GH Recaps – August 13th – 15th

By Katrina Rasbold

Here are recaps for the first 3 days of this week!  Thursday and Friday will post this weekend.










Jason and Sam decided they can’t move forward and need to get a divorce. They talked about it alot while Sam cried and Jason mumbled. It’s pretty much summed up with, “You’re not just my husband, Jason. You’re my best friend.” They kissed goodbye (no tongues). There was a montage through JaSam history. Steve Burton used to have great hair.

Jerry chloroformed Alexis and then injected her with a mystery drug while telling her he never wanted any harm to come to her.

While Johnny and Carly had handcuff sex, Ewen stole Josslyn, sedated her and took her to Jerry.

Lulu struggled to tell Dante that she’s pregnant and finally blurted it out. Dante choked and almost vomited. It was classic. He then got all excited and tackled her with a kiss. They both agreed it was a good thing.

Sonny prepared a special surprise fancy dinner for Kate with Max and Milo dressed up in white waiter outfits.

Jerry and Ewen bantered about the innocent people who are being harmed and Jerry again brought Ewen under control by threatening Elizabeth. Jerry then shot up Josslyn with the same drug he gave Alexis.

Sonny managed to work his way into a perfectly respectable proposal of marriage to Kate. Kate wept profusely, but accepted. They slow danced while Milo and Max looked on with approval.

Carly realized that Josslyn was missing and frantically called Dante, who did not pick up because he was busy making out with pregnant Lulu.

Alexis woke up all woozy and left Wyndemere. Jerry had a coughing fit.

Johnny brought in Josslyn from outside by the swing set.



Steve walked into Luke’s room just as Luke was leaving a message asking Anna not to believe Heather’s lies. Luke filled him in and worried about the person who was Heather’s accomplice. Steve asked if he knew who it was. Luke, for some reason, thought it was Jason. Then he mentioned it was Jason Vorhees.

Heather was escorted into a room where Todd waited for her. She told Todd if he doesn’t get her out of there, she will call Sam and tell her that her baby is alive and in Llanview. Todd told her it was outside of his skillset to spring her from maximum security. He called her bluff and told her that he would only hurt Tea. She said that Tea would hate him, but he should be used to that. : / She was incredulous that he suggested her loved ones might not forgive her.

Ewen came to visit Jerry and confronted him yet again about the whole “being a psychopath” thing. Julian Stone turned over in his grave and he’s not even dead. Jerry told Ewen that all will be revealed soon.

Dante and Lulu talked about being parents and agreed to keep the pregnancy secret. They managed to get an appointment that day with Dr. Lee. They went to see Luke and he told them about the accomplice in a hockey mask. He remembered the accomplice showing some remorse when he mentioned his daughter.

Alexis told Sam that she thought she fainted while at Wyndemere. She complained of being really tired. Sam was surprised when Alexis told her that the security company never showed up. After discussing John’s case briefly, Sam told Alexis she needed her to represent her in the divorce.

Carly told Jason about Josslyn’s disappearance and he was skeptical. He thought maybe Jax was behind it. Carly quizzed Josslyn, who said she didn’t see anyone. Jason then told Carly that he and Sam decided to get a divorce.

Wow. Frank Valentini is directing episodes as well. Interesting.

From the back, Alexis has Farrah Fawcett hair. She agreed to represent Sam.


Carly noticed the needle mark on Josslyn’s arm and she and Jason took her to the hospital to be checked out by Steven.

Todd pointed out to Heather that the Memphis police would likely reopen the case against Stephen Lars. He double dogged blackmailed Heather by saying that a hypothetical newspaper man could bring pressure to bear on the Memphis police to persue the case, especially if he filled the right pockets.

Ewen pried open the case with Jerry’s magic drugs inside and Jerry caught him. Jerry encouraged him to take it to the lab and have it analyzed. Jerry replaced the drugs with vials of water to prove he’s a step ahead of Ewen. Jerry promised that no harm would befall Josslyn or Alexis. Ewen didn’t believe him.



Patrick is released from inpatient care, by Epiphany wanted to talk to him about the drugs he stole. To his credit, he owned up right away. Really?? Patrick says he never used in the OR and never jeopardized any patients. Since we saw clearly how trashed out he got when he didn’t have his pills, I think he might be reaching here. Epiphany let him off the hook because A) he was honest and went through recovery and B) that would involve a scene with Monica in it, which is a rariety. She does, however, swear to report him to Monica if he relapses, then smiles and welcomes him back. She called him Drake Jr. That’s awesome. I miss Drake Sr so much. I wish that I was Jesse’s girl. I’d totally ditch Jesse for Rick. The point is nowhere near moot, Rick. No. Where. Near.

Carly took Josslyn to Steve to have her track marks checked. Liz saw Jason at the hospital when he accompanied Carly. He told Liz about the divorce. Ace Physician Steve diagnoses Josslyn with a bug bite, but fortunately, runs some blood tests. Let’s hope toxicology is involved.

Jerry came to see Joe Jr. They know each other from crimes in the past. Richard Steinmetz is rocking that orange jumpsuit. Jerry promises to get him out of jail as soon as he takes care of some other things. Apparently, Jerry’s “mouthpiece” said that Joe would be out weeks ago.

Starr and Michael walked in on Trey telling his dad there will be a Princess wedding. Trey played it off as though he was talking about Sonny and Kate. Starr told Trey he should confide in Kristina, not her. Trey swore her to silence, but Starr said she wasn’t sure she could keep anything from Michael.

Alexis collapsed while talking to Sam. John showed up just in time to tell Sam to call 911 and notice the needle mark.

Kristina came home to an empty house and Michael showed up. She thought he was whining about not knowing about her wedding to Trey and he made it clear (in time) that it’s Sonny and Kate’s wedding he’s miffed about.

Alexis arrived at the hospital as Jason was telling Liz about the divorce. Jason ran after Sam to get the scoop, leaving him with John McBain. Insensitive, much? Jason told John about the divorce. When John asked Jason what brought him there, Jason told him about Josslyn’s red mark. John perked up and said Alexis had a red mark toooooo. They talked about the unlikelihood of Josslyn sleepwalking. Jason told Steve that Alexis has a red mark tooooo.

Patrick continued to detail his reasons for abusing drugs to Epiphany. At one point, he said that there was a “great big hole in front of [him]” and I thought he said, “there was a great big whore in front of him” and I got all indignant that he would talk about Maxie that way. Emma came in and asked if Patrick was sick. He said he was but that he’s better now. She asked if he’s going to die like Mommy. (awwwww. sniff.) He promised not to die. The God complex is complete; he thinks he’s immortal. It was pwecious.

Jerry talked in his usual high brow, poetic jargon, which was lost on Joe, who suggested he fast forward to the rescue part. They referenced the past by saying that Joe supplied the force for Jerry to take the Metro Court. Now Jerry needs him for a new crime wave. Jerry returned later and told Joe that he would soon be a free man and also told him they would be taking a trip to Spoon Island.

Sam phoned Kristina and told her about Alexis’ hospital situation, then told Jason and John about Alexis fainting at Wyndemere. John checked out the security company and found out that there was no alarm tripped at Wyndemere. They speculated about who would want to lure Alexis to Wyndemere.

If y’all knew now much I want a vanilla on vanilla cupcake right now while I’m typing this, I’d already be eating one because y’all love me.

Michael and Kristina showed up and Jason told Michael that Carly would be glad to see him. Michael got perplexed, then hurried to Carly when Jason informed him about Josslyn. Carly worried. Michael tried to reassure her.

John started to leave to go to Wyndemere, but Jason stopped him and said he would take him there in his boat.  I don’t *think* it’s a metaphor, but you never know.


Note to writers:  A day without Todd is a day without sunshine.  kthnxbai

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