The Doctor’s Order

My viewing pattern with General Hospital has shifted from daily watching to catching up on around two weeks’ worth at a time over the course of a few evenings. This means I tend to notice things that happen over and over again way more easily than I used to. The end result is that Kate stares in the mirror with horror all day long, Connie spends a lot more time applying red lipstick than wreaking havoc, and Star Manning may not know any words other than “Sonny must pay!”

In other words, those storylines are getting pretty old. That dang split personality is close to driving me crazy.

You shouldn’t have said Bloody Mary three times fast.

In all honesty, I don’t mind a split personality storyline but the Kate we get when she’s not Connie is nothing like the Kate I loved when she first came to town in 2007. That Kate was a self-made woman willing to take no prisoners to hold onto her position at the top of the fashion world. Her relationship with Sonny helped soften her defenses, and she grew into someone who was both affectionate with her staff and completely put together at the same time. The Kate I loved would surely have visited her No. 1 Assistant at the jail by now. She would have yelled at Maxie for abandoning her post at Crimson while subtly showing how much she was worried for her at the same time.  This Kate hasn’t even mentioned her magazine while considering getting admitted to Shadybrook.

Regardless, I can’t complain about that cake stabbing scene. It was absolute hilarity.

I could watch it on repeat for endless hours of entertainment. I’m shocked they didn’t go with a red velvet cake for the extra dramatic effect. And Jason’s utter confusion about what’s going on with Kate has been pretty funny, too. Less funny is his utter confusion at Sam lying yet again, even if she confessed it all while wearing a fabulous party dress.

I really want that dress. What I don’t want is this resurgence of Franco’s ghost in the form of his unborn child. I had hoped this storyline was buried under the inevitable garbage heap of discarded plotlines and characters when the newest writing and producing regime took over—

They sure were.

–but no such luck. However, I can overlook it because Heather Webber’s involved, and she’s gosh darn fun. I love how she’s gotten under Olivia’s skin already, and I don’t give two figs about Olivia most of the time. Right now, I pity the woman for having to deal with her boyfriend’s mother.

Oh Liv, I feel ya. And don't drink the tea. Never drink the tea.

I have to be honest, though. This is my first experience with Heather Webber. I was way too young (possibly nonexistent) for her first stint in Port Charles, and I wasn’t watching when she came back in the early 2000s, so that whole affair she imagined with Luke could have been real as far as I knew. Watching both Robin Mattson and Scott Reeves recite her character history without laughing at the sheer absurdity of the LSD in the tea story has kept me entertained. Let’s keep her for a while. Any guesses as to what her plot line will ultimately be about or will she be just a general stirrer of misery? I’m not sure I buy that Franco is Jason’s brother or that the paternity results are correct, but why bring that all back up again if they aren’t?

Which brings me back to Jason and Sam.

They are angry eyes, but Jason’s baby blues were sparkling during this week of . . . well, of baby blues.

The story here is about Sam lying, of course, not about whether Jason can embrace raising Franco’s child (Hint: He would benefit from talking to his mother about raising another person’s child). The real damage Franco’s done to this relationship is causing Jason to lose trust in Sam, although I can totally understand where Sam was coming from in wanting to spare him the pain if she could. But couples function by sharing pain together, not by self-sacrifice. If I were a fan of the couple, I’d be raging, but because I’m fairly meh on them most days, I think it’s an interesting relationship problem to explore. And I admit that I love that Jason spilled the beans to Liz about it all within hours of finding out when Sam agonized over telling him for weeks. I spy a potential Liz and Jason rebound if Jason and Sam can’t rebuild that trust again.

Jason’s not the only one drawn toward someone else when he needs to confide, either.

And the gorgeous dress returns. It was in serious competition for Best TV Prop of last week along with Blaine’s sad eyes on Glee.

Sam is not doing so well resisting her connection with McBain. I didn’t watch Port Charles, but I know that the two actors were lovers on the show, and that Michael Easton was a vampire. I usually enjoy a good in-joke, but the vampire references just keep coming, and from Luke of all people. Are they actually going for a past life scenario with these two, using Port Charles’s history as their characters’ past lives? If so, I’m interested. If not, the references need to stop.

Prescription for Better Soap: Dial it back on the split personality storyline. If I’m supposed to root for Kate to be back in control, then she needs to regain her former confidence, not function as this shadow of herself. Keep making me wonder what Heather Webber’s game is, because I’m pretty sure it’s not that she wants to reconnect with her son. Keep exploring why it is that Jason and Sam turn to other people to be their support and not each other.

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