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By Katrina Rasbold

Hello GH Fans!  Welcome to the new GHFC column, GH Last Week.”  This column will post each week (at some point over the weekend – by Monday afternoon at the latest, depending on my bustling nap social schedule) and will cover the GH news from the previous week, as well as provide a recap of what happened on our favorite show.

Some recaps will be longer than others (depending on my bustling nap social schedule), but I will always let you know what went on in case you missed a day or so.  So here is our first edition of GH LAST WEEK!

GH News

GH had a strong sweep at the 39th annual Daytime Emmy Awards fete on June 17th. Former Executive Producer, Jill Farren Phelps, was the picture of grace as she accepted GH’s award for Outstanding Drama Series. Ms. Phelps acknowledged new Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, and said, “From the old guard to the new guard, keep the magic going.” GH won the award over All My Children, Days Of Our Lives and Young & the Restless.

Kassie DePaiva (Blair Manning) blogged that she will return to GH the week of July 16th.

Mark your calendars and reset your DVRs, folks.  General Hospital released the following statement on their official Facebook page on June 26th:

“Happy Tuesday GH Fans!We’re letting you know first – beginning MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, we’re moving into our new time slot at 2:00 p.m. ET and 1:00 p.m. PT/CT on ABC. You’ll be able to catch all the intrigue and excitement of Port Charles one hour earlier! We equally excited about General Hospital’s 50th anniversary on ABC next year. Share this news with your friends and family and make sure to tune in to General Hospital every day.”

Many GH fans are breathing a sigh of relief as it was feared that Katie Couric’s new show, set to air in the current GH time slot, would replace rather than displace our favorite show. This announcement is promising for the continuation of GH, as is the slew of Daytime Emmy Awards it garnered this year.

Tickets are still available for the GH Fan Club Weekend Main Cast Luncheon, the Kick Off Cocktail Reception and Jason Thompson and Dominic Zompragna’s events in Studio City July 19-22. It is unknown whether or not tickets will be available at the door until closer to time. Go to for details. All ticket changes and special meal requests must be submitted by July 1st!  That link also gives you the most up to date info on the event.  Remember to check the two FAQ pages (“Before You Come” and “During the Weekend”) before you write to ask questions.  As per the title, our most frequently asked questions are addressed there.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini, offered a smidgeon of hope to fans of the now cancelled shows “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” “Both shows will live on for years to come,” he says. “There’s still incredible equity in both of those brands. Maybe you haven’t seen the last of them. Keep your fingers crossed.” Dare we hope?

When Anthony Geary (Luke) won his 7th Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, it was history making: the most Daytime Emmy Awards ever one by a single actor.  He received his first in 1982, the year that Luke and Laura were married.  You can watch the award presentation here:  (He was just precious)

Oscar the Grouch almost said “BS” (scripted  and expand the acronym).  That was pretty fun.  Jump ahead to 4.00 minutes if you want to skip over the Oscar the Grouch song and get right to the award.

What Happened on GH Last Week?

Luke staggered out dates with both Tracy and Anna on the same night, but never got to either because Heather hit him on the head (for trying to call the police) and kidnapped him. After nearly getting caught by Kristina and Michael at one time and Lulu at another, she finally managed to get Luke tied to a chair (somewhere).

Meanwhile, Tracy and Anna each realized they’d been stood up. Tracy came to visit Anna to look for Luke and when she realized that Anna was also waiting for Luke, she confronted her.  Anna admitted that she and Luke slept together (a little too quickly for my taste) and said that Luke was planning to let Tracy down easy. When Tracy went back to the Q mansion, Lulu confirmed that what Anna said was true.

Starr and Trey continued their confrontational, hostile, verbal foreplay over use of the shower.  Todd observed that he knows the French word for shower and Starr’s roommate is one. For the record, it’s “douche.” I’d say he nailed it.

Sam and Spinelli determined that Todd Manning was somehow linked to Heather. Sam broke into Todd’s hotel work while Spinelli stood guard. Sure enough, Todd came back and sparred with Spinelli long enough for Sam to make her escape while Todd was distracted. She was surprised to find that Todd had in his room a crumpled up clipping from his paper about her son’s death.

Johnny and Carly made out, then Michael interrupted, Johnny left and Carly and Michael talked about things I ignored.  I can’t only handle so much and my meter pegged out.

Kate phoned Johnny and told him to come quick because she remembered something.  She put him on edge by telling him that her doctor expected her to regain all of her memories from her time as Connie.

Dante tried to get Sonny to admit that he was covering for Kate. Sonny stonewalled him and insisted that Johnny was lying, then finally came clean. Dante told him he would have to report the information the next day. He promptly consulted with Anna and told her it was “complicated.”  I believe that is a Port Charles legal term.  Kate showed up to confess and said she was ready to take responsibility for what she’d done. Anna was surprised when Ewan refused to press charges against her for the assault. Kate corrected Anna and told her that she was there to take responsibility for something else. Kate told Dante she didn’t need a lawyer.  (Not yet, anyway)

Luke tried to get Heather to untie him by pretending to sweet talk her, but they were interrupted by a phone call from Anna, who told Luke in a voice mail about Tracy’s visit and said she’d “leave a candle in the window.” o.O  That was about the last we saw of Luke for the week.  I expect Amsterdam is calling.

Ah, there’s Patrick, yelling at Maxie for sleeping in his robe. Fair enough. Honor the bubble, Maxie. Honor the bubble. Maxie apologized and Patrick reminisced about how Robin gave him the robe for Christmas and used to steal it and wear it around the house (back before Alan Quartermaine’s drugs were in the pocket, I figure). He apologized right back and an apology war ensued as to who was the most sorry. Maxie offered to not live with Patrick any more. Patrick told Maxie how much Emma needed her there. Maxie made breakfast and happy family time was had by all. After Maxie took Emily and left the room, Patrick took a bottle of pills from the robe pocket and ate some of them. He then cleaned like only a drug addict can and popped more pills. Patrick told Maxie to stay as long as she wants and there were more apologies. He trumped her with the “Emma needs you” card again. It’s the drugs talking, Patty. It’s the drugs.

Sam felt she needed to move on from the pain of grieving her son, but had pauses to look sad now and then, bless her heart. She and Spinelli brainstormed about the article Todd had in his room. Spinelli told Sam that Olivia told him that Heather was now working for Todd. Sam quickly figured out that Heather must be blackmailing Todd for a job.  I suspect blackmail would have to be involved for Heather to be employed anywhere.  They furthered their speculation by saying that Todd bought the paper to control what the press said about him. Sam admitted to Spinelli that she’d kept a secret for Heather herself.

Heather pressured Todd into giving her a job at the paper. Steve questioned her ability to suddenly be a journalist. He should talk to Lucky about how quickly a person can become a cop. Port Charles is a trade school wonderland.  Steve later questioned Elizabeth about what was going on between her and Ewen. He launched into a speech about what Elizabeth deserved and Elizabeth told her they’d had a good time at dinner, but she couldn’t stop thinking about Jason. Steve worried about Elizabeth reconnecting with Jason. Elizabeth protested that she and Jason are just friends. Ewen walked up and Elizabeth “another timed” him on making dinner for her.  I think any time a man offers to cook for you, you should accept because, let’s face it, you won’t always be young and cute and have men lining up to the stove for you.  Silly girl.

Day Player Cheryl Burns from the Port Charles Press, previously unknown as far as I can tell, showed up to help Todd at the paper. Todd gave her a list of things he needed, including coffee, a complete staff list and the fashion pictures gone from his office. Cheryl Burns was not amused. Todd told Cheryl he needed her to tell him who to “bring over” and who to not “bring over” and clarified that he did not want to keep anyone on board to “sucked” at their job. Heather showed up and said that she wanted Diane’s job as gossip columnists. Skirmish ensued between Heather and Todd about what column she would write which resulted in Todd caling Diane and firing her. Cheryl questioned Todd’s wisdom in this decision. Todd then fired DayPlayer Cheryl so Diane would not feel singled out and sue him, which she will undoubtedly do anyway.  As nearly as I can tell, Heather did not write a single gossip column all week.  Diane got lots of screen time without every actually being seen.

Jason and Sonny talked about Kate’s rape. Jason asked what happened to Joe Jr and Sonny told him he went underground after he got into a skirmish with a stripper in Atlantic City and killed her (John McBain’s sister). Joe Sr asked Sonny to take the fall and Sonny was released due to lack of evidence. (Sonny previously told John McBain the truth about his sister’s death, but John did not believe him) Jason told Sonny that Sam refused to come home again, then lamented that he can’t give Sam her baby back. Sonny reminded him about Sam’s baby’s “condition” and told Jason that he wanted Jason to find Joe Jr and bring him to him so he can take care of him the way Jason took care of Franco. Sonny punched a wall. No hole. I call that a win.  At least they hide the glass barware from him now.  He insisted that Joe Jr has to pay and then he looked ominous.

Sonny showed up at Kate’s well kempt hospital room and found a note for him saying she was turning herself in. He burst in on Dante in the interrogation/make a confession room and complained about there being no lawyer and had a Sonny fit. Anna threatened to arrest him for obstructing justice and then upped the ante to accessory after the fact. Kate spent two scenes telling Sonny, “I have to do this.” Anna dramatically slid the statement toward her and Kate signed it. Anna commended Kate for coming forward and rewarded her by letting Sonny babysit her all the way to booking.

Anna continued to leave messages for Luke, but Heather had his phone and wasn’t playing secretary. Tracy showed up and told Anna that she owed her an apology. She confessed to Anna she’d found Anthony’s bullet-riddle body in the Q boathouse and that Luke insisted that she not come forward with the information. Anna doubted Tracy’s theory that Luke killed Anthony. Tracy parlayed the current situation into a credible argument that Luke killed Anthony because he loved Tracy. With a meaningful look, she said, “And we both know that’s not true.” Anna refused to buy into the idea unless some corroborating evidence showed up. Tracy countered, “You can’t MAKE this stuff up” after Anna continued to doubt her (truthful) recounting of the experience. Anna assured her that yes, you can make it up. They realized that neither of them had seen Luke the previous night. Tracy reasoned that Luke had done a cost analysis and realized that he couldn’t afford to give her up. Anna told Tracy to not leave town, although I think she secretly hoped she would.

Diane phoned Spinelli and ranted about Todd firing her, so he told Sam and they high fived on the blackmail theory. They got stealthy around Todd’s office and overheard him reprimanding Heather for not staying at the office and working. She fired back with, “You know what can happen if I get upset.” Heather gloated about how she could blow the lid off of Todd’s secret and yadda yadda yadda. Meanwhile, Sam and Spinelli listened from outside the door. After Heather flaunted out, Todd talked to himself about the baby switch and Spinelli went off to tail Heather. Sam went to see Todd about a job and Todd explained his relationship with son/nephew Sam and how he is predisposed to liking her. Todd was uncharacteristically unguarded as he talked about his life, but let me tell you, UNGUARDED LIKE A FOX.  He brought the conversation around to asking Sam why a private investigator would be interested in him. Was she investigating him?? Todd questioned her about Jason and Sonny and they continue to talk about her ability to work for him (or not) and how she needed to reinvent herself. Todd hired her after a lot of back and forth and remembering that he’d promised himself to do whatever he could to help Sam considering that he’d stolen her baby and all.

While Spinelli dictated into a voice recorder at the location off of the highway, Heather came upon him. She asked why Spinelli was following her. He convinced her he was birdhunting. She busted him by playing the digital recording. Heather threatened him and stomped his voice recorder.

Patrick told Jason that all of his tests came back normal and that after a 6 month check up, he could sign off on him for good. He tried to bond with Jason about grieving, but Jaosn only nodded, so Patrick took more pills to compensate for his lack of positive bro time with Jason. When Maxie left all of her clothes out in the car after her shower (rolling my eyes) she AGAIN used Patrick’s robe and this time, found his pill stash. (You were WARNED, Ms. Maxie!)  She immediately flashed back to Patrick freaking out over her wearing the robe before. Lulu showed up at the Drake’s home to question Maxie about her decision to give away their home and move in with Patrick. Maxie felt she had a lot of making up to do and planned to start with Patrick. Maxie showed Lulu the pills and Lulu doubted that Patrick was using, essentially talking Maxie out of the idea.

Ewen went to Patrick for a check up and talked to him about his insecurities about Jason and Elizabeth. Patrick assured him he had something to worry about (?!). He told Ewen that where Jason is concerned, nobility is a mistake and that Jason has the ability to basically enchant women into overlooking that he is a hired killer. Patrick was offended when Ewen offered him a free counseling appointment, then took even more pills after Ewen left (having just taken pills before he arrived).

Elsewhere, Jason and Elizabeth talked about the innocence of their friendship. When Elizabeth said she had moved on from Lucky and learned from the experience, Jason thought that maybe he needed to do the same thing. Elizabeth encouraged Jason to understand that his situation with Sam is different from hers with Lucky. Jason remembered that Sam thought the babies had been switched and wished it was true.

Olivia waited for Spinelli in his office and demanded to know the progress of the case. Spinelli confirmed to Olivia that she is in Heather’s sights. Olivia also felt Heather was blackmailing Todd and Spinelli confirmed that he and Sam thought the same thing. Spinelli lamented over his mistreated voice recorder.

Heather was shocked to find Sam working as Todd’s new assistant and took Todd to task for it while Sam listened. Heather pushed him to fire Sam. (Lots of nuggets in this episode for OLTL fans, by the way) Heather told him about Spinelli following her and insisted that Sam and Spinelli are playing Todd for a fool. Todd remembered finding Spinelli outside his hotel room and pushed Sam onto the elevator and told her to take the rest of the day off.

Maxie confronted Patrick about the pills she found. Patrick attacked Maxie for spying on him and going through his stuff and (get ready for this) “ransacking” his pockets. He explained away the pills saying he had a headache at work and one of the nurses gave him some acetomenophen. She gave the pills back to Patrick in case he has “another one of those days.” :/ Maxie, however, had stealthily dropped one of the pills onto the floor and reclaimed it.

Kristina showed up at the courthouse with her camera crew and aggressively went after Sonny and Alexis when they arrived with Kate for her arraigment. Verbal catfights on all counts. Kate gave a full confession to the camera, but did not sign a release for it to be aired. Trey and Kristina argued about including the footage. Inside the courtroom, Sonny and Alexis bantered about what to do with Kristina (while “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” floated through my head) and Sonny told Alexis to handle it. Sonny reassured Kate about the arraignment hearing. She had a flash of memory of …something. It’s about Johnny!  But what?

Michael showed up at the Haunted Star while Starr was rehearsing and apologized to Johnny. They made nice. Johnny spread the word about how Kate shot out the tires and that he forgives her, Big Man. When Trey came up in the conversation, Starr figured out that Kristina has feelings for Trey. Michael offered to throw Trey into the streets. He didn’t mention which particular streets. I presume it’s local ones. Dear Lord, I hope it’s not mine.  Trey, arguably the most annoying character in the history of soap operas (on radio AND TV), showed up fresh from the courthouse with his camera crew at the Haunted Star. Kristina broke the news about Kate’s breakthrough. Johnny debated Kate’s credibility until he realized that Kate was only blaming herself and then figured she might be right after all.

Sam ran to Spinelli after Todd dismissed her for the day and told him what happened. Spinelli was excited that Todd had not outright fired her after suspecting she was a spy.

Todd told Heather he wanted to keep Sam close so he could keep an eye on her. Todd repeatedly reminded Heather that she works for him, not the other way around. Heather repeatedly reminded Todd that she had vital information she could sell. This went on pretty much all week and well, yawn.

Carly came to visit Todd and marveled that he’d taken over Kate Howard’s office.  She was full of paperwork for Todd to fill out. They did friendly banter stuff and talked about Victor a bit. When she realized Todd hired Sam, Carly questioned Todd’s intentions and she turned it around to mirror Johnny trying to give Starr a fresh start. Todd, you have done been Carlied. Welcome to Port Charles. They argued about Johnny. Todd ranted about how being bad is in Johnny’s blood. Carly smartly observed that he was talking about himself, not Johnny. (Carlied twice in one episode! Pi-yow!)  Carly’s shoes are FIERCE in this scene, by the way. There should be a “Outstanding Shoes in a Drama Series” Daytime Emmy. For real. (For reel – haha).

Michael Easton… honey, you really need to come to the GHFC Weekend… you’re looking better than ever. Anyway, Sam phoned John (from a bar) while he was in a plane, sitting on the tarmac. I’m glad they mentioned that because I was going to marvel that he had cell service on a plane. They commiserated. Oh look! Jason is his seat partner. What are the chances? Only in the soap world, but then, first class is only so big, right? No way are they coach flyers. John offered the news to Jason that Sam was OK and Jason let him know he didn’t need John to tell him about his wife. Picture feathers getting all puffed up and much man strutting going on. After some boring Joe Jr speculation, and clearly at the end of a flight between New York and New Orleans, Jason asked John how Sam was doing (in a manly, yet pathetic way). John told her she was having a hard time. Flight sheriffs or whatever they are called met Jason when the plane landed and before he could disembark told him “we have a problem.” John shrugged in that, “This has nothing to do with me, Hoss” kind of way.  It’s probably that they can’t get the plane door open or something and need his superior grip strength.

Elizabeth came into the bar and caught the tail end of Sam’s conversation with John. Sam asked her if she was going to run and tell Jason, but Elizabeth told her she couldn’t if she wanted to. They yipped at one another about Elizabeth’s intentions toward Jason, basically, and questioned each other about whether or not they still loved Jason. Mrrrrowl, rrrowl, whatever. We did see signs of Old Elizabeth Who First Came to Port Charles, though, which is nice.

At the Haunted Star (which I swear should now be renamed “The Haunted Starr”), Trey ranted on and on about Kate’s cupability to Starr, looking reaction to use for a sound bite. Starr gave him the ol’ Manning rant for about seventeen scenes while Kristina and Johnny talked about whether or not her reality show is stupid and the impact it has on her family. I’ve never met anyone who was so pissed off about getting into Yale. Trey filmed it all.  Starr left.

Kate, meanwhile, realized she remembered something about Johnny, but had no idea what the memory was specifically, just that it wasn’t of the night of the shooting. Judge Carson Sawyer got the arraignment hearing underway. Ewen testified that Kate was not responsible for Connie’s actions. Alexis cited presedence (from Llanview, of course). Judge Sawyer denied the motion to dismiss charges. As Alexis argued that point with the judge, he said, “What about the victims?” and at that exact moment, Starr dramatically entered the courtroom and asked to speak. Soap at its soapy soap finest. Frank, you’re doing a great job, baby. The judge granted Starr the right to speak and speak she did, on Kate’s behalf, saying that she is very familiar with DID and fully believed Kate was not responsible for her actions. The judge called a recess to consider the case. Kate thanked Starr. During the break, the DA offered to deal with Alexis and she declined with a big grin. When the court returned, the judge agreed that if Kate would get mental help, all charges would be dropped. Tears and happiness all around, except for the DA, who fussed a bit and was reprimanded by the judge. Case closed. Alexis, Kate, Ewen and Sonny all had a big, sloppy, happy love session afterward. Sonny assured Kate she had her whole life ahead of her and that he loves her (until Brenda comes to town again).

Back at the Haunted Star, Johnny palmed the camera lens and argued with Trey, then gave a long soliloquy about being a mob kid and how he’s done with the mob life. Trey wasn’t impressed and stopped filming. Starr showed up and Kristina tried to get on camera, but Trey declined, figuring “Mob Princess” should have less “Princess” involved. Starr filled Michael and Johnny in on what happened up until the recess while Kristina and Trey argued. Michael continued to blow smoke up Starr’s butt about how great he is (his theme of the week). is playing hell with my diet. First, there’s an Outback commercial with fine looking steak, then there’s a Dixie paper plate commercial with a fine looking steak, then Luke has some boss looking fries with the BLT Heather brought to him. Thanks, ABC. Now I’m starving… and I want to beat on or eat that Snuggle bear. That guy on the preview for The Glass House can sure sling some spit. Yowzer. I shouldn’t be trusted with commercials. It’s good I don’t watch real time.

NEW GH OPENING??? WHAT??? Pretty!!

Our Friday cliff hanger was the scene of the Air Marshalls with Jason. It’s at the end of this clip:

That’s all for GENERAL HOSPITAL LAST WEEK. See you next week! 😀

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