GH Recaps – August 6-8, 2012

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By Katrina Rasbold

Hello GH Fans!

You know how it works where you commit into something wonderful and time consuming and The Universe sort of chuckles and rolls the bowling ball for a direct strike into your perfectly straight and tall bowling pins?

That’s what happened to me.

Because life has changed a good bit, I am no longer going to be able to provide the detailed recaps of GH.  From here forward, I will need to do shorter ones instead.

So here we go…

August 6, 2012

Jerry threatens Ewen and tells him that he was stuck in the plan, so to speak and let him know that if he reveals the plan, the plan will turn on him (a lot).  Jerry uses Elizabeth to manipulate Ewen while Ewen squirms.

Once again, one of Elizabeth’s kids encounters in a life or death situation as Aiden starts to choke.  Fortunately, part of Elizabeth’s nursing training was “how to not choke,” so she takes nursey action and the child is fine.  Jason tells Ewen that he’d better turn out to be worthy of Elizabeth or else (which usually involves killing).  Wait ’til the whole “I held Robin prisoner” story rolls out.  I’m going to miss Nathin Butler when Jason is done with him.

Ewen has something to tell Elizabeth.  (dun dun dunnnn)

Kristina and Alexis talk about the demise of “Mob Princess” and how much Trey loves her.  Alexis finally apologizes for having the gall to get her into a fine, upstanding university.

Sonny tells Dante that Trey is bad news bears.

John confronts Todd about sending the kissy photo to Natalie.  Sam is there with him and is appropriately aghast.  She does, however, keep John from killing Todd (that’s job security right there, I’ll tell ya what).

It might not be illegal to send a wife a photo of her husband’s mouth where it ought not be, but it is illegal to assault someone, so Dante shows up with handcuffs for John.


August 7, 2012

Ewen almost confesses to Elizabeth, but just as the words are forming (as is the soap opera way), Jerry sends Ewen a reminder about the whole “misfortune to Elizabeth” issue.  In my mind, it looks like this:

Instead of confessing, he instead tells her that he’s interested in her.  That’s about as unromantic as I can imagine.

Kristina lets Trey know that they are outed as a couple.

Heather returns to Ferncliff, but makes sure to get her hooks well into Todd first.  Since she is being re-marked as a crazy person, I am not sure why he thinks anyone will believe her.

Olivia finally comes out of her medically induced, no-acid-trip-having coma.  When she looks in the mirror, she sees Heather, which has to be fairly stunning when you are 14 years younger than the person you see in the mirror.  That’s kind of how I feel looking in the mirror all the time these days.  “Who *is* that old broad?”  These are the acid flashbacks we were promised in the 60s and I never managed.

Carly tries to get Todd to not be evil, but what can a girl do?  Sam ask Alexis to represent John in his assault case.

August 8, 2012

Johnny goes to visit Joe Scully Jr and they discuss the idea that two thugs are better than one in their quest to take out Sonny.   Johnny has reservations, but eventually will give in.  You’ll see.

Sonny and Trey have a discussion about Trey’s involvement with Kristina and loosely veiled threats abound.

Alexis agrees to take care of John legally and they discuss Sam.

Sam tells Kristina that she has feelings for John.

Starr convinces Todd to drop the charges against John.

Olivia is surprised when she sees that Lulu is hugely pregnant.

Later on, Lulu gets sick, so we are to believe that LSD makes you psychic.  Timothy Leary isn’t dead…he just works at GH.


Back soon with Thursday and Friday!!

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