The Doctor’s Order

Note: This was first published at All My Writers on 12/9/11.

Want to know a secret? Okay, it’s not a secret if you are at all a regular reader of my column. If you aren’t, or I just haven’t gushed enough lately, the secret is this: Robin Scorpio-Drake is my girl. No really, I mean it. I’ve grown up with Robin, and I continue to get older with her. I think she has a couple of years on me, but you can bet that while Robert Scorpio had his little girl on his knee, I was probably watching from the other side of the screen on my mother’s knee.

Precocious young Kim McCullough.

Precocious young me.

I loved her then, and that love has never wavered. She got to live all these fantastic adventures in Port Charles! She was almost kidnapped by scary Grant Putnam, had awesome parents who were spies, and even got to know an alien personally.

Who knew aliens were hot and bore striking resemblances to town reporters?

When her parents were presumed dead in 1992, I really felt for Robin. My dad had died two years earlier, and I knew how it felt to have someone you expected to have forever just never walk in the door again. Watching her and Mac bond together was heartwarming and heartwrenching all the same time, because no one should ever have to go through that, but far too many of us have. I was so glad she had Mac to help her then. And him dealing with the rebellious Robin of her teenage years was always entertaining for me.

Robin developed her first crush on Jason about the time that I got my first boyfriend (I started young, okay?), and when she moved on to Stone, I was old enough to be utterly wrecked by their whole storyline.

Watching her go through that journey of love with Stone and seeing the strength of character that Robin came to possess as she accepted her HIV diagnosis and had to say goodbye, once again, to someone she loved with her whole heart just tore me up. My girl was in so much pain, but all I could do was feel for her through that television screen. Luckily, Jason could actually reach out to her, and the way he and Robin helped each other learn how to live again was beautiful.

Much as I love Robin and Patrick, I’m still sad that Jason and Robin’s relationship hasn’t been revisited.

After those formative teenage years, you can bet I had Robin’s back in everything else that came her way, especially when it came to Carly. I don’t care if Robin is occasionally sanctimonious; she’s still 100% better of a person than Carly is. Watching their mutual hatred has also been fun, and I disapprove of their begrudging friendship at this point—those two will never see eye to eye and I’m fine with them acting that way. I cheered—literally—when Robin told AJ that Michael was his son. When she left to study in Paris shortly thereafter, well, I left for college and my General Hospital viewing became very spotty for several years.

You can guess when it stopped being spotty, right? Yep, in the fall of 2005, when Robin returned to the show as a brilliant researcher who just might have a chance to save Jason’s life. I’ve been back ever since, and I’ve been there for all of her and Patrick’s relationship—heck, I made it through both seasons of Night Shift. For the record, the second season of that show was so much better than the General Hospital we’ve had for the past decade.

Why have I taken you on this journey through my relationship? Let me answer that with a picture.

You see that bandage? It won’t go away. Gunshot wounds heal in a matter of days on this show, but that—that thing—is still there. And knowing now that Kimberly McCullough is leaving the show early next year, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with dread every time I see it. Of course, we already know that Robin fears the worst—that her HIV has progressed into AIDS—and she’s already withdrawing from the people she loves to try and deal with it. And here I am, still on the other side of that television screen knowing full well that Robin’s pain and courage will destroy me by the end of this storyline. Kimberly McCullough is more than capable of handling meaty drama, and that almost makes it worse, because I know she’ll be fantastic, and I know I’ll be hoping every second along the way that some sort of soapy contrivance can swoop in and save the day for that smart, confident, loyal woman and her family. And I’ll keep on hoping that until she possibly pulls her last breath. This is going to be rough, but I’m sticking with it until the bitter end. You know why? Because Robin, she’s my girl.

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