The Doctor’s Order

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Welcome to my first prescription for General Hospital of 2013! These two weeks have surprised me with unexpectedly hot love scenes and curveballs regarding who was most injured in the crash. Sorry, Trey. Most surprising for me, however, was that Connie showed signs of a conscience … and I cared.

Hating Connie Falconeri has become a hobby of mine. I am not comfortable with believing she’s torn up about Trey or that she feels anything toward him at all. I am comfortable with loathing her. This?

Kristina and I are of one mind on this.

Kristina and I are of one mind on this.

Is not okay with me. Connie running out because she’s too selfish to pull the plug on him? Now that I get. I also get her pressuring AJ to drink, not caring two figs if he’s an alcoholic. But she is running hard from those feelings about losing Trey without ever knowing him, which makes me feel like she’s maybe, possibly, could be, sort of human. I’m going to hope she keeps running … right into the generation of a third alter, so I can have blessed relief from this one.

Regardless, I am sad to see Trey go. Erik Valdez almost had my vote for best addition to the cast of 2012, but I withheld it because I knew his character was not long for the world of General Hospital. No, I will not pretend the reality TV plot was any good, but once we got to know Trey, he had a lot more going on for himself, including loving his despicable father.


Valdez did a great job at showing Trey’s confliction during the marriage plot. I couldn’t blame him for marrying Kristina under false pretenses because he was doing it for the only person he trusted and loved. And when he learned the truth about his father and his mother, he accepted it with grace and did his darndest to make it up to Kristina. I was thrilled she agreed to move to LA with him. At least he was able to die with her forgiveness.

I am not thrilled with the Sabrina/Patrick/Britt storyline, and I have finally figured out why. It’s a love triangle revolving around Patrick, but it’s not being told from his point of view, and he’s the character we know and love, not Sabrina, not Britt. Sabrina is supposed to be endearing and cute, but she hasn’t moved beyond robotic for me.

patrick sabrina almost kiss

The near-kiss was incredibly anticlimactic and forced. I would be more than happy with Sabrina and Britt moving on as soon as the Nurses Ball is actually put on. I would like to make clear that I don’t harbor anything against them because of my enduring Patrick and Robin loyalty. With Robin supposedly dead for nearing a year, I have no problems with Patrick moving on. But Sabrina is a shell and has been from the start because she’s a stereotype come to life: the shy, awkward, besotted girl. And there’s the inevitable makeover that’s been hanging over her head since her introduction. She’s not interesting because we know what will happen. Patrick will fall for her because she cares about Emma and she’s sweet. She’ll end up having that transformation into a knock-‘em-dead gorgeous lady for some party, maybe even the Nurses’ Ball itself. And we’ll learn Robin’s alive, and Patrick will be torn. That’s what I expect, and frankly I hope the writing team surprises me with this one and throws in some curveballs. Even if they don’t, I would be far more interested in how Patrick feels about it all than about how Sabrina does. A guy’s night out is much needed so we can gain his perspective. I crave it nearly as much as I crave that meatloaf, cranberry, and melted cheddar sandwich Alexis demanded of Shawn.

alexis sandwich

Seriously, I would revel in those calories. Eating it in bed next to a smoking-hot shirtless man would only make it better.  Which reminds me of those other hot sex scene we were served up.

carly todd sex

I’ll save Spinelli and Maxie for another time, but Todd and Carly’s coupling was much steamier than I expected. Nice acting out of desires by both performers, especially how Carly curved right into Todd’s touch. Too bad that romance didn’t last for long. But at least everything about the baby switch and the accident are finally out in the open. If anything, though, I’m surprised with how much focus Carly’s sense of betrayal has gotten in comparison with Starr’s.

This is not the face of someone about to roll over and accept it.

This is not the face of someone about to roll over and accept it.

I thought Starr was well on her way to a screaming, crying fight with her father when she learned the truth, but instead, she just left the hospital. As surprised as I was to enjoy the Carly and Todd relationship dynamics, I’m way more interested in the father-daughter ones at play here.

Prescription for Better Soap: If you want me to care about Patrick’s love triangle, then I need to know what Patrick thinks of it all. He needs to be an active participant, but he strikes me as a man going through the motions of dating. If he is, then I need to know that too. Keep up that bounty of steamy love scenes, but don’t forget that father-daughter relationships should receive their due as well. And for the love of my sanity, stop making me care about Connie! Whatever’s going on in the bar with AJ needs to continue, because I do not want to be interested in that woman at all.

See you in two weeks for my next prescription!


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