ABC Soaps In Depth – On Sale Now

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Photo credit: Soaps In Depth

Photo credit: Soaps In Depth

Grab the latest ABC issue of Soaps In Depth to find out what happens on GH when Jake and Carly’s New Year’s Eve kiss seems to linger in the air between the two of them! Will it lead to something more, or will her feelings for Sonny prove insurmountable? And don’t forget Sam’s determination to prove that Jake was the one who took her hostage and freed Faison! Find out how things are poised to explode as the truth is revealed in our GH cover story! Plus, we talk to Laura Wright (Carly) about which man could possibly be her alter ego’s Mr. Right, reveal with past characters we want to see back in Port Charles and catch up with Kodi Kitchen (ex-Maggie) We also find out how much Carolyn Hennesy is like her character, Diane, meet the new love of Marc Anthony Samuel’s (Felix) life and visit the home of Kin Shriner (Scotty)! All this and so much more in the new issue of ABC Soaps In Depth, on sale

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