Sticky: General Hospital Fan Club Weekend 2012 Update!

I have heard different rumblings about GH Fan Club Weekend, all which are false rumors. That is how rumors get started folks.  Unless you hear something from me, from this email addresses do not take it as the gospel.  I will always keep you guys in the loop.  So I am here to straighten out all those rumors that are being spread by those who think they are in the know when in reality they are clueless. LOL

There is going to be a General Hospital Fan Club Weekend for 2012.  Why the heck would there not be one?  That makes absolutely no sense to me.  Yes, we are running a little late this year but with all the changes it just made sense to wait until later to choose a date.

I have just returned from Los Angeles and the GH Habitat build.  I was also there to put final touches and decisions on GHFCW.  As soon as I have all the details completed, all I’s dotted and T’s crossed I will release the date. I hope to have that within a week. 

I know may of you put in for vacations in the month of December so I am working really heard to release that date.  Stay tuned……it will be coming very soon.

We will at that time also let you know when hotel rooms will go on sale as well as ticket sales.  This year you are getting a break, in the fact we will be putting tickets on sale after Christmas sometime, maybe late January.  All that will be detailed for you very soon.

NOTE: If you are an member of the Official GH Fan Club, we are busy getting Christmas cards ready to be mailed. If you have had a change of address in the last six months please forward your changes to the fan club immediately.  We would not want you to miss out.  This is only for offline fan club members.  Tks

Ok folks, just wanted to get the right information out there to all of you.  Have a happy and safe week.  I will be in touch very soon.

Debbie Morris

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