GH Spoilers

By Katrina Rasbold

For the week of July 2nd

Monday:  Starr confides to Michael and she fights her feelings for him.  Trey and Kristina continue to flirt.  John lands in a complicated situation.

Tuesday:  Sonny is determined to avenge Kate’s rape.  Kate goes off on Trey.  Sam tails Todd.  Trey and Starr continue to spar.

Wednesday:  Sonny reacts to Johnny and Kate when he jumps to the wrong conclusion.  Liz gives Jason information about Sam.  John obtains a search warrant.

Thursday:  Sonny’s plans are blocked.  Todd almost confesses to Sam.  Anna questions Tracy. Alexis makes a surprise return.

Friday:  Sam finds John in a bad state.  Anna and Spinelli compare notes about Heather.  Patrick continues to struggle.  Anna goes looking for Luke.  Sam and John watch the July 4th fireworks together.

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