GH Spoilers

By Katrina Rasbold

For the week of July 9th…

Jason kisses Liz.

Todd interrupts an intimate moment between Carly and Johnny.

Jason takes drastic action.

Lulu and Maxie confront Patrick.

Starr talks to Johnny about Michael.

Anna takes Heather in for questioning.

Sam tells Kristina that she and John kissed.

Sam is shocked by what she overhears.

Carly and Lulu find out that Anthony’s body has been located.

Patrick obsesses on the pills.

Michael finds out that John and Sam kissed.

Heather resorts to blackmail.

Elizabeth urges Jason not to give up on Sam.

Dante and Lulu argue.

Steve seeks out legal counsel for Heahter.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he thinks his marriage to Sam ended the night the baby died.

Sam comes close to learning the truth.

Olivia thinks long and hard about Steve and Heather’s relationship.

TJ makes an accusation.

Sonny tells Kate his plans for Joe Jr.

Luke’s circumstances turn even more dire.

Trey worries when he cannot contact his father.

Heather and Todd get in even deeper.

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