The Doctor’s Order

The budding relationship of Sonny and Kate is like a florentine cookie that’s burnt at the edges. They are sharing loads of adorable moments—Sonny learning to play the trumpet, reliving their youths in Bensonhurst. But those moments are marred by the bitter taste of ashes. Kate was nearly killed at the altar because she planned to marry Sonny. Sonny has only become more entrenched in his lifestyle since then, seeking solace in revenge for that act and every act that has followed. And so the joys of their renewed connection, even the surety that Kate knows Sonny the person rather than Sonny the mobster, will always be spoiled by no more than a drop of his life’s astringency.

By now, we all know that this is the problem with having a mobster as a protagonist, much less multiple mobsters as protagonists. Sonny’s an entertaining character, but to be with him, women must betray the lessons they learned in the past when a bullet flew through a wedding dress, a shower door, or into the head of a child. A life with Sonny is one that will be full of violence, and Sonny is a violent, violent man who hasn’t been trapped in it for years. Rather, he daily makes the choice to continue his life of crime. That’s been especially hard to stomach when watching him with Alexis lately. I love their easy banter, and I love that Alexis has been reminding us of her less than noble past. But at her core, to me, she’s the woman who decided to hide their daughter from Sonny because she knew Kristina would never be safe. Is there anyone Sonny’s life hasn’t affected eventually? He’s a man who uses favors to get his daughter into college, then he uses that same favor to blackmail her mother—that is not a man I’d want as a parental figure for my child, and seeing Alexis as his lawyer again does hurt my General Hospital watching soul, even though I still enjoy their conversations.

Which brings me to all the drama about Michael, Carly, and Jax’s not-so-much death. Yes, Michael’s anger has much more to do with his grief over losing Abby than it does with his anger at his mother’s actions, but it’s been nice to see how much Jax means to him. Carly and Jax’s relationship was a pillar of the past several years of General Hospital, and in SORASing time, that means Jax has been a father figure for Michael for a decade. Sadly, the reactions of Alexis and Kate to finding out that he’s alive fell far short for me. I expected both women to be overcome with relief before launching into attacks on Carly for shielding the information.  That’s so not right—attack after you’ve had the chance to process that your close friend is alive, ladies!

And since when is not knowing about Jax’s survival something to get angry about? You all know that I can’t stand Carly, but she should be praised for hiding the details of Jax’s “death” from Sonny. The Sonny of this summer would not have rested without taking revenge on Jax for a crime he didn’t commit, the crime of whisking Brenda away from him. Sonny pushed Brenda away all on his own, but Sonny is not a man who would have accepted that then, and I don’t think he accepts it now, either.

The Scorpio-Drakes are really too adorable for words. The beautiful family portraits they’ve provided us over the past two weeks are ridiculously wonderful. I’m fairly certain I’m still coming down from the sugar high of their holidays; how else can I not have cried when Robin confided in Liz about her viral load? Liz’s reaction to the news is one I fully support and essentially the same as Jason’s. Robin is taking the pessimistic route in regards to her illness and trying to frame it as responsibility. She has not exhausted all her options but she remains convinced that AIDS will claim her. I never knew Robin Scorpio was a fatalist. She should be clinging to every last hope she has in honor of Stone, not accepting that she’ll join him before there’s any proof of it. Girl, you best get your head screwed on straight, and soon. You do not have to go through this alone, and denying your family more opportunities for those beautiful moments in the meantime is about the worst, and most selfish, thing you can do.

I didn’t expect it, but I must give approval to the antagonism between Liz and Monica. I’d never have pegged Monica for having a vendetta against Liz, but she has perfectly good reasons to be angry with her. I don’t think anyone could deny anger to a woman whose grandson died before she ever knew he existed. Plus, watching the less pleasant aspects of Monica’s personality is refreshing; she and Liz are fairly similar in that they are both often bitchy women whom I want to root for anyhow. Pitting them against each other makes me conflicted—who to root for? Monica is picking on Liz for clinical details that aren’t overt manipulations on Liz’s part, so I want to root for Liz. But at the same time, I can’t begrudge Monica for the bias in any way, shape, or form. It’s not as simple as Robin described it; it wasn’t only Jason’s responsibility to tell Monica about Jake. Liz is not related by blood to Monica, but that doesn’t absolve her of telling Monica about Jake, who was related to Monica by blood.  I look forward to seeing if this antagonism continues in the future.

Last, but not least, the move to have Mayor Floyd run a gossip rag with Diane is fairly genius. It adds some whimsy to the show and gives John Bolger something fun to do. I’ve always loved his stints as Mayor Floyd, and I’m in favor of Mudslinger Floyd as well. Both Lucy and Tiffany Hill had turns as the gossip hounds in Port Charles in the past, and I’m pretty sure I enjoyed every minute of it. Gossip is way more fun than a car accident that serves no purpose like Michael and Jason’s recent bang-up.

Prescription for Better Soap: Find a fresh way to approach Sonny and his mob connections. Placing him with the same women who end up devaluing themselves is NOT that way. Continue playing up the antagonism between Monica and Liz, until it rears its head in an ugly way during one of GH’s signature crises. Let Robin figure out, sooner rather than later, that going it alone is never the best strategy if only to afford us more opportunities to stare at the beautiful Scorpio-Drake family.

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