About Those GH Rumors…

Hello Everyone. As you can imagine, the GH Fan Club staff is busy preparing for the upcoming GH Fan Club Weekend event.  Be sure and look for the launch of this year’s GH Fan Club Weekend official site tomorrow, January 24th.  It will answer a lot of questions you have about this year’s event.

Speaking of questions, I have received a number of emails from fans concerned about the continuation of General Hospital amid all of the rumors that are currently circulating.  Of course, it is difficult to not be concerned about our remaining show with the demise of All My Children and One Life to Live still stinging and I would be lying if I said the thought had not crossed my own mind.

I want to make certain to clarify that at this time, there is NO official announcement about General Hospital being canceled and UNofficially, I have also not been informed of any plans in that direction.  My instincts tell me that there are still some factors to be considered before we get to that point.

Unless and until ABC issues an official announcement, the GH Fan Club will be proceeding as usual with the idea that the show will continue in some form.  If I hear otherwise, I will absolutely let you know.  Beyond that, I do not know any more than you folks do.  I encourage you not to let the rumors become fact for you.  That does not mean will won’t get discouraging news down the road, but it’s not here yet, so the GH Fan Club continues it’s mission of celebrating the show we have enjoyed since 1963.

Debbie Morris
President, Official General Hospital Fan Club

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