GH Last Week

By Katrina Rasbold

Hello GH fans and welcome to another edition of “GH Last Week!”  We had the consummate soapy week with lips going places where they aren’t supposed to be, kidnapping, drug stories, mob drama, and new love!

First, however, the news!

GH News & World Reports  🙂

Congratulations to Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky)! His prime time show, Nashville, has been picked up by ABC for their fall line up.

If you have watched the new season of HBO’s True Blood, you no doubt recognized Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller) in the role of Rosalyn Harris, a member of the Vampire Authority from Texas.

That’s Richard Steinmetz playing Joe Skully, Jr. If you think he looks familiar, it could be from his impressive list of TV appearances. Steinmetz hosted the Miss World Pageant for four years in a row in the 1990’s. In 1993, he had the honor of crowning the very first Miss South Africa. He is foster father to two sons, Trevor and Troy, and coaches high school football.

Debbie sent this out to the GH Fan Club members:

Good news for those living in the Los Angeles area and for anyone coming in early for the GHFCW as you will be able to catch Brandon Barash in a fantastic play.  Details below:

BRANDON BARASH in GRACE NOTES & ANVILS at the Odyssey Theatre in LA. Adapted from the book About Grief: Insights, Setbacks, Grace Notes, Taboos, the play explores the experience of loss with humor and wisdom. For more information, including buying tickets and to see a video excerpt from this intimate moving work, visit their website:

Brandon will be part of a rotating celebrity cast for two different weeks.  Co-starring with Brandon for those performances: Jonelle Allen the week of 7/11-7/15 and Brenda Strong (of Desperate Housewives and Dallas) the week of 7/26-7/29.  If you use the discount code “BARASH” you can get $10 off the ticket price.

I am so excited to see you folks at the GH Fan Club Weekend in just two weeks!  At this point, it appears (tentatively) that we WILL have tickets available at the door for the GH Kickoff Cocktail Reception and the Main Cast Luncheon.  We will start a will call list soon.  It will be announced on the GH Fan Club Weekend website (linked below).

Be sure and read over the two FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages on the GH Fan Club Weekend website ( to pick up some valuable info about the weekend.  You will find plenty of information on what to wear, what to bring, where to eat, etc on that site as well.

GH Recap For the Week of July 2nd-6th

Holy Cheeze Whiz! Heather is actually writing something for The Sun. She’s also talking to herself. You can guess which one of these is status quo. She surmises A) if people hate you, you’re doing it right and B) Olivia is a tramp. You can guess which one of these is status quo as well. Stephen Lars (who I remember as an infant, thank you very much – he’s much cuter now), showed up to check on his crackerbox mom. She told Steve that she can’t focus on her writing because she’s being watched and Steve was surprised to hear that Olivia hired Spinelli. As Heather made the reveal, Olivia walked up and Steve confronted her. Olivia copped to it immediately. Olivia revealed about Heather’s stop on Route 59 and the fake husband. Olivia accused Steve of being an enabler. Heather admitted to lying and then lied and said she was with a man from a dating site. She turned the situation around to ask if Olivia wanted her to have a setback. Steven coddled Heather and reprimanded Olivia and dismissed her. Heather gloated.

The Air Sheriffs came onto the plane and told Jason that he is on a watch list. Heck, I’ll watch him any ol’ day. It appears John put him on the watch list to stall him out for a couple of hours so he could arrest Joe Jr before Jason could kill him. The score is now in John’s favor if you are keeping track. On the other hand, if you watched the preview for this week, you know that John is about to score big points on Jason that are not Air Sheriff related. (I love that Ron Carvalati is doing his homework and playing on these older stories!) Alexis got the whole thing shut down without being in the scene, so Jason was on his way (while on the phone to Sonny) to kill Joe, Jr.

Kristina overtly flirted with Trey and asked him if he wears boxers or briefs. Someone needs to give this girl man-trap tips.  She’s purely amateur.  Trey’s father called and I had a feeling it was Joe Jr. Big surprise, huh? Joe Jr seems to have big faith in Trey and has bankrolled the reality show. A customer came into Joe Jr’s shop and he hung up. It was John and Joe tried to sell him things, but John pulled a gun on him. That’s what happens when you get a pushy salesmen.  Personally, I reserve my gun wielding for The Home Depot because I can NEVER get help or find anything in there.

Kristina Trey about his mother and he snapped at her. He revealed that his mother dumped him off on his dad and took off. There’s some bitterness there. Gee. Wonder who his mother could be? Hmmmmm??? Kristina told him it would be hard not to miss him and they kissed. Trey told her that it shouldn’t happen again and she actually used “Brangenlia” as an example of set romance that work. Trey told him he didn’t need distractions (or a team of adopted children). Kristina asked him if he wanted Starr instead and then asked him if he would want to be involved with her if they weren’t making the show. He deferred with some Tom Cruise Top Gun “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” reference that bored me so I ignored it. She left, likely bored as well.

Michael overtly flirted with Starr. Starr talked about how she’s waiting for a sense of closure. Michael told Starr how grateful he is that Sonny told him not to testify. Michael evidently need someone to tell him the right moves to make.  Starr invited him in for ice cream. They walked in on the room that had clothes lying around. They both looked horrified as though the apartment is ransaked. This could be cleaned in 15 minutes, I’m telling you. The worst thing is Trey ate the ice cream and that’s pretty much unforgivable. It looked like Dreyers too from the empty carton Starr was brandishing angrily. To get revenge, Starr and Michael threw Trey’s clothes out the window. As they did so, they knocked heads (literally) and had a close moment while he checked out her widdle bump. Trey also at the frozen peas that would have been an ice pack for her bump. Michael tried to encourage more than friendship with Starr. She admitted she had feeling for him, but said she felt like she was cheating on The Late Cole. He related to her by talking about Abby. Starr assured him she liked him a lot, but told him she wasn’t ready to move on and didn’t want to hurt him.

Olivia rushed to check on Kate and they girl hugged. Sonny explained DID and Connie to Olivia from his limited psychological perspective while Kate told her about the rape and the abandoned baby stuff. Kate and Olivia cried together. Kate blamed herself.  Sonny vindicated Kate’s actions. Olivia offered to kill people for her. It was all very character-appropriate actions. Kate argued with Olivia about her decision to go back to work at Crimson. After she left, Kate thanked Sonny for standing by her. Sonny assured her that he was going to take care of her.

Joe Jr. denied being Joe Jr at first and told John he had no idea what he was talking about while John ran off the litany of Joe’s crimes. As John was telling him he was going to take him back to stand trial for his sister’s murder, someone bonked him on the back of the head and he went down like a bag of potatoes. Joe let him know he should not have come to New Orleans. Joe assured him that his problems are with Sonny, not him. John and Joe whispered loud threats to one another in their husky voices and bantered about the need Joe had for John to disappear. Super Jason saved the day, burst through the door all Terminator like. It was most impressive and none of us were convinced that he wasn’t Joe Jr any more.

Jason held Joe at gunpoint while John thanked Jason for the save and informed Joe that Jason works for Sonny so he’s pretty much in deep crap. Jason took Joe and left. What’s interesting is that he left John – a cop who came to get Joe – tied up in Joe’s shop with Joe’s goons everywhere. This should go well.

Sonny phoned Jason and thanked him for the delivery. He fretted a bit about Kate going back to work so soon, but was excited he would get to kill Joe for her.  A nice necklace might be more appreciated, but this is Sonny’s world. Sonny ripped the duct tape off of Joe’s mouth and they exchanged testosterone-laden, Bensonhurst barbs. Sonny assured Joe that A) he himself did kill Joe Sr and that Joe Sr died like a man and that B) he (Joe Jr) will pay. Sonny recounted the experience (which he only knows second hand from someone who didn’t remember it for decades) of Joe raping Connie to Joe, who was still tied to a chair. Joe denied it completely. Joe told an entirely different story of consenual sex, so Sonny put him in a headlock and demanded that Joe admit what he’d done. They debated Connie’s virginity at the time of the rape, as well as her active participation in the sexual encounter with Joe Jr.

Kate went to work at NowNotCrimson and found out from Todd that she doesn’t work there any more. She barked into her phone and after she finished her call, he complimented her on her taste in real estate. When she asked what his intentions were for Crimson, he countered with the very reasonable comment of, “How many photographs of anorexic women in unfortunate dresses does the world need?” Kate accused him of using Crimson as payback for her killing his granddaughter. Todd assured her that he doesn’t think Kate should go to jail, but that Connie should be locked up and the key thrown away. Fair enough. When Kate assured Todd she was integrated, Todd informed her that his sister (Viki) would be fully integrated, then split again (at the whim of the writers). When she again pressed him for his intentions toward Crimson, he told her he would get back to her and pointed out that it’s Independence Day… “go celebrate yours.”

Trey asked Starr what happened to his underwear and she told him she threw them out the window. He told her that she left him no choice and whipped off his towel, which whipped out his … whole business. Sadly/fortunately, it was a top/back shot. He put his jeans on and scrap, scrap, scrap, they fussed some more. She also ate his special cereal. For the record, Trey has a terrible fake British accent. He should never try to play Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When he expressed an interest in what she and Michael had done, Starr let him know it was none of his business.

After Trey left, Stalker Michael showed up at Starr’s door and invited her to the Quartermaines for BBQ and boating. He briefly explained the Quartermaine dynamic and made the sad observation that “it’s only my great-grandfather and my grandmother there” and that they “try too hard.” Thousands of veteran GH fans sighed audibly at once, knowing chances that we would actually see those relatives were slim and none. Starr clarified that it was not a date and accepted. Starr told him about the flashing encounter with Trey that morning. Starr brought out a tennis racket and Michael accused her of hustling him.

Sam told the film crew to naff off (See? I’m better at being British than Trey and *I* have a Southern accent) and she and Kristina talked about something I didn’t listen to involving Jason. It involved Kristina wishing things away with a magic wand and blah blah blah.

Molly (I forgot about her) phoned TJ and he went outside Kelly’s to take the call. Someone walked in on her and someone walked in on him and they became Jose and Jane.  She invited him over to swim and said her mother would be working. TJ showed up at the Lake House and Kristina walked in on them kissing AND she had her film crew with her. Molly begged Kristina not to use the footage and told her that Alexis banned her from seeing TJ. Kristina made the cameraman stop filming and ranted at Molly about the party. TJ tried to explain and swore he would never do something like that again. Kristina agreed to cover for Molly and ordered Camera Guy to erase everything with Molly in it. He whined that there would be no show if he did and Kristina advised him to let her and Trey worry about that.

Sam arrived at ME (That’s Manning Enterprises and I love the acronym) to do some sleuthing. Of course, Todd walked up on her. She told him that wasn’t that into July 4th and was there to “surprise him” and clean up. They talked about Crimson and Sam observed omniously that she didn’t think she could spend every day with someone who took away a child she loved. When Todd referred to Franco as a “crazy rapist,” Sam quickly turned the tables on him and asked if his kids were worse off for being his children. She likely should not have asked that since Todd is one of the most self-aware soap opera characters I’ve ever met. (Yes, I just said “met” while referring to a fictional character. Don’t judge me.) Todd told her, “You are so beautiful. Just have another kid.” (Because, you know, beauty equals fertility)  Sam confided to Todd about this being the second child she’s lost and how she can’t possibly go through another pregnancy.

Trey picked up his breakfast from Kelly’s and nearly ran into Kate as he was leaving. Kate lectured him about basic niceties like not running into people and Trey tried to get her to sign the release so he could air the footage of her confession. Kate read him her fashion pedigree and told him she knew the difference between a visionary and a cheap hustler. (Which is disputed by the fact that she is with Sonny, who I guess is an expensive hustler now)  She accused him of exploiting the tension between Sonny and Kristina. Trey’s parting shot was that Kate was pretty judgmental for someone who tried to murder an old man and killed another man and his daughter in the process. Point made and taken. Sean manifested at her side and told Kate he was glad she was free and told her not to let Trey get her down.

Joe and Sonny continued to spar. Sonny was momentarily taken aback when Joe asked him why, if Connie was such an angel, she left her “poor, sweet baby” to die. Sonny grilled Joe about how he found out about the baby. Joe told him “people talk” and raked him out for climbing up Joe Sr’s ladder and displacing him. Sonny insisted that Connie didn’t tell anyone about the rape because she was afraid Sonny would kill him. Joe insisted that Connie didn’t tell anyone about the rape because it wasn’t a rape, it was consensual. Joe claimed to be the victim in the story because his newborn child was abandoned. Sonny pulled his gun (again) on Joe and told him to say good-bye, then cocked it.

Trey showed up and fussed at Kristina for making Camera Guy delete the footage of Molly. JT told Molly he’d like to be on “Mob Princess” and Molly reminded him that if she was, Alexis would know about them. Trey told Kristina they were giong to go visit “The King.” Hint: It’s not Elvis.

Anna came to visit Tracy, who was at the Q boathouse, and Tracy automatically said, “Luke!” when she heard someone approaching.  Silly Tracy. Anna told her that Monica and Edward gave her permission to search the property. They bickered about Anthony. Tracy continued to insist that Luke killed him. When Tracy suggested that Anna though she killed Anthony, Anna said that instead, she thought Tracy was implicating Luke because she was angry with him. Tracy insisted Luke had played them both. Anna perked up when Tracy mentioned that Heather was at the Q mansion when she and Luke “Weekend at Bernie’d” Anthony for the police. Tracy admitted that Heather tried to shake Dead Anthony’s hand. When Tracy told Anna that when she and Luke returned to the terrace, the body was gone, Anna immediately asked if Heather could have moved the body.

TJ and Molly talked about how they couldn’t be seen together. Foreshadowing, much? Kristina continued her obvious seduction of Trey, who held her at arm’s length. Trey told her how hopeful he was that he could catch Sonny unawares in the coffee versus mob biz. Kristina has very nice teeth. I’m just sayin. Trey reminded her that they were supposed to be professional and Kristina reminded him of how he felt when he kissed her. Alexis showed up with a story about taking time off to spend with her daughters at the lake watching fireworks. When Kristina blew her off, she said she would try Molly. Molly went for snacks and TJ started changing into his swim trunks. As he was nuding himself, Alexis walked in. She said, “Oh my Gawwwwwwwwwwwwddddd” really loudly. There was much screaming after that. Kristina lamented that she was so lame as to not warn Molly. Trey encouraged Kristina on to the coffee warehouse. (I don’t think they ever actually went)  More senseless babbling and bickering.

Alexis brought Molly into the living room to explain to everyone what a half-naked boy was doing in her bedroom. Kristina cut her off by saying she had no right to talk to anyone about honesty and made the conversation about her by bringing up the stupid Yale thing again. When Alexis suggested that Molly was about to have sex with TJ in her room, Molly shrieked and insisted he was just changing to swim. Alexis asked if Molly ever stopped seeing TJ and Molly admitted they had not. TJ came to Molly’s defense, insisting she was telling the truth about everything and he’d just been changing clothes. The shrieking was unbearable and my ears started to bleed. Molly insisted that just because Alexis got pregnant as a teenager didn’t mean that she would. Alexis told TJ he had to leave. After they left, Alexis told Molly they were not done.  For all we know, they were done because that’s all we saw of them for the rest of the week.

Sonny continued to threaten Joe until John walked in saying he could kill for a cup of coffee.   Oh John.  You so crazay.  Sonny told him he had lousy timing and John said he was “tied up” in New Orleans. (wha wha whaaaaaah)  Sonny threatened John with Max and John told him that Max was “otherwise incapacitated.” They argued over who was going to get Joe. It was riveting. There was more back and forth between Joe and Sonny with John trying to talk Sonny down. Clearly, he’s not really plugged into Sonny and how he operates. Sonny goaded Joe about Theresa, saying Theresa fought back against his advances. Joe told John that he shot Theresa because of him (John) and if anyone was to blame for her death, it’s John. Joe told John he killed Theresa because she talked to a fed…John. More Sonny and Joe bickering, mostly about Theresa talking to a fed. Good lord, just shoot him yourself, John. John pulled a gun on Sonny and just then, the Atlantic City PD broke in. They let John cuff Joe and it was precious as John read his rights and Sonny fumed. Joe swore his lawyer would get him out and John told him he’d be waiting for him if that happened. He then told the cops that Sonny was clean and they should let him go. Seriously?

Todd told Sam how sorry he was for what happened to her and said he needed to tell her something about her baby (the hanging of cliffs is an old custom). He was about to confess when Hurricane Heather showed up and gave him her first column. She told Todd it was late because a “rat named Spinelli” was following her and confronted Sam about it. Sam played innocent and said she and Spinelli were no longer business partners. Did someone read my column? Robin Mattson looks great in her pink blazer. Heather questioned Todd and Sam about their conversation and looked shocked when Sam told her that Todd had been about to tell her something about her baby. Heather told Sam to order Chinese food for lunch and pushed Todd into his office.

Todd reminded Heather that he planned to do whatever he could for Sam. Heather brought up Tea and Todd immediately warned her off of that subject. Todd called Heather on tricking him into thinking Sam did not want her baby and was going to abandon him. Todd wanted to tell Sam the truth, but Heather argued about how much it would hurt Tea and said that Starr would never forgive him. Heather demanded a promise of silence and issued a threat of prison, which Todd refused saying, “I shot my brother in cold blood. If a lawyer can get me off from that…” Sam broke in to give them their Chinese food, which was delivered by one of the guys from her wedding to Jason, who bent her ear about what a great couple she and Jason were. (sad face)

Heather told Sam that it was Jason’s fault her baby died; that Jason had John beaten so he would leave town and that was how she got stranded with the sick baby in the hotel room. She claimed to get the information because she’s a gossip columnist. Heather then shunned the mushu and went out for a BLT. Todd backed off of the truth and went with that Heather said and apologized for keeping “the truth” from her. Sam said that no truth would bring her baby back. Alone, Todd abused some broccoli and opened his fortune cookie. It said something about a worm in an apple being found. Sam opened hers and it said, “Your will soon hold happiness again.”

Heather walked out of Kelly’s with a bag of Luke kibbles and ran smack into Anna. She left quickly.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

On the viewing of Friday’s episode of GH, there is a Target commericial where a kid in a Spiderman mask slings himself around city skyscrapers. I really don’t think that’s safe.

Maxie and Patrick came back from taking Emma to something with balloons and shopping involved. Apparently, Emma hurt her knee and when Patrick said, “You know what we can do to make it feel better?” I half expected him to whip out a bottle of prescription meds with no label. Instead, he offered to kiss it and Emma declined, preferring to wait for Robin to do it.   :/

Jason was fully disgusted when Sonny told him that he’d wasted time yapping and justifying and didn’t get around to killing Joe Jr before John showed up with a bazillion cops. OK, so maybe he didn’t phrase it quite like that. Sonny told Jason about how Joe swore he did not rape Connie. Sonny kicked a chair with unimpressive drama. He then quietly stood the chair back up again and they talked about John’s pain over being the cause of his sister’s death.  Sonny scoffed when Jason said he could understand John’s agst over causing the death of someone he loved.  Jason beat himself up about Sam’s baby’s death and Sonny tried to justify his actions. Jason said that whatever was going on between Sam and McBain was still going on. He’s pretty much right.

Sam found John on the docks with a bottle of something golden brown. Sam observed that things did not appear to be going well for him. John told Sam that Sonny didn’t kill his sister and filled her in on the story while he offered her his bottle. (She declined) He talked to her about what Theresa was like and their last conversation. Sam rubbed his back sympathetically like all beautiful friends do. She told him about how she spends her days and they talked about burying oneself in work. She eventually started drinking with him like all beautiful friends do.  I know Natalie.  I have known Natalie for a long time.  Natalie would not dig on John sitting on a dock getting drunk with a hot private detective/personal assistant.  They started comparing notes on Heather. Sam wondered why Heather made a point of telling her that it was Jason’s fault her baby died.

Starr and Michael talked about their cut throat tennis game. Michael said she looked hot and Starr got pissy and then was mortified when he said he was talking about her sweat and thought she might want to swin. Starr smelled barbeque and ran for the Q grill like a starving woman. After they loaded down with what looked like brontosaurus ribs, Starr bodly took a bite of the “crazy, hot, hot, hot” sauce that Cook makes for Michael. She loved it. She didn’t even get sauce on her white tennis outfit. Rich people are soooo coooool. Starr asked him if he’d ever played “Rock the Boat” and he admitted he had not, despite the fact that it sounded like a sexual metaphor. In the context of the conversation, Starr learned that Sonny has his own island and was duly impressed (or dully impressed). They left their dirty plates all piled up for some underpaid staff to remove. In the next scene, they giggled and laughed and snorted about being dumped in the cold water because of the Rock the Boat game. Michael took off his shirt and Starr sighed. Starr took off her shirt (sports bra under) and changed into dry clothes that she had in her bag. Michael dismised himself to let her change without his drool getting the deck wet.

Anna dictated about Heather into a voice recorder right outside Kelly right where everyone could hear. Spinelli walked by and overheard, asking if she was also investigating Heather. They compared notes. Anna threatened to take him to the police station if he did not reveal to her who hired him to investigate Heather. He spilled Olivia’s name immediately, all manner of confidentiality spilt to the wind, as well as all he’d discovered in his investigation. They brainstormed. Anna immediately wondered if the police officer could have been mistaken about the man with Heather being alive. Spinelli agreed that Anthony would fit the description of the man the police saw with Heather. She asked Spinelli for the officer’s badge number. (Anna and Spinelli have the same cell phone). Anna thanked Spinelli for his help. The officer could not positively ID Anthony as Heather’s “husband,” but Spinelli pointed out that the opposite is true in that the officer couldn’t say it WASN’T Anthony.

Heather showed up in a green Statue of Liberty hat and wished Luke a happy July 4th. Luke was gripey and through bickering learned that Heather recently drugged the iced tea of someone associated with Steve. Heather told Luke that Anna ditched him and moved on. Luke reminded Heather that Anna is a trained investigator and will look for him. Heather assured him that she could “problem solve” if that happened. Heather flashed paternity test results and said that “this is inspired, even for me.” Luke informed her that she is “crazy as a bag of cats” and Heather meowed and said she’s the “puppetmaster.” When Heather said Sam was doing the “Texas Two-Step” right now, Luke wondered what the paper had to do with her.  Jason’s baby, y’all.

Lulu showed up at the Drakes’ home and Maxie filled her in on the conflict with Patrick. Maxie told Lulu that she didn’t believe Patrick’s drugs were acetaminophen. Lulu watched Patrick intently as he came in, got a page and left to take pills, saying he had a page from the hospital. More like a page from the pharmacy. Maxie showed Lulu the pill she’d stowed away and they determined it was not hydrocodone or oxycontin or acetaminophen. Maxie suggested they go to a pharmacy and Lulu said she had a better idea. Fortunately, her better idea was not to give the drug to animals (or Emma) and see what happened beyond headaches getting better. They looked up the pill on the internet, said, “Oh my God” and then Patrick walked in and wondered what was going on. I sense this is not going to go well for him. He is, by the way, dressed like Peter the Tramp in Pill Popper Chic. The girls lied and said they were shopping for shoes. Patrick said he was going to check on Emma. The ladies went outside to confer and told us that the pill is an amphetemine used to treat ADHD and obesity. Maxie observed that doesn’t sound like Patrick. He is, after all, so thin and focused.

!! I have got to get over hearing things that aren’t here. Sonny questioned Sam’s attachment to the cop who has been investigating them. Jason reminded him that McBain delivered Sam’s baby. He then said, “He’s the only one who actually saw Sam’s…” then he paused and my brain filled in the blanks, which is just WRONG. Then he continued and said, “…son when he was alive.” Jason theorized that Sam is shutting Jason out like he did when he found out that her baby was Franco’s. This would have been the third time that Jason was willing to accept a child that he did not father as his own. That has to be some kind of impressive record. He’s like St. Francis of Assisi, but with babies instead of little woodland critters.  Jason speculated about how Sam got to “this place” and Sonny told him that he didn’t think Sam knew what she wanted. Jason confided to Sonny that he cruised the Chinese restaurant where they got married and for a second, wanted to go inside to be some place where they’d been happy together. He determined there was no looking back and that he has to accept what he’s done and what he’s lost.

Sam told John that the whole world is laughing at her and that the guy who delivered her Chinese food today had married her. (I expected John to say, “You married a Chinese guy?” and that was just more of my brain filling in stuff that isn’t there)  She admitted she didn’t have the courage to tell the guy that she and Jason were not together. She wondered how she and Jason ended up so far apart. She started to leave, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her back down onto the dock. She rested her head on his shoulder like all beautiful friends do.

Heather read aloud Luke’s letter that she forced him to write and realized that the first letter of each sentence spelled out “Heather’s Holding Me In The Woods.” Good going, Luke! Sadly, it didn’t work, so Heather had a crazy fit and re-gagged Luke and left.

Lulu urged Maxie to confront Patrick and Lulu accused her of being an enabler and listed all that could go wrong. Patrick came out and fireworks started (real ones, not an argument). As he turned to go inside, Lulu said, “Patrick, we need to talk.” He turned back with his mouth hanging open like a codfish’s.

Maxie and Michael watched the fireworks and then they broke their “just friends” rule and kissed.

Jason and Sonny watched the fireworks and then they broke their “just friends” rule and kissed. (Just kidding). Sonny told Jason that he understands that sometimes it feels like there is no hope, but that Jason should look at him and Kate and all they have been through. He told Jason that he thought he and Sam could get through this, then left Jason to look at the fireworks alone.

Sam drunkenly said that she loved fireworks and laid back on the dock. She sat up again and talked about the rush of watching fireworks and how it’s like nothing else.  John looked at her intently and said, “Like.  Nothing.  Else.”   Meaningful stare and bam, she and John kissed…kissed like crazy…kissed like the wind…kissed and kissed and kissed some more.

Heather took off her Statue of Liberty hat and talked to herself, leaving a perfectly good glass of presumably un-drugged iced tea on her table at Kelly’s while she mused about how she was a patient woman who would wait years for Luke. *years*

Anna and Spinelli went to the highway location where Heather was stopped and did another search.  Anna reminded Spinelli that this was now an official police investigation and that he would have to bow out at some point. They heard dogs barking in the background and Spinelli noted that the canine unit had arrived while Anna speculated that the barking means they found something (not that they’re dogs or anything).

Cut to Luke in the garden shed with dogs barking outside and Anna saying, “Over here.” He screamed through his gag (but not particularly well).

That’s all for last week’s GH, darlin’s. Can’t wait to see where this takes us!

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