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gourmez3General Hospital became an action flick this week with women in the role of kick-ass hero, and I loved it! Our writers get that you can’t have a Scorpio storyline without scenes that hanker back to GH’s glory days of ridiculous spy stories. They get that linking Luke’s kidnapping and poisoning with Cesar Faison and Jerry Jacks makes for a wide-ranging storyline that affects nearly the whole canvas.  They get that Robin doesn’t have to have spy training to fight her way out of a situation, but using her brain is just as effective. And I’ve enjoyed every second of this plot, even the ones that hurt.

obrecht downI know she’s evil. I know she’s pathetically obsessed with a man who’s pathetically obsessed with another woman. I know she’s a horrible, horrible mother. But I didn’t want Dr. Obrecht to go, so I cheered when she knocked Anna out. Oh crap, I was supposed to be rooting for Anna, wasn’t I?

anna vs annaBut which Anna to choose!? As much as I love Dr. Obrecht, Anna Devane trumps her every time. But it isn’t wrong of me to want the insanity to stretch out a little longer, is it? Everyone found out Robin’s alive at the same time!

patrick robin callI just knew Patrick would run into Sabrina on his way out and that he’d nearly shove her aside in his desire to believe Robin’s alive. And I knew Sabrina would probably convince him he was being delusional. But it all reveals so much about where Patrick’s still at emotionally, and that’s with Robin. His and Sabrina’s relationship will be D.O.A. the moment he knows for sure Robin is alive. Every step he has taken forward has been more about his jealousy over Sabrina’s ex than it has been about his feelings for her. Patrick’s conversation with Liz revealed that plainly.

liz patrick friendsI love how Liz was there to listen, not to tell Patrick what he should or shouldn’t feel. She’s played the role of mourner-in-chief ever since Lucky “died.” Patrick could speak with her freely about how much he still hasn’t moved on despite the ring coming off his finger. I’m pretty sure Sabrina knows his depth of feeling isn’t there, too, especially with his present “delusion.” It’s honestly the only thing that’s made me feel bad for her since she showed up in Port Charles with her glasses and ratty hair. Honey, he’s just not that into you, even when he has you.  If Felix weren’t gay, I’d say it was time for some best friend comfort sex.

Watching Anna try to convince Robert he was in denial about Robin was even harsher.

robert anna argue copyI love these scenes. I love when the characters cut the crap and dig right into the heart of the matter. Anna was trying to be the responsible person, just like Sabrina. She knows grief can play tricks on the mind, and Robert’s been in a coma for months—he hasn’t had the same time to mourn that everyone else has. But unlike Sabrina and Patrick, Anna and Robert have enough history and trust for her to tell when he truly believes what he’s saying. She could see he wasn’t grasping at straws, and she believed him. That honors what these two have been to each other for decades. They are connected whether or not they are together.

I almost believe the same of Luke and Tracy, but I think my own trust in Luke is worn out. And Tracy knows better than to buy into his words. Rescuing him is something she needs to do for her own sake, not for his. Who thought a woman in her sixties would ever get to play the action hero on this show?

tracy shootsWe didn’t get to see her finagle her way into the Cassadine complex, but that she did it at all and fought Jerry back was good enough for me.

What isn’t good enough continues to be the dropping of characters and storylines for weeks at a time. I absolutely forgot AJ was in jail before Liz showed up with the headline to remind us.

aj trialWhat else is still going on that I’ve forgotten? I have no idea what Ava and Julian are actually planning. Do Sonny, Mac, Laura, and Felicia have anything to say about the baby Connie reveal? What happened to Holly? Is Brad slowly redeeming himself in Felix’s eyes? Did Lucy and Kevin work out their problems? I could use a refresher for all of those plots.

Prescription for Better Soap: Keep working out the kinks of how to best use a large cast. It’s a rich asset, but it must be balanced well enough that we aren’t surprised each time we see a returned character on screen again. Continue to utilize the amazing women on the show as characters who can fend for themselves and rescue the men once in a while. And never shy away from those hard-to-watch scenes you do so well like both Robert and Patrick being accused of being in denial. I’ll take as many of those as you can throw at me.


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