The Doctor’s Order

When I’m behind on my General Hospital viewing, I catch up all in one fell swoop, devoting far too many hours to Port Charles. That sort of viewing also lends itself to picking out certain things I may not notice otherwise, and this time was no exception. What did I notice? That there is a massive amount of new characters on General Hospital taking up a lot of screen time, and I’m not even counting Maxie’s temporary recast or Kate’s recast. Consider this a rundown of my take on the newbies and learn which ones I hope make it through to whatever new plots Ron Carlivati cooks up.

I’ll start with the newest of the new crew, a kid named TJ.

I missed his first day or two, but from what I’ve pieced together, Shawn killed his father through friendly fire, and TJ is a runaway, choosing to emotionally blackmail Shawn into giving him a place to live. Did I get that right? I’m really not sure, but so far, I like him. He’s finally giving Shawn a story line that doesn’t involve the mob or Carly, and he’s got a fun, teasing vibe going with Molly that I enjoy. His eye roll when she waxed poetic about the various library options in the area was hilarious. And it’s so obvious that when Shawn tells him he’s proud of him, he’ll have an endearing, emotional breakdown that’s already making me teary eyed just to picture it.

Next up is the woman I wish I could pretend was still only known as Chick in White.

Unfortunately, we’ve learned much more of Cassandra since her initial, mysterious introduction, and I can’t say it’s done her any favors. We’ve learned that she’s perfectly happy taking a roll in the hay with Ethan even though all she knows about him is that he gives long speeches to portraits of his father’s ex-wife and has readable handwriting. She’s also unbothered sleeping with him when she’s fully aware that Helena could be lurking around a corner, and she acts like a petulant teenager. Leave that for the characters who are petulant teenagers, honey, like, oh, TJ and Molly. Plus, the whole thing does no favors for Ethan because he’s acting like he knows what’s better for her than Cassandra’s psychiatrist does, which is idiotic. Speaking of the psychiatrist…

Ewan joins TJ as a new character I enjoy, and it’s not only because he’s hot. I fully expect him to be revealed as Cassandra’s brother in addition to her doctor, and I think he’s been hiding secrets for good reasons. I also can’t blame him for wanting to talk sense and caution into Cassandra, because I can barely stop myself from strangling the character through the screen. His initial treatment of Liz at Shadybrooke was . . . odd . . . but he’s a charmer, and he’s certainly charmed me well enough.

Next on my list is whom Steve dubbed Lisa Niles 2.0, the incredibly obnoxious Dr. Maggie.

You may recall I was hopeful when she first came on the show that she was just an extra positive, if somewhat irresponsible, new doctor that might brighten up the General Hospital staff a little. Well, that bubble has burst. She is acting just like Lisa, emphasizing all the ways that Steve and she used to have fun, how only she can truly understand him, and pursuing him with not a thought spared toward his current girlfriend. It seemed like Steve had reached his boiling point with her a few weeks back, but now he’s throwing paper airplanes off the roof with her. Just like Patrick, I’m afraid he’s going to disappoint me with how susceptible he is to seduction. Plus, I’ll die happy if I never know what went down in Memphis. It has bad country song written all over it.

Speaking of 2.0s, I know this character isn’t going to become a regular anytime soon, but I am amazed by how much Abby’s friend and Shawn’s no-strings-attached, kind of girlfriend resembles Maya Ward.

Seriously, they could be twins in terms of hairstyle and earring choices, at least. That doesn’t mean I need her on the show, either, but as compared to Lisa Niles 2.0 and Chick in White, I’d take her. However, there is one new female addition who has grown on me since her introduction this fall. That’s Dante’s new partner, Delores.

I think the actress has improved greatly since she first came on—Delores was very wooden and her only function was making sure the rules were being followed by the letter. But now, I think Delores has a nice friendship growing with Dante, and I honestly believe she’s happily married and just wants to do well at her job. I like earnest characters, and I like how much more appealing she’s become for me. Plus, she’s gorgeous with her hair down.

Prescription for Better Soap: Dump Maggie and Cassandra back on the next trains to Memphis and Muteness. As long as Ewan, TJ, and Delores continue to entertain me through teenage anger, blond curls and a sexy voice, or as police officers who actually care about their jobs, they can keep their Port Charles addresses. All bets are off when the Mannings visit town, however. They get to cut ahead in the citizenship line, and I make no apologies for it.

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