The Doctor’s Order

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gourmez3We have vampires and slayers, Pickle Lila and the missing Q heir, Frisco swearing to seduce Felicia once again, and Laura in town. These storylines have a lot of potential, but so many of them are just having their groundwork laid. Is it a problem that Kristina attacking Connie engaged me the most?

Her freak out was hilarious because it was so out of nowhere. When did Kristina become as Bensonhurst as Connie? I guess she is Sonny’s daughter after all. She was especially entertaining when placed under arrest.


It’s Kristy from the block now, peeps.

It’s Kristy from the block now, peeps.

I suppose I should care she feels like a bad person now that she’s recovered from that, um, “episode” and is off the hook for the charges. Mostly, I’m looking forward to her working at Pentonville. I’ve been scratching my head, wondering how Johnny was going to remain on the show and go to prison at the same time, and now I know! Kristina and Johnny scenes are destined. Plus, I can see Johnny getting a nice cellmate named Blackie … I have a feeling we have more entertaining prison scenes coming up than we’ve had since Lucky and Detective Taggart sang “Jailhouse Rock” at the Nurses’ Ball.

Which reminds me, Show. You are NOT off the hook for the Nurses’ Ball. I do not care that the Qs have lost their money or that Lucy’s too busy chasing vampires. You WILL make it happen.

In addition to Kristina’s attack on Connie, Starr and Michael filling those giant wine glasses cracked me up.

wine michae starr

Honeys, you don’t fill them that full. Well, unless you’re at a GH Fan Club event with myself and Dianna. Then you go for it, and we have one with you. Honestly, I loved that scene because of how much they came across as playing adults rather than being ones, which is an essential process at that age. I liked Michael and Abby, but hooking Michael up with someone his own age has endeared him to me a lot more.

Someone who’s become less endearing with age is Frisco.

frisco felicia

As much as seeing Frisco and Felicia in the same frame thrills me in a way I can’t describe, I am so glad

the luster has worn off of him for us both. A decade and a half ago, I never thought I’d be against Frisco and Felicia romantically—as a reminder, my first memory of this show was their wedding and Felicia in that Spanish bridal veil. But Mac has won my and her loyalty over the years he’s raised their girls. The Scorpio-Joneses are a family because of Mac, and there is nothing Frisco can do at this point to change that. But I’ll enjoy watching him try. The exchange of “You looked tired” between them was such a perfect, snarky way for these old rivals to greet each other again.

mac frisco shake

I love that antagonization. I also love Pickle-Lila.

pickle lila

Seriously, Show, stick that label on a t-shirt and I’m ordering it instantly. The race to find the recipe entertains me as well, but mainly because I’m imagining Duke and Tracy in chef’s hats throwing relish at each other by the spoonful. Make that happen, too, Show. However, I have no interest in a mystery Quartermaine if she’s related to Franco. Jason’s gone, folks. Can we pretend that whole Franco thing never happened, especially the part about them being twins? Retconning that retcon would be easy peasy, and I promise I won’t complain.

Prescription for Better Soap: As long as Felicia doesn’t fall too hard, keep this Frisco/Mac rivalry rolling. I suppose I’ll take a few scenes with Maxie, too. Make the ELQ collapse funny by hinging it on Pickle-Lila, and absolutely merchandise that relish. Lastly, having various characters explode out-of-character like Kristina did could do wonders for keeping me entertained. I would only have enjoyed it more if she succeeded in her endeavors.

See you soon for my next prescription!


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