions. He’s becoming so much better of a person than any of his parental figures. Chad Duell also deserves props for breaking up with a phone!

starr breakup michael

It’s not easy to act that distraught with no acting partner to spar with. Alas, I will miss Starr and Michael’s sweet, young relationship. I always like a few drama-free couples to offset all the ones with far too much angst. Sadly, Dante and Lulu’s formerly stable marriage is now one of the latter.

new lulu

They are overdue for marriage troubles, and giving Lulu amnesia is a surefire way to bring those about. I felt so bad for her when Dante spurted out everything about her infertility and their baby in one fell swoop. Could you imagine having to take all that in? Too bad Jason’s not around so they can compare notes on the experience. Bringing in recasts with an amnesia storyline is nothing new, but Lulu thinking she’s in love with Stavros was a curveball for me. Ah, brainwashing—just part of life on Cassadine Island! I recall Lucky having his share of it when Jacob Young took over the role. Regardless, having three separate death scenes for Lulu—one each with Luke, Laura, and Dante—seemed rather indulgent when she was obviously coming back to life. And then we sped right past the revelation that she remembered no one and nothing but Stavros and ended up on a plane back to Port Charles. I can’t help but feel that leaving the island and convincing Lulu to come deserved a few more scenes.

Having Katie Couric on the show was also indulgent. But I don’t think she was half bad!

katie couric

Nik knew something was up right away because no one in General Hospital calls him Prince. Those nurses have seen him through all sorts of trauma: explosions, brain tumors, monkey viruses—I could go on. After all that, there’s no prince left for someone like Epiphany to see when she looks at Nik. This exchange between Nik and Katie/Kelly cracked me up–

Katie/Kelly: Well, you’re infringing on my First Amendment rights!

Nik: Trust me; I can afford to do that.

I should note that rich men using their money to trample other people’s rights only amuses me in fiction. My level of amusement is also directly related to the abs the man displays.

nik abs

When did you get all those, Nik?! I guess he worked out his frustrations while pretending to be buddy buddy with his unfrozen, and now refrozen, father.

Finally, I have something to say to Olivia. Girl, we are no longer friends. No one who encourages Connie to remain with Sonny can stay in my good graces.

olivia connie

There is no storyline I’ve hated more this past year than Sonny’s pairing with Connie/Kate. The past month without it has been blissful. I will give the new Connie a chance, but Olivia, if you keep pushing her back to Sonny, we are through.

Prescription for Better Soap: The antagonism between Carly, Brenda, and AJ has been beautiful. More conflicts like that one please, and if Carly’s head literally explodes, I won’t complain. Keep letting Michael be the most mature of the bunch. Take your time working through new Lulu’s new mental problems. I’m worried they’ll be breezed through as fast as that trans-Atlantic flight. And please, please, let Connie/Kate move on from Sonny. When she said her love for him had doubled, I shuddered with fear of what was to come.

See you in two weeks for my next prescription!


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