GH Last Week

By Katrina Rasbold

GH News

I…yeah… I got nothing.  No GH news and I even went digging.

It’s quiet as a tomb out there.

The GHFC Weekend is this coming weekend and of course, I’ll have tons of photos for you when I get back from it.  🙂

Here, however, is your GH recap of all that went on with our favorite show last week:

What Happened on GH Last Week

Sam. Luvvvvvvs. Fireworks. Just in case we forgot. We saw the Sam and John kiss again. BAM!! So did Jason! He looked like he ate a bug and slipped back into the dock building from which he emerged. Sam broke away to breathe and ask, “Did you hear something?” then she and John started kissing some more.

We saw the Starr and Michael kiss again. Michael apologized and said he couldn’t help himself. With his history, compulsive behavior is a little more serious than with most folks. Starr said she couldn’t either and grinned. Starr admitted she was giving him mixed signals and assured him he wasn’t pressuring her by being a stalker.

We saw Carly and Johnny kissing on the Haunted Starr and Todd walked in on them with the line about how he threw up in his mouth a little bit. Todd asked to buy out Starr’s recording contract. Todd told him he had a lot of balls…hanging in the air right now. Oh how I love these writers. Todd said Johnny was dragging Starr down and when Carly jumped to his defense, Todd told her that it breaks his heart to see her making herself so naive. Boy does he have Carly’s number. When Johnny said that he’d been hated by worse, Todd said, “I doubt that.” Self-aware…I’m telling you. He then said, “I killed my mother in cold blood. I killed my twin brother in cold blood…and that’s just in this last year.”

Lulu told Patrick that Maxie has concerns (nice hand off) and that Maxie was having trouble expressing those concerns. Maxie yelled out, “YOU’RE ON DRUGS!” in a voice loud enough to let us know she’s expressing herself just fine. Patrick went into how misguided Maxie is. Lulu tried to clarify, but Patrick insisted they were no stronger than an aspirin and asked Maxie if she got a pharmacy degree in the last hour. (jerk) Lulu told him they looked up the drug code online and knew it was an amphetemine. (So there) Patrick continued to lambaste Maxie. Lulu backed her up. Patrick told them it was none of her business and claimed to have ADHD. Lulu threatened to go to Monica and he admitted he didn’t have a prescription. Patrick listed all of the devils of his grief and the depth of their betrayal. He insisted they don’t know what grief is. Two words, dude: soap opera. Everyone knows what grief is. Lulu asked what would happen if Emma got into his pills. Lulu told Patrick how Luke’s drinking impacted her life as a child and told him that if he didn’t deal with his pain, he wouldn’t be the father he should be to Emma and would do permanent damage. Maxie played the Noah the Drunk card. Well done!

Luke yelled at Anna through the gag and a wall. Anna thought the shack looked like a perfect place to stash a body and stried to go inside. It was locked and one of her cops found something, so she ditched the shack where Luke was all tied up. The cops said their dog identified a particular area for “human remains.” Meanwhile, a significant human remains tied up in a tool shed.

Jason ran onto the Robin bridge and had a bit of a fit. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but Liz! She explained that Cameron had a melt down because he left his Iron Man action figure on the bridge. Jason looked away meaningfully. Liz suggested that he could tell her now or she could lose sleep wondering how she could have helped him. He admitted he saw Sam kissing John.

Sam blamed her wayward lips on the whiskey and said, “Stuff happens.” She tried to say it wasn’t a big deal, but he gave the “we crossed the line” speech. John told her he has no regrets and that he would miss what they have between them if it was gone. I’m sure Natalie would as well. : / Sam wondered what they were going to do about it. John explained how he has been here before, drunk and angry and then there’s someone there who understands and one wrong move and you’re doing something you can’t ever take back. OH yes. I remember that time. OH Easton. You’re owning this scene, son. Sam asked him what the wrong move is. John said it was forgetting that he loves Natalie and their son, no matter what he feels for Sam. Sam agreed that she didn’t want to do anything that would ruin her marriage. John agreed that he knows almost nothing about marriage, but that all Sam has dealt with is pain and that maybe she’s putting too much on Jason. John told Sam that he was returning to Llanview the next day. Sam asked if Natalie and Liam would be waiting. Sam asked if things would go back to the way they were for him and he said they would.

Liz told Jason how sorry she was and that she knows how much Jason loves Sam. Jason insisted that Elizabeth stop making excuses for Sam. He apologized to her for snapping at her nad said she was the last person he should take out his anger on and that she is better than he deserves. She held his arm protectively and reminisced about the morning she found him in the snow bleeding and dying. They kissed on the bridge. He apologized and said he shouldn’t have done it because she was only trying to hurt her and that he took advantage of her.

Promo for “Final Witness.” What exactly is Graveyard Love? I want to know if I’ve ever had any of it.

Todd accused Johnny of having an ulterior motive where Starr was concerned and Johnny agreed with him. He said Starr was his shot at redeption. Johnny told Todd that Starr’s contract was not for sale. Todd assured Johnny that if he hurt Starr or Carly, it would not end well for him. After he left, Johnny asked Carly if she considered Todd a friend and then was irritated when she said, “In a limited way, yes.” He assured her that Starr was not part of a scam.

Michael told Starr that he respects that she’s not ready, but that being friends with her is harder than he thought it would be. Starr told him that being with him is what feels right to her and thought maybe they should give it a shot. They agreed to go on a date and take it slow.

Speaking of “shot,” (that’s 3 shots in 3 paragraphs) Anthony was dug up and deemed to be shot. He was pretty well decomposed, but had his ID in a wallet on him. Todd pointed out that he and Johnny shared one fundamental truth: they will always disappoint the people they promise not to hurt (self-aware, let me tell you). Johnny surmised that if he and Todd were so much alike, Todd had a secret too and said that he would tell him his is he would tell him his and you figure that one out.

Jason swore to Liz that he never wanted to hurt him and Liz forgave him. She told him Sam might still be grieving and acting weird because of it. He told her he didn’t know what to hope for any more. She told him she was sorry and left.

Patrick handed his pills over to Maxie, but we all know he has more stashed all over Port Charles, not to mention an endless supply of prescription pads. Maxie naively suggested that maybe Patrick “caught it in time” to manage the situation.

Anna left the shed area while Luke ranted through his gag from inside.

John told Sam about how Natalie kept something from him and he couldn’t get past it. Sam told him he has a family to think about and that he shouldn’t ruin it over a pointless, drunken kiss. Sam said they should pretend it never happened. He said, “Just like that” and didn’t look convinced. She said, “Why does it seem like all we ever do is say goodbye?” He left and the scene cut to a surveilance camera with a picture of the kiss on a laptop screen.

Heather brought something to Todd in an envelope, which turned out to be photos of Sam and John kissing. She pushed Todd to front page the story, but Todd refused to print it and told her to find another story, although he admitted that he wanted to put it to McBain. He told Heather that the woman John was cheating on is his neice and that they would have to find another way to hurt John; that Sam has “suffered enough.” Heather disagreed. Todd insisted that Sam is off limits and suggested that he knew a place she could start looking for another story: Johnny Zacchara.

Anna got the forensics report that said Anthony was killed by a bullet from the gun Tracy and Luke had on them. Anna admitted that she didn’t think they did it. She told pretty dark-haired lady at the police station (sorry – lame columist here) that she felt they needed to look into Johnny Z’s motives. He told her that those who want to be redeemed have the biggest skeletons in their closets. He ordered Heather to go find Johnny’s skeleton, likely not realizing how literally Heather may take that directive and hurried her out of the office.

Johnny brought Starr into his office and asked if there was anything she wanted to talk about and said she was “all over the place” in rehearsal. She admitted that someONE was on her mind. When she admitted it was Michael, Johnny thought it was odd they were dating mother and son. Starr confided that she was afraid to get hurt again. Johnny encouraged her to move on and said she and Michael deserved to be happy. Johnny let it slip that he’d talked to Todd about her and she jumped on it like a little bird on a worm. She told him how much it meant to her that he helped her get back into her music and what a good friend he is. He looked pensive.

Michael went running and listened to Starr on his ipod and fantasized about their kiss and I really don’t want to know what else since I knew Starr when she was a baby.

Elizabeth left a voicemail for Jason teling him that in regard to the kiss, she meant everything she said. Steve overheard her and said it must have been quite a kiss. Way to say it out loud, Liz. Steve told Liz the kiss was wrong not because Jason is married, but because Jason is Jason. Liz tried to explain the kiss and then gave Steve the back off speech. He asked her if she still has feelings for Jason and she pushed him away again. She asked about Olivia and he told her about their fight over Heather. Elizabeth told him that she understands why he wants to stand by Heather, but to be careful. He told her about Olivia hiring Spinelli to investigate Heather. Steve worried that he has to find a better way to help Heather, but Elizabeth assured Steve that Heather can handle himself.

Both Sam and Jason considered their wedding rings at the same time in different parts of town. When Sam took hers off, Kristina asked if it meant what she thought it did. Evidently, Jason does not get cell service on the dock where he was standing or he would have heard Liz’s call. Michael came upon Jason looking at his ring and told him about Starr. When Michael said it was “a big night for fireworks,” Jason looked off into the distance and said, “For a lot of people…” (stare) Jason quested Michael’s wisdom in getting involved with Starr. Michael assured him that they’re taking it slow. Jason suggested Michael save himself some pain before he got in too deep. Michael told Jason that Sam needs him and Jason told Michael about seeing Sam kiss John. He lamented how Sam had not trusted him since the rape and that she wouldn’t turn to him, but John was there. He admitted that a part of him held out hope that they could get back together, but not any more. I am now halfway through Tuesday’s episode and I have see the same Honey Nut Cheerios commercial four times.

Sam told Kristina how much she hates being mad and sad. Kristina suggested that Jason could be helping her through her grief, but Sam told her too much has changed, then confessed that she’d kissed John, but that John went back home and it’s over. She insisted John isn’t the problem. Kristina encouraged Sam, but Sam said she hasn’t seen the Jason she loves in ages and wondered if she’d changed too much. Kristina was sure she and Jason could “get it all back” and gave Sam her ring back and asked her to put it on.

Anna phoned Johnny and told him she had news about Anthony and asked him to come to the police station. Heather, who was already lurking on the Haunted Starr, immediately went into his office to poke around. A few scenes later, she looked satisfied and said, “My work here is done.”

Starr came to see Todd and raked him out for talking to Johnny. He defended his actions by rightfully pointing out that her last producer was a sleeze ball. Starr insisted he back off of her life. She’s going to regret that. Todd agreed to back off and told Starr he loves her. Starr just asked that he be happy for her. Todd insisted on promoting the new album and her appearance at the Haunted Star.

Johnny showed up at the police department and Anna complimented him on his speed getting there. She told him about Anthony’s body being found and that he was murdered. Anna noted he didn’t seem surprised. Johnny asked if Luke was in custody and noted that he was the one who shot his grandfather in cold blood. Anna shrewdly observed that she never told Johnny that Anthony had been shot. Johnny said he’d just assumed because there was blood all over the Quartermaine boat house and Luke and Tracy were caught trying to hide a gun. Anna confirmed that the bullet that killed Anthony had come from the gun Tracy and Luke tried to hide. When Johnny asked why they were not in custody, Anna said that Tracy denied any involvement. (That works??) She assured Johnny they were suspects, but so was Heather.

Hot dark haired cop went after Johnny to offer her condolences. She planted the seed that Anna had another suspect and had evidence to connect someone else to the crime. Anna put out an APB on Luke.

Jason insisted he couldn’t go back to Sam, but Michael told him that if he still loves Sam, there’s hope. Michael dragged Jason away from the docks to have chilli cheese fries for breakfast. : / Starr phoned and Jason urged Michael to go be with Starr and she told him to come to the Elm Street pier. Jason looked wistful as Michael walked away, then pulled out his ring and looked at it some more as Sam looked at hers in the Lake House. Kristina told Sam that the bad things Jason has done doesn’t cancel out the good things he’s done. Sam put her ring back on. Jason put his ring in his pocket. He went into Kelly’s where Steve and Liz were talking. Steve gave Jason a shove in the arm (?! Man, don’t trip on ’em, Steve) and told him that they need to have a talk. I had to watch that Honey Nut Cheerios commercial a 5th time.

Starr fussed to Michael about Todd and he compared Todd to Sonny and remarked on how Kristina thinks that Sonny is interfering when he’s really protecting.

Heather showed Todd that she’d planted a motion sensitive video camera in Johnny’s office. Todd watched and was bored. Anna arrived and all but dragged Heather down to the police station to answer questions.

Jason asked Steve if there’s a problem and Steve got “all up ons” with Jason about kissing Elizabeth. Sam walked in just in time to hear the annoucement. Let’s run that Honey Nut Cheerios commercial a 6th time, shall we?

Patrick thanked Maxie for helping with Emma and Maxie questioned him about whether or not he’s really done with the pills. Gullible, thy name is Mariah Maximilliana. Patrick wrote off his pills to his grief and insisted he’d stopped taking the pills and said Maxie was right to confront him. Let me just say that Maxie’s hair is a braided do that looks really awesome. She pushed him to make an appointment for counseling. He blew her off with a fake thank you.

Dante was brought up to speed on the discovery of Anthony’s body when Anna brought Heather in for questioning. Anna immediately dumped to Dante in front of Heather that she thought Heather may have “planted” Anthony in the shallow grave. At least she knows Luke well enough to realize that if Luke had buried Anthony, the grave would have been much deeper.

Johnny went to the Haunted Star and started drinking while Todd watched. He said, “Couldn’t you just stay buried, old man” and swiped everything off his desk dramatically. Lulu walked in just then and asked what was wrong. Johnny told her about Anthony’s murder. He noted that it was a family traditionto be buried and dug up (Claudia). Lulu helped him clean up from his tantrum. She told him she came by to check on him and see how he was doing. He wrote off his tantrum as “a moment” then, as a nod ot GH history, told Lulu, “At least I didn’t have a moment with our new barware.” (I lift a barware glass in memorium of all of the barware glasses that gave their lives to Sonny’s tantrums over the years.) He told her that the police commissioner “likes” someone other than Heather for the murder and that Heather is just nailed for burying the body. Johnny pushed her to talk to Dante about the case, but when she pressured him, he told her there was an APB out on Luke. She insisted Luke didn’t do it because he swore to her he hadn’t done it. Johnny asked if he’d also explained why Anthony’s body was on their terrace. He explained to Johnny how Luke and Tracy found Anthony in the boat house and took him to the terrace. She insisted again that her father is innocent. Lulu told Johnny she “knows” him and that Anthony was the only father he ever knew and that she’s sorry for his death. They hugged.

Carly came to see Todd (a pair who always amuses me) and berated him for confronting Johnny. He asked why she is so defensive of a boyfriend who cheated on her. She dodged by accusing him of demanding Starr’s recording contract, but he pointed out a hefty check was involved. They argued about Johnny’s lack of experience and the fact that he’s a mobster. Carly suggested that he respect Starr’s decision. Todd point out that if Johnny does something newsworthy, it’s his job to report it. Todd again wondered why a nice girl like Carly was with Johnny. She informed him about “husbands 1 and 3” and told her she was married to a truly wonderful man (Jax). Todd observed that Mr Wonderful isn’t there now and since he left, must not be so wonderful. She insisted Johnny is her middle ground. Todd promised her an “I told you so” when Johnny’s true colors come out. Todd pushed Carly to go be with Johnny right then instead of bothering him.

Sam walked right in on Steve confronting Jason about kissing Elizabeth. She suppressed her gag reflex much more gracefully than I would have done in the same position. Sam asked if it was true. Jason admitted it was true and Sam looked appropriately stunned. Jason told her he saw her kissing Johnny. The kisses were compared. Liz told Sam Jason loves her and she asked if that’s so, why was he not wearing his wedding ring (ooooh, give him some Solarcaine for that BURN). He told her he took it off when he saw her kissing McBain. She told him he could do whatever he wanted to do with it…and with Elizabeth.

Heather proclaimed her innocence and Anna had her crammed into an interrogation/guest room while she filled in Dante on the “Heather’s husband in Olivia’s car” story. Steve came to the station and Anna explained why they brought Heather in for questioning. Steve accidentally spilled that Heather was in Olivia’s car to Dante. Anna sent Steve in to talk to Heather. Dante told Anna that he had trouble seeing the motive, but Anna told her it was the oldest one in the book.

Steve questioned Heather and told her to come clean immediately and asked if it was Anthony. Heather protested that she was innocent, but told him that he’d seen Anthony on the terrace. He pressed her to remember the name of the “date” she was with so he could come forward. She begged him to believe her and swore on her love for him that she did not kill Anthony. Steve told her not to antagonize the people who hold the keys to the handcuffs. She insisted she was being railroaded. He promised to get a lawyer for her. Mama’s boys are so unattractive. OK, he’s attractive, but please.

Johnny talked to Lulu about Anthony’s unpredictability and that he overheard Tracy and Luke plotting to kill Anthony. Lulu said Luke would not risk Tracy being arrested as an accessory. Johnny felt Luke was trying to set up Johnny and she said she believed Johnny didn’t do it and offered him Mexican food. He said it was nice having him around again.

Maxie showed up again to bother Patrick and ask if he could take Emma to the zoo. Patrick was already starting to detox and looked rough. He put Maxie on an elevator and sent her away. He put off a surgery and tried to get other surgeons to take his work load while he looked at a pill from his pocket.

Elizabeth apologized to Jason about Steve’s big mouth and Jason apologized to Liz for Sam being rough with her. He said that at least they know where they stand with each other.

Sam showed up at the Sun offices while Todd watched Carly and Johnny make out on the video feed. Sam brought him coffee and Todd lightly chided her for being late while flipping over the photo of her kissing John. When she talked about her marriage falling apart, Todd offered her therapy through her employee benefits medical plan. They were interrupted by a phone call from Heather. As an aside, Todd’s ringtone for Heather is a man saying, “Crazy calling… Crazy calling… Crazy calling.” I love this show. Heather told Todd she needs his help. She demanded Todd “make it go away” or else she’d tall Sam about the baby switch.

Heather told Anna she was being harrassed. Anna questioned her about June 1st and asked about Olivia’s car. Heather insisted on her phone call. Anna stupidly had a cop give Heather her cell phone. Oh Mac. What have you done?

Carly told Johnny about pushing Todd around on his behalf, then invited him over for dinner. When he went off on a tangent about Anthony, Carly asked him what’s really going on. They talked about the case and she was surprised Luke was a suspect. Carly pointed out that Luke running away doesn’t mean he’s guilty. She called set up.

Holy cow. Patrick actually attempted to make an appointment Ewen, but at the last minute, he said something came up and popped the pill. Oh Patrick. Do you not watch soaps? This isn’t going anywhere good.

Heaher told Todd on the phone that she had an idea…he had to give her an alibi. Todd refused to be Heather’s “beard” as her date on June 1st. She insisted he find someone who looks like Anthony. She told him the number of someone just like that was in her bag outside his office.

Elizabeth encouraged Liz that his marriage is worth fighting for and that Sam’s kiss, like theirs, didn’t mean anything. He told her that the night Sam’s baby died, their marriage died too.

In the Sun offices, Sam looked at her ring, then got a phone call from Spinelli. She noticed that Heather’s purse was in the office and wondered if some evidence could be in there… ALONG WITH HER PATERNITY TEST RESULTS!!

Maxie phoned Lulu to share her success with Patrick and gloat prepaturely that they no longer have to worry about Patrick taking any more pills. Meanwhile, he popped one. Epiphany came up and said they have a problem, which always means they have a problem, just not usually the problem they think they have. This time, it’s missing Dynexin samples and she thinks she knows what happened to them. She thinks they were stolen and thinks Ramon Santiago took them. When he asked why she would talk to him about it, she said she thought he’d want to know.

Alexis refused to take on Heather as a client and told him there was a conflict of interest because she represented the Quartermaines when they had a restraining order against him.

Sam thanked Maxie for the flowers she sent and Maxie offered her condolences. Sam explained her new job to Maxie and Maxie wondered why Sam would have that job. Sam asked if they could talk later…there’s something she needs to do (hand on Heather’s purse and we know it will be “so close and yet so far”). Maxie went nuts when Sam put her hand on Heather’s purse, condemning it as a horror show. Todd came out and took the purse and Sam sighed over her missed opportunity.

Molly talked to TJ on the phone and apologized for the mess that happened when her insane mother showed up. Just then, her insance mother showed up and overheard. After she hung up, Alexis reminded her not to have contact with TJ. Sean questioned TJ about the 4th and TJ admitted, “Oh yes, there were fireworks.” Molly wondered why she wouldn’t believe her. Molly pointed out that Alexis closed herself off from all relationships and was trying to do the same to her.

Maxie walked in on Sam about to plow through Heather’s purse. Maxie freaked out over Crimson no longer being on the walls. Sam didn’t know what would become of Crimson. Maxie fretted about her luck being so bad, first with Matt’s apartment and now with her job.

Lulu greeted Dante at the police station and he was bummed when she told him she’d been comforting Johnny. She pleaded Johnny’s case and he said Johnny had motive for murder. Dante was bothered that Lulu was so worried about Johnny that she blew off work.

Steve brought Olivia up to speed on Heather and she commiserated, but he bristled when she said, “I guess we know what Heather was up to that night.” Steve insisted there was no evidence. Olivia tried to convince Steve that Heather actually was driving around with dead Anthony Zacchara. Steve kept saying, “No proof, no proof, no proof” to everything Olivia said. This guy is going to crash hard when the truth comes out.

Heather instructed Todd to go through her purse and find the name of a man with his phone number, call him and tell him she’s ready to “pull the trigger.” He found the paternity test results and said, “No, it can’t be,” then flashed back to Heather’s pursuasion to switch the babies. He was stunned as he read the baby was Jason’s not Franco’s.

Alexis brought Molly to Kelly’s and told Sean about what happened on the 4th. Molly and Sean explained what happened and asked what the big deal is that they like each other. They argued more. I would enjoy Alexis more if she did not shriek in every scene she’s in. TJ played the race card and said that Alexis didn’t want him to see Molly because she’s black. Alexis balked at that. After a suggestion from Sean, Alexis agreed to let Molly and TJ “date.” Rules are closed no bedroom doors, no late nights on weekdays… lots of other stuff, stopped listening.

Sam talked really fast to Maxie, explaining why she was working at the Sun. Just then, Todd came out with the paternity results in his hand. She offered to make copies or file the paper in his hand and he rushed into the elevator. Sam told Maxie how weird it is that he looks like he wants to tell her some deep dark, secret, then tells her to file something. Maxie told Sam what a reputation Todd has for being a smart publisher, so she wondered why he’d trust Heather with a legal liability like the gossip column. Sam told Maxie that he thought Heather and Todd were up to something.

Heather asked the cop to find someone who could go get her some lipstick. He declined.

Dante pointed out that it’s not good for her to work at the PCPD when she’s so closely associated with Johnny Z.

Epiphany asked Patrick what to do about Ramon and said she would take it to H.R. Ramon showed up, indignant at Epiphany’s charges. Patrick told her Ramon did not take the drugs, but offered no answer as to who did. He vouched for Ramon and Epiphany promised to find out who stole the drugs.

Commercial for Extreme Make Over Weight Loss Edition. A guy weighs 548 pounds. The guy said that the number after 548 is death. Actually, it’s 549. No child left behind is going to be the death of us.

Todd showed up at the PCPD and tried to see Heather. Dante refused to let him see her. Todd tried to bluff with a threat to run a picture of Lulu and Dante “tristing” in the office. Oddly, Dante said he didn’t care and sent Todd right in to see Heather. (huh?) Todd confronted Heather about the Paternity test results (aren’t these interrogation rooms bugged?) and she called her deception about them “delicious.”

Sam and Maxie wondered about the contents of Heather’s purse on Todd’s desk and realized they’d come up empty. The subject of Spinelli came up and Maxie said she was the wounded party because Spinelli had betrayed her in court. Sam wondered why Maxie stayed married to Matt even though Matt turned himself in. She said she couldn’t divorce Matt while he is in prison. Sam told Maxie that she made her choice and Spinelli has to move on.

Ramon thanked Patrick for having his back and commented that someone could get into a lot of trouble for stealing drugs. Patrick wondered what he was talking about when he said, “Don’t worry. I’ve got your back too.” Ramon admitted that he knew Patrick stole the samples, a perk of being a doc.

Steve said that no matter what Heather did, he would not abandon her. Olivia said, “If that’s what you need to do, that’s what we’ll do” and swore her allegiance to him (and Heather).

Sam talked to Maxie about the kiss and Maxie commiserated. By this point, I have heard this story too many times. Maxie encouraged her to believe.

Todd ranted at Heather about the paternity results and lying to her. She insisted everyone is better off. Todd said, “This is why you never, ever trust a stranger that you meet in the middle of the night who is pushing around a dead body in a wheel barrow.” Todd talked about the guilt he’s felt and that what he did is way worse than what he thought he did. Heather assured him there is nothing he can do about it now.

Michael showed up to ask Kristina to help him pick a tie for his date with Starr. She growled and closed the door in his face. Michael confronted her and she said her hand slipped. She accused him of “rubbing it in” to those beautiful people less fortunate than himself who can’t get everything they want. She grieved to Michael about Trey’s rejection of her.

Trey continued to try and contact his father, who isn’t sleeping with the fishes, but is reclining in a jail in unflattering orange. John McBain came to visit him and picked at him a bit. Joe Jr picked back. He assured John that he has done nothing wrong and will prove it. John told him he would have to pay for his sins. Joe Jr told him that he has a life “out there” and no one is going to stop him from living it. He swore he was going to sue everyone and mentioned that he lost an important medal in the kidnapping/arrest process.

Kate came upon Sonny in the warehouse where he was flashing back to his recent time with Joe Jr. They talked about her therapy. He cuddled her for being so brave. He told her there is something she needs to know. He admitted he found Joe Jr and Kate questioned whether he saw the right person. Kate started to freak out that he was local. He explained he was only telling her because the story is likely to break. She demanded to see him before he goes to trial and they argued about it. He admitted to Kate that Joe Jr said she threw herself at him.

Anna was looking at intake paperwork on Heather when Tracy showed up, responding to Anna’s request that she come to the PCPD. Anna informed Tracy that they found her husband. Tracy asked which one and also wanted to know if she had informed Johnny. Anna confirmed she had and told her about Heather being in custody. She admitted to Tracy that she believes Heather stole Anthony’s body and that she does believe that Tracy did not kill Anthony.

Luke talked to himself in the shed, reassuring himself that he would make it through and stay sharp. Lulu walked in, clearly an hallucination. Hallucination Lulu gave Luke some water and asked how he was. They talked about how crazy Heather is and then when Lulu did not untie him, she said she would be even crazier than Heather to do so.

Todd tried to shove Heather out of his life, but she threatened to sell him out. I just love this new opening: classy, quick and to the point. Todd detailed all he’s done for Heather (YOU’RE IN THE POLICE STATION, PEOPLE!) and she detailed that he would go to jail himself if he walks out on her.

Trey pointed out to Staff that he was eating his own cereal, not hers. They bickered some more. Between scenes, he told Starr that his father is missing. She was minorly comforting and offered to have John McBain and Todd look into it. He showed Starr the medal he wears that is identical to the one his father wore. Starr asked him about a missing persons report and Trey told him that he’s not missing, just out of place. He headed out to do a tour of the coffee warehouse.

Kristina sang Trey’s praises to Michael and asked for his support. They ended up swapping support. Starr told Langson (her adopted…aunt who is her age, I guess) on the phone that there was no way Michael was as nervous as he was. Meanwhile, outside her door, Michael talked to himself and to a bouquet of flowers. He knocked on the door and Starr excitedly answered. He gave her the flowers, which were grateful that they didn’t have to listen to his neurotic babbling any more. It was a truly beautiful bouquet. They talked about how nervous they are and off they went on their date.

Kate and Sonny traded loud stories about Joe Jr. Sonny told Kate that Joe Jr knows about the baby. Kate was incredulous and said that no one knew about the baby. Kristina and Trey interrupted them for the tour. Kate brought up the moment in Kelly’s where Trey poked at her for being a murderer. Sonny went all intimdating and threatening, but Kate talked him into giving Trey the tour. She left, over his protests and lots of kisses. I did a rewind to see that after all those kisses, Kelly Sullivan wiped her mouth as she walked away.

Heather commissioned Todd to go feed Luke and set up her alibi. Anna walked in and asked what Todd was doing there. He said he was babysitting his employee and then left. Heather accused Anna of obstructing justice, but Anna suggested he might be having trouble finding a lawyer for her. She proceeded to question Heather.

Hallucination Lulu refused to untie Luke and argued about how he stood up Tracy and Anna. At a dramatic point, Hallucination Anna and Hallucination Tracy showed up. Luke apologized to the hallucinations and tried to tell them the truth. Luke asked Hallucination Lulu for help and then Hallucination Tracy and Hallucination Anna. Each turned him down and walked out on him. As she left, Anna asked him to send her a clue as to where he is.

Sonny did the tour, but with a disclaimer to Trey that he is only tolerating him for Kristina’s sake. Trey said he is only there to record the family dynamic. While Kristina was talking to Sonny about being nice to Trey (or not), Trey was setting up a shot and moved a coffee bag and BAM! There was Joe Jr’s matching medal.

We got a rolling camera leading up to the shed where Luke is held hostage and then someone in a hockey mask with a machette opened the door. I’m thinking we don’t have to work hard to figure out who THAT is.

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