The Doctor’s Order

Heather’s many voiceovers and flashbacks are the best things since sliced bread. I can’t decide if they are way too over the top or not because I’m too busy laughing every time she starts one. One Life to Live fans, are this many flashbacks standard practice for our headwriter? It seems feels like there are two per episode, and I need to prepare myself for more in the future. General Hospital has used so few flashbacks for so many years, that it’s a huge change.

Of course, most of these flashbacks are about things that happened very recently, so that’s weird enough already, but nothing is as weird as Heather’s voiceovers. I swear she had more of them in one day than any other character has had in years. Is it because she’s too crazy to explain her motivations to another character with any form of clarity? I love how she messes with Olivia the most.

It’s the mother-in-law from Hell scenario, jazzed up with extra crazy, and poor Liv doesn’t even have the ring to go with it. Or the relationship, really. All her time with Steve has been wrapped up with his mother. It would be nice to see Steve take her out to thank her for dealing with Heather, don’t you think? And if he ends up shirtless again, all the better.

That’s another big change on the show. The shirtless men are multiplying!

I’d heard rumors of all those free-minded shirts jumping off people in Llanview, and I’m glad to see they migrated to Port Charles along with some of the regulars. Men’s shirts in this town have been sorely unwilling to part with the bodies that wear them. Carry on, new fearless shirts! Do your noble soap opera duty!

Sam and Jason’s drama is rather heartwrenching, especially when she laid into him for sending his men after McBain, leaving her with no help after the labor.

Stone Cold wounded.

It was harsh when she accused him of wanting her to lose the baby. I rarely feel bad for Jason, but that was definitely a moment when I did. That one accusation was unfair, and of course, he didn’t intend to put her and her baby in danger, but I think her rage is justifiable. He was horrible to her after learning the baby was Franco’s, completely wrapped up in his own angst and not sparing a thought for hers. If I was Sam, I would have to think long and hard about ever taking him back, whether he loves her or not. He hasn’t proven great at prioritizing her needs over his, at least when she’s, you know, pregnant and carrying a rapist’s child. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask!

Liz is being used very well lately. For once, her role as a nurse is giving her a natural in to whatever storylines are happening in the hospitals. Liz needs a romantic interest? Give him head trauma. Want her to be a listening ear for her ex-man and his current wife? Send them to the hospital. She was so inappropriate when she tried to talk with Sam and ended up defending Jason to her.

Liz, girl, just step back out of that room.

There is a time and a place, and in the midst of fresh grief in the hospital is not that time and place. I don’t think Liz went in there intending to defend Jason, but she can’t help it. It’s a kneejerk reaction for a lot of Jason and Sonny’s women, and I’m pretty sure I swear at them every time it happens. However, Liz comforting Jason?

I’m totally fine with. I don’t know why, but Liz and Robin are the only romantic pairings I’ve enjoyed Jason with, and I didn’t even see the beginnings of Liz and Jason that took place after Lucky’s death and Robin move to Paris. I just saw the Jake saga, and I liked their chemistry. You may think I’m crazy, but somehow, Jason’s eyes sparkle more brightly around Liz. I don’t want them getting back together, mind you, but being friends is fine with me. What I do want is to explore Ewan and Liz more. I want to explore Ewan more in general. You can take that however you’d like to.

So this happened.

Luke and Anna are not a couple that my brain is prepared to deal with yet. In part, because Luke is Robert’s best friend, and Robert is so obviously still in love with Anna, though I suppose that could have some interesting parallels with Holly’s original romance. In part, because I’m not used to Luke being more like his old self yet, confident and willing to live life rather than wallow in self-loathing. In main part, however, because I can’t handle Tracy getting her heart broken.

And she will get her hurt broken, because she loves Luke. She took the risk to love him several years ago, and she’s been stuck with those feelings for better and worse, usually worse, ever since. Even characters as brittle as Tracy Quartermaine deserve some happiness, and having that denied her is going to hurt. In other words, I’m already upset with this storyline, and that probably means it’s a good one.

Prescription for Better Soap: Dial back on Heather’s voiceovers, unless the goal is for the viewers to laugh their way through them. Dial up the romance for Steve and Olivia and Liz and Ewan, because I’m selfish and want to be invested in couples before drama happens to them. Finally, take the complete lack of commentary on a certain character’s therapy sessions as a hint.

See you in two weeks for a new order from the doctor!

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