GH Last Week

By Katrina Rasbold

No column last week due to the GH Fan Club Weekend trip.  Photos will be coming soon!

This week, GH was completely breathtaking and I hope you didn’t miss a single episode!  If you did, go to to watch and get caught up.  Meanwhile, have some news and 5 days of detailed GH recaps below!

For the week of July 23


Kirsten Storms will return to the role of Maxie Jones at the end of August.  Jen Lilley (current Maxie, who received a standing ovation at the recent GH Fan Club Weekend Main Cast Event) confirmed that Maxie will be off screen for a couple of weeks during the change over.  We wish to convey what a marvelous job Jen did in the role of Maxie.

Jen released this video to thank the GH fans who supported her.  Jen’s last air date is August 11th.

It has been announced that Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) will return to “Dancing With the Stars” in a special alumni season.  Joining her will be Kirstie Alley, Shawn Johnson, Drew Lachey, Apolo Anton Ohno, Emmitt Smith, Joey Fatone, Pamela Anderson, Helio Castorneves, Melissa Rycroft, Giles Marini, and Bristol Palin.

Kelly won Season 1 of Dancing with stars, paired up with dancing professional, Alec Mazo.  This season’s dancing teams will be formally announced on Monday, August 13th, on “Good Morning America.”




Connie is back and rumors of her death were greatly exaggerated. She bantered with Johnny about who shot out Anthony’s tires. Connie told Johnny how much guilt Kate has over the shooting and that keeps her alive. She told Johnny she is her safe place. He finally admitted that he is the one who shot out the tires and had a very dramatic confessional moment.

Starr lost her lucky flower (What? Please tell me that is not a metaphor). Starr’s dress perfectly matches the chairs. Weird. They compared notes on dysfunctional parents. She talked to him about her feelings of anger in regard to Kate. She said she should go thank Johnny. Since he’s in the middle of confessing, we have to hope Connie closed the door behind her.

Blair and Todd got into a “yes” “no” fight about whether or not she’s marrying Tomas DelGato. (NO!) A typical Blair and Todd fight followed without as much sex as usual. (Kassie and Roger nailed it, by the way)

Lulu confronted Patrick about the bottle of pills and he told her that it’s not what she thinks (of course it is). He insisted he wasn’t still “using” while he stood there in an oily, sweaty, shaking mess with really, really bad hair. Maxie phoned right then and Patrick’s little chin quivered, “Don’t tell her.” After she hung up, we got back to “I’m not an addict” and “there’s nothing wrong.” She proved her point by starting to dump the pills in the harbor. He tackled her and the truth was clear.

Anna told Dominic that a K9 unit (aka “dog”) was going nuts at an abandoned shed in the woods and that Luke is there. (Why didn’t you go check out at the time why the dog was going nuts? Do I have to think of everything here?) Dante casually informed Anna that Olivia and Heather are in her suite. Anna had the appropriate response, “My suite??” and told Dante to go take Heather into custody. Off went Dante.

Heather menaced away at Olivia with a syringe of “the strongest available” LSD. (Does Olivia know the street value of that syringe??) Dante burst in with a gun and Heather surrendered. Olivia turned around and revealed the syringe hanging out of her shapely hip. As Dante rant to his mother, Heather availed herself of the open door and quickly departed.

Meanwhile, Luke lamented the turn of events as the shed he’s tied up in proceeds to burn down around him. Anna arrived with Miscellaneous Cop Number 4, who urged her not to go into the burning shed. No one tells ANNA DAMNED DEVANE what to do and not do, so she stood at the door and coughed, yelling for Luke. He called back to her from Amsterdam.

Johnny’s confession included his dismay over being just like his father, which he promised himself would never happen. Connie tried to psychoanalyze him. Michael and Starr heard that Johnny was not alone in his office and Michael talked her out of interrupting by saying it might be Carly. (ahem) Connie told Johnny that he gets confession face when he sees Kate. He says he wants to confess to Carly, but he won’t because he’ll lose everything.

Todd and Blair made it to the “look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me” stage. She couldn’t. She admitted she loves him and that he’s under her skin and in her heart, but that every time they get together, Todd screws it up. He told her he felt he could do better in Port Charles and she admitted she could see how hard he’s trying. She mentioned Tea and the baby and he told her he didn’t want to talk about it. He flashed back on Heather threatening him withe exposure of the baby switch. What’s funny is he flashed back to *Heather on the phone with him* like he could have seen that. She asked him if he could look her in the eye and honestly say that there won’t be anything to blow up in their faces and destroy their relationship. Dramatic chipmunk pause.

Dante dragged Olivia into the hospital and she was already freaking out. He explained she’d been “shot up” with what was in the syringe and that he thought it was LSD. Steve was fortunately right there and like a sheep to slaughter, asked how it happened. Dante missed the perfect nerd opportunity to shout, “YOUR MOM!” and instead said, “Your mother.” If Steve had been an old cartoon, his head would have turned into a donkey head in that moment. Olivia’s reaction to having high quality LSD was to scream, “Don’t you HEAR that?” and “Make it STOP” and weilding a scalpel insetad of sitting back and listening to Pink Floyd and watching the music run into the walls.

Anna was in the process of waving a blanket at the fire to rescue Luke when Heather showed up and bonked her on the head. She went down like a Philly streetwalker and Heather chastised him for having company while she was gone. Heather took Olivia’s gun and said she had Luke should jet and leave Anna.

Patrick told Lulu that he “tried” and that he couldn’t go an hour even without the pain of losing Robin closing in on him and the pills make it manageable. He somehow rationalized that if he stops taking the pills, the pain will come back and he will lose Robin. They argued about the impact it has on his career and on Emma. He screamed at her that he’s not strong enough to quit and that all he needs is Robin. He sobbed and she comforted him.

When Todd couldn’t promise Blair he wouldn’t screw up again, she told him she couldn’t survive another screw up from him. Todd said he thought they would always be together and Blair admitted she used to as well. She recounted his lies about murdering Victor. She told him nothing had changed and he chided her for marrying another many while she loves him. She said it’s the only choice she can make.

Dante restrained Olivia after much scalpel brandishing and many apologies from Steve. The next time we saw her, she was in a straight jacket, which is hell for an LSD trip, I’m betting. Dante berated Steve for defending Heather and he took it like a man. (He’s sooooo sorry.)

Starr left a note for Johnny and Michael found her lucky flower (metaphor, please no?). They both agreed they want her to be happy and kissed. Johnny pointed out that she’s taking a risk by coming to see him and she told him that she slept out while Kate was asleep. As she left, our view panned to the hidden camera, which I forgot about, honestly.

Anna regained consciousness and beat the crap out of Heather and aptly labeled her “one crazy bitch.” She untied Luke and dragged him to safety. She told a cop “there’s a woman in there,” but then the woman showed up with a gun and said, “If I can’t have Luke, then no one can” and fired.


Open on Todd picking up the magnificently cool engagement ring he had for Blair and tossing it. He begins throwing other things. Carly was on the phone asking about Olivia and walked past and heard the crashes. She supposed correctly that things did not go well with Blair. She told him the vases he was breaking were not complimentary and he said, “Bill me.” He told her that Blair was engaged.

Cut to Maxie who told Patrick he couldn’t run away from this.

Blair stopped by to congratulate Starr again and tell her she’s leaving early. She showed Starr her engagement ring and Starr congratulated her. She admitted she kept it secret because she was afraid of Todd’s reaction.

Maxie paced worriedly and heard someone at the door and WOW!! IT”S MAC!! I’m having a BIG MAC ATTACK! He was carrying Emma, who had a nightmare, and he felt Patrick was the only one who could make it better. He told her what a great time he and Felicia were having with Emma until she woke up crying for Patrick. Mac asked where he was. She told him about Patrick’s fight with the cameraman and that he’s with Lulu now and “safe.” Mac wanted to know why Patrick would need to be safe. She put it off to being overly dramatic. I miss John J. York’s other hair. Mac let it be known that he did not think Maxie living with Patrick was a great idea.

Dante continued to alternately question and punish Steve, who couldn’t be sure that LSD was what Heather used. He pushed that they have to find Heather before she hurts anyone else. He was upset when Dante said it was probably too late for that.

AND… who Heather shot was LUKE! Yowzer! Frank, Frank, Frank… you’re killing me here. I figured it was a shot into nothing.

Heather screamed at Anna that it was supposed to be her who was shot. Anna tackled him and told Cop #4 to get her out of there. A fireman checked Luke and said all he could do was apply pressure.

Dante told Steve about Heather’s forger and Maggie’s fake suicide note and that Heather will be charged with murder and whatever she did to Luke, who is then brought in on a stretcher. Steve babbled, “It was my mother!” and Anna spat back, “Yes and she was aiming at ME” (which of course, makes it infinitedly worse).

Lulu made a great point in her 7 year argument with Patrick by asking if he would trust someone he knew was on amphetemines to watch Emma or a surgeon he knew was on amphetemines to operate on her. She pushed for detox and said she was going to take him to GH. He refused because Monica would fire him for stealing drug samples. (How can she when she is never on the show?) She insisted he had to go and said she would go with him.

Todd explained to Carly how Blair came to town without Tomas so she could let him down easy. He showed her the ring and Carly gushed appropriately. He asked her if she wanted it and she said it was tempting. Carly commented on how happy Todd and Blair looked and Todd said that should have been his first hint. He recounted the evening for Carly. He admitted Blair is right. Carly noted that Todd didn’t offer to change and Todd said that Blair is an adult.

Heather was taken to the police station and demanded to be taken to GH wehre the man she loves needs her. Hot new female detective put her in her place quickly and put her in the interrogation room and said they have her “dead to rights.” Heather insisted she would not be prosecuted. She somehow thinks that a phone call is a constitutional right. That was made for the movies, lady. She kept talking about her “ace in the hole.” Heather demanded her phone back again, but didn’t get it. Instead, she got taunted a bit.

Blair brought out bowls of ice cream (yum) and asked if Starr was OK. Starr asked about Todd and Blair said it didn’t go well and admitted that she’d sent mixed signals to Todd. She told Starr about the engagement ring. Blair reminded Starr about the people Todd has hurt. Starr asked if Blair and Todd would have a chance if she wasn’t already engaged to Tomas. Blair said she admitted to Todd that she loves him and that she always will, but that she can’t trust him. Blair told Starr goodbye and Starr told Blair she just wants her to be happy. She promised to take care of Todd.

Steven ran in to treat Luke, which seems like a conflict of interest to me.

Dante tried to call Lulu and didn’t get her, but Lulu walked in right then and Dante told her about Luke being shot. Anna blocked her from going into the treatment room and filled Lulu in on Heather’s doings.

While he was talking to Carly, Todd got his “Crazy Calling” ringtone, so he knew it was Heather. She left a message on his voice mail. Carly told Todd what Heather did and suggested that he hire a new columnist.

Dante told Patrick about Olivia’s experience and that she’s in ICU. Patrick commiserated, but Dante pressed about permanent brain damage and Patrick sweated profusely while Dante asked him to check on Olivia. Patrick suggested Ewen instead and when Dante pushed it, Patrick insisted that Dante find Ewen. Meanwhile, a nurse asked Patrick twice if he needed anything.

Luke crashed while Lulu and Anna watched from the door. It wasn’t evne the end of the show yet. (?!)

When Todd said that everyone in Llanview hated him, Carly said that it was like her in Port Charles. Todd balked at the notion, but Carly insisted. Carly left to check on Olivia and Todd said that he hoped Olivia was OK, even though she is totally incompetent. Carly complimented him on ignoring Heather’s phone call and urged Todd to lose her number. After she left, Todd played the message.

Steve worked aggressively on Luke and got him back 2-3 scenes later. Steve told Lulu and Anna that Luke needs surgery immediately and Dr. Bayhar is the best (fortunately, Patrick is not a thoracic surgeon).

Anna got a phone call and told everyone that Heather is in custody. Steve told them that Luke will be in surgery for a long time and they should get rest. Anna headed out to make sure Heather pays. Steve told Dante he wanted to sit with Olivia, but would understand if he said no. He said Olivia would want him there. Dante filled in Lulu on what Heather did to Olivia. She asked him to delete the voice mail message from him and said she just wants everyone to be safe.

Emma woke up and wanted to know where Patrick was. Right then, Patrick walked in and Emma ran to him and told him about her dream where she couldn’t see him because hew as lost. Patrick assured her everything would be OK while Maxie looked on wistfully.

Anna stormed into the interrogation room and Heather demanded to know if Luke was OK. Anna told Heather this was the end of the line. Heather baited Anna by saying she knows Robin is alive.


Luke woke up to see Lulu by his bed. They bonded and the first thing he asked was about Anna.

Anna reflected back onto Heather’s insistance that Robin is alive. Anna called her an evil bitch and had the cops take her away.

A nurse brought in a breakfast tray and said, “Rise and shine, Robin” and found an empty bed.

Patrick took a pill with coffee. Banging on the door proved to be Robin. Wow.

Is this bizarro GH?

Heather was brought in to see Steven Lars. She apologized for not hugging him due to the cuffs and said she was treated like a common criminal. Steve said no one ever accused her of being common and let her know that he wasn’t there to get her out; he was there to make sure she never sees the light of day again.

Todd listened to Heather’s message again while holding the lab results. He should just incriminate Heather and when she says he’s involved, lie. He said, “That woman is going to ruin my life” and Starr showed up and asked “What woman?” Starr thought he meant Blair and told Todd that Blair left. Todd assured her that he will bounce back and he always does. She worried about retaliation. Starr was shocked to learn that Todd blames John for his life being wrecked.

Carly walked up on Johnny while he reflected on Connie’s visit. Meanwhile, Connie woke up to Sonny and looked like she swallowed a bug. She got all goo goo and they kissed.

Johnny told Carly he saw Kate on the Haunted Star.

Lulu assured Luke that Anna is fine and Lulu was sad she didn’t catch on that Heather was up to something. Luke assured her that she did nothing wrong. Luke observed that Heather knows how to manipulate people to get what she wants.

Robin told Patrick that she’s back because Patrick needs her and talked about avoidance. She took him to task for his pill grubbing ways. We can, at this point, figure hallucination or dream. Patrick talked about how empty everything is.

Meanwhile, real Robin whacked the nurse with the door and then beat her with a bedpan and left. Score at this point is Robin – 1: Nurse – 0.

Anna arrived at the hospital and I have to wonder if anyone has bothered to fill Tracy in on what’s going on. Lulu left Anna and Luke to talk. Anna thanked him for saving her life and he said that she saved his first. Luke said that means they are responsible for each other’s lives.

Lulu checked on Olivia and at the same time, found out that Patrick never checked in. (OH!)

Hallucination Robin tried to convince Patrick that he’s hurting himself and eventually, Emma, with the pills. She again asked him to help her. She insisted to him that she is still alive.

Real Robin was subdued by the nurse and an orderly and was chastised for not taking her meds. Robin -1:Nurse – 1. Nurse got on the phone to someone and asked how they wanted the situation handled.

Sonny and Connie/Kate made out some more. Sonny invited her to join him and Michael for brunch at the Metro Court. She agreed when Sonny told her that he wanted Michael to see them together.

Johnny admitted that Conny kissed him and that he pushed her away. He said he remembered he hadn’t told her and that he didn’t want to keep things from her.

Starr tried to convince Todd not to go after John and encouraged him to open his heart to other women. Todd grimaced and said that Michael seemed very niiiiiice and repeated, “Very niiiiiice.”

Michael showed up and slipped that he heard Johnny and Carly talking in his office after the show when Carly had gone home early to take care of Josslyn. Starr arrived and Michael told Carly that they were having brunch with Sonny. Starr admitted she was worried about Todd and Carly wondered why.

Heather felt Steven couldn’t be serious and and Steve assured he was. Heather defended her actions. He said she was “certifiable” and Heather told him to watch his mouth.

Luke told Anna that he’d been on his way to talk to Tracy and that he was looking forward to his dinner with her. He told Anna that Tracy was not the only one who he needed to talk to and that now is as good a time as any. Anna assured him that she would listen. He started to talk to her about “the way Robert left” after Robin died and Anna tearfully said, “What if Robin didn’t die?”

Johnny asked Starr if she’s read her reviews. Michael said it was the best performance he’d ever seen and Starr thanked Johnny again for the opportunity. Sonny and Konnie (let’s simplify things) showed up and there was some banter about who would stay and who would go. Everyone stayed and they sat down. Awk-WARD. Michale told Sonny that he and Starr were together and Starr asked if that was a problem. There was a good bit of “who did what” conversation. Michael begged everyone to put the past behind them. The olders agreed that all they wanted was for the youngers to be happy. Everyone toasted to “moving on.”

Todd wrote a note with an 8×10 of Sam and John kissing and sent it to Natalie. He even signed it.

Heather admitted to Steve that she killed Maggie and said she did it for him. He said he was revoking his guardianship of her and that HIS NAME IS STEVE. She said she knew his name… she’s his mother! He said, “Not anymore.”

Luke reminded Anna that Heather is crazy and Robin was in an explosion (so were Anna and Robert, ahem). Essentially, Luke talked Anna out of the idea that Robin is alive. Luke insisted they still had things to talk about and Anna told him they have all the time in the world.

Lulu walked in on Patrick talking to Hallucination Robin and tried to intervene as Patrick tore up the house looking for her. Meanwhile, Real Robin begged Patrick to find her and said she knew he could feel her. Lulu insisted Robin wasn’t there and Patrick insisted she was. They had an insist fight. Lulu urged Patrick to listen to Robin and what she would want.

Nurse and Orderly brought a machine into Robin’s room for Electroconvulsive Therapy.

Carly showed up and was concerned that Todd was smiling. Carly is wearing fierce, bone-colored pumps. She made sure Todd was not going after Johnny and encouraged him to lean on friends. When he said he had no friends, she said he had ONE and would have NONE if he went after her boyfriend. When she left, he went into the camera records and saw Johnny with Connie. He was intriuged enough to

Steve looked at Olivia’s MRI.

Luke phoned Tracy and said they need to talk.

Anna and Heather talked in the police station.

Patrick said he was ready and Lulu took him out the door. He turned and saw Robin, who said his name. He closed the door and left with Lulu. I hope someone is with Emma.

Robin begged for health and Nurse insisted Robin was about to get all the help she needed.

Anna LOCKED the interrogation room, pushed up her sleeves and announced that Heather would tell her what she knows about Robin.


As he is wont to do, Todd talked aloud to the computer screen, amused that Johnny was about to do something interesting, like super hot Kate Howard. Right then, super hot Kate Howard walked into his office and said, “Excuse me?” Todd told her she looked good “not crazy.” She told him she wanted her magazine back from him. Todd told her he suspected publication of Crimson and said instead of that, they were going to talk about Kate and the two-timing Johnny. OH!! OW!! OH NO HE DI’N’T Todd just told Kate, “It’s a magazi-i-ine. The world needs another magazine like it needs another daytime talk show!” OH man. I love these writers so much. Kate fussed about the renovations, which she was supposed to have to sign off on, but Todd told her Carly approved them. Kate tried to name drop Sonny and Todd pounced, demanding to know if she was threatening him. When she didn’t respond, he said, “You ARE! You’re going to sic your goombah boyfriend on me??” Oh how I love Todd. Todd called BS and said she didn’t sound like a “hoity toity fashion magazine editor” and said it sounded more like he was talking to Connie.

Johnny reflected back on his conversation with Connie and agreed that as long as Kate does not remember, he’s fine. Hallucination Anthony showed up and said he was going to make sure Johnny remembers what he did. Anthony continued to antagonize him. Bruce Weitz is brilliant. Anthony encouraged Johnny to kill Kate or run.

Ewen told Dante he was going to keep Olivia sedated until he’s sure she’s not a threat to herself and others. Dante is stupid. He argued that it wasn’t Olivia’s FAULT, it was Heather’s FAULT. Doesn’t matter whose fault it is, baby. Ewen gallant assured Dante that he would be “on hand” when they brought Olivia around. Great doctoring.

Liz showed up and looked at the MRI as well. Steve filled in the blanks for her and told her that he’s worried about Olivia. Liz encouraged Steve by saying that Ewen is the best and if anyone can pull Olivia through, it’s him. Steve had a crisis of sudden awareness that he’s an idiot and his mother is a psychopath. It’s well deserved. I’ll allow it.

Lulu and Patrick showed up at the hospital and Patrick refused to be checked in. He insisted that he can’t get help in here (the hospital). Why don’t they just go to another hospital??

Anna demanded that Heather tell her why she would say that Robin was alive. When Anna accused her of being a liar, Heather suggested that maybe Patrick would listen to her. Heather insisted she could bring the family together again, but she had her price: full immunity, all charges dropped and a public apology from Anna. Anna declined and pulled a gun on Heather saying, “Talk or I will kill you.” Why are there NO CAMERAS IN THESE INTERROGATION ROOMS?

The nurse prepared to zap Robin with ECT. Robin demanded to know who was keeping her hostage and said that Nurse should question her superiors if this is what they told her to do. When Robin threatened Nurse with her Trained Killer Mother, Nurse assured her that they are ready for Anna Devane. Robin begged and threatened then told the Nurse to crank it all the way up to ELEVEN – I mean HIGH. As they put the bite block in her mouth, Robin begged Anna and Patrick to find her and told Emma she loved her. Then they zapped her.

Liz collided with Ewen in the hall and he said he missed her and hated that they both backed off. He let her know he’s still interested. She smiled all goofy and she admitted she still had his number. Lulu interrupted to take Ewen to Patrick.

Steve continued his chest beating, hear tearing guilt in Olivia’s room to Dante. Dante blamed it on the doctors who released her from Ferncliff.

Kate insisted to Todd she’s all integrated and such. Kate accused him of killing her magazine because he can’t kill her. Todd admitted it was true. Kate got a call about Olivia and asked Todd if he knew his gossip columnist attacked her cousin. He calmly said he knew and that it was front page news.

Anthony told Johnny that he and Carly are over and Johnny replied by throwing a glass at Halluncination Anthony, which dislodged the camera which he then saw. Johnny pulled down the camera and wondered who would plant the camera. Anthony pointed out he doesn’t lack for enemies.

In his office, Todd turned up the sound on the recording of Johnny and Connie. He heard Connie tell Johnny that Kate didn’t shoot out the tires and then heard Johnny’s confession. Todd stopped the playback and said, “Johnny, you sonofabitch, you killed my granddaughter” then started the playback again. When it got to the part where Connie said, “No one is going to know we had this talk,” Todd ominously said, “Guess again!” Soap gold, here folks. Soap gold. Todd ranted loudly at Johnny on the laptop screen and promised to make Johnny die.

Lulu fetched Ewen for Patrick and left. Patrick actually stayed where she left him. Ewen promised Patrick that he would get through “this” and have a life worth living. Ewen assured him that he has treated other doctors with substance abuse problems and can be discrete. Ewen told him that there will be withdrawal symptoms and it will be ugly, but that he will help him just like Patrick helped him on the operating table. Patrick assured Ewen that he was sober when he did his surgery. Good to know.

Anna cocked the gun and Heather told her that she was bluffing. Anna told her she had no idea how many people she’d killed in a day’s work. Anna told her the “deal” is that she tells Anna all she knows about Robin while she’s still breathing. Heather insisted Anna would not murder her in the police department. Anna told her it would be self-defense when she shot her “between those soulless eyes.” It’s really hard to know who’s winning here, folks. Finally, Heather told Anna that Robin is in Ferncliff and there was a flash to “Ferncliff: Critical Care Wing on a glass window. Nurse told someone on the phone that Dr. Scorpio took a full dose and “it’s done.”

Lulu went to Dante and Dante fretted about Olivia. Big hugs. Kate showed up and offered Dante food. Dante asked her to stay. Kate told Steve some story about Olivia helping her with a bully in school. I zoned out. Kate led everyone in a Hail Mary around Olivia.

Anthony pronounced Johnny as “Good and screwed” and true to his prediction, Todd walked into the office right then.

Patrick filled out admission paused over “Spouse” before writing “Deceased.”

Heather told Anna that she saw Robin in Ferncliff. Anna told her to convince her. She said just before she was released, they brought in a new patient and were supposed to keep her identity under wraps, but Heather poked around and saw her face clearly. Heather said she was with Nurse Fletcher, but there was a man telling the Nurse what to do. She said, “Fletcher just called him ‘doctor.'”

Nurse told someone that “the patient didn’t respond well.” The camera pulled out AND IT WAS EWEN!!! Holy bejebers! What a roller coast ride this week has been! We’re not even in sweeps! Are there still sweeps??


The show opened on the closing scene from Thursday with Ewen saying, “Robin. It’s me. Dr. Keenan.” WTF already??

Liz came upon Patrick filling out his admission forms and looking like 14 brands of fresh hell. Liz remarked that she didn’t know he was working today and he told her he’s not working, he’s there as a patient.

Carly saw Jason at the Metro Court and asked him to puhlease tell her that he’s there to see her. Nope! The non-existant Diane. Carly, always knowing so much about his business, said, “I thought you and Sonny had Alexis on retainer.” Jason looked mournful and said he couldn’t use Alexis “for this.” Awwww. D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Bummer.

Sam opened Todd’s door with an inquisitivce, “Mr. Manning?? Hellooooo” and walked her skinny girl leggings and hooker shoes right into his office like she owned the place.

Todd, of course, is at Johnny’s office, poking at him about a guilty conscience. Johnny does his elementary maths and tells Todd, “It was you, wudden it?”

Luke crunched ice and reflected back on Anna telling him that Heather said Robin is alive. Luke said to no one, “Don’t do it, Slim.” Bad advice.

Anna, meanwhile ,has found the critical care unit and said, “It’s true!”

Ewen wiggled Robin’s head back and forth and asked, “Robin? Are you OK?” Um, probably not after your henchnurse just lit her up like the Time Square Christmas tree.

Todd told Johnny he wasn’t interesting enough to shoot. When Johnny called him a sonofabitch, Todd agreed and said his father was no walk on the beach either. He admitted that all of his parents’ finest attributes were rolled up into him. Todd told Johnny that he was right about Johnny from the beginning.

Nope again, Jason told Carly he’s not divorcing Sam. Carly got all up on her back legs in defense of Carly. Jason admitted to kissing Elizabeth and that Sam knows.

Spinelli came upon Sam going through Todd’s office and asked if she should be so bold.

Spanky came to see Luke and couldn’t believe he was still alive. She was shocked that even Heather Webber couldn’t kill him.

While Ewen freaked out over Robin’s complete lethargy (this girl is OUT OF IT), Anna snuck around, vowing to find Robin if she’s there. Nurse came out of the room and found Anna with a “Can I help you?”

Liz fawned over Patrick and he filled her in candidly. She was incredulous because other than looking like total hell, he’s a functioning addict.

Nurse told Anna it was a closed ward and Anna told her it was police business. Ewen chastised Robin for attempting to leave. He told her that he knew she wanted to go home to the people she loves, but it’s just not possible. (blanks to fill in, please)

Anna gave Nurse a photo of Robin and asked if Nurse had seen her. Nurse paused meaningfully.

Luke told Tracy that she had every right to be angry with her and Tracy corrected him to say that she isn’t angry, she hates him. He told her she doesn’t. She called him on all of his BS and told him that Anna told her the truth while he was captive. He admitted that he was planning to dump her and go to Anna.

Sam found some paperwork that made her happy while Spinelli tried to convince her that the case was closed since the police found out what Heather was hiding. He encouraged her to quit her job. She said that she wanted to continue because Todd Manning doesn’t make sense and she wants to figure it out.

Todd puzzled as to why Carly would dumb herself down to be with some bastard like Johnny. Johnny pointed out that Todd had promised her he would back off of Johnny. Todd pointed out that the camera was there, what else could he do? Todd told Johnny that he was about to delete the files out of respect for Carly when he heard Johnny confess to killing his granddaughter.

Carly shrewdly pointed out that the only time Jason ever makes a mistake like that with Elizabeth is after he’s caught Sam with someone else. Jason stared meaningfully and the dropped the John McBain bomb, telling Carly the whole story.

Spinelli continues to try and convince Sam to drop the case and move on. Sam insisted that whatever Heather had over Todd has something to do with her.

Johnny told Todd that he’s got it all wrong, that Connie already took responsibility for that. Todd rejected Johnny’s invitation to leave and Todd congratulated Johnny on getting a mentally ill woman to take the fall and then manipulate Starr. Todd carefully took off his jacket (NICE purple shirt), and told Johnny that they would now talk about what it was like for a 3-year-old little girl to be strapped in the back of a car as it went off a cliff. He then attacked Johnny big time, sort of a drive tackle.

Tracy pointed out that for once, Luke gave her an honest answer. Luke asked her to stay and she told him that he can’t call her Spanky ever again. She gave him 60 seconds and he said, “I’m sorry.” He told her he knows he hurt her, that his feelings for Anna changed, and how sorry he was that he hurt her. He said he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness, but he’s asking for it anyway.

Liz reminded Patrick that he has lots of friends and family to support him. He told her about Maxie and Lulu’s involvement. He told Liz that Ewen is a good guy and understands how he has masked the pain with pills.

Ewen told Robin he knows how hard it is to accept that she can’t go home, but it has to be that way. Anna told Nurse now critical it is that she find Robin and the Nurse quoted confidentiality. Anna begged her and said that she’s not just there as police comissioner, but also as a mother. Nurse told her she was sorry and asked why she thought her daughter was a patient. Nurse told Anna that Heather Webber was a “handful” and could not be trusted and was extremely disturbed. Anna rightly then questioned by “you people” let her out. Voices escalated and interrupted Dr. Ewen telling Robin that he was sending her away to a clinic in Switzerland. Robin, still out of it, said, “Mom…”

Tracy said that Luke didn’t deserve her forgiveness, that he married her twice under false pretenses and the first one wasn’t even legal. He swore the second one was 100% legit. She called him on divorcing her and he said his life was falling apart and he called her on being in bed with Anthony Zacchara. She said she needed him to help her escape from him, but he was too busy with Anna. He assured her the thing with Anna was recent. He told her he needed her in his life and would find her; he would not give up on her. She asked if he would give up Anna and he said no. She told him he was an idiot and he said he never claimed to be otherwise.

Anna continued to argue with the nurse while Ewen listened in and Robin said, “Mom? Is that you?” Ewen opened the door behind Anna and motioned for Nurse to get rid of Anna. Anna threatened to search the facility from top to bottom and Nurse suggested the start with the “rooms at this end of the corridor.” Meanwhile, Ewen fussed on the phone to someone about Anna searching facility. Robin summoned up the strength to flip the brochure about the clinic in Switzerland so that it fell to the floor. Ewen said, “What do you want me to do?” indicating that the person on the phone is the one who is really in charge.

Patrick told Liz about telling Ewen that he thought Jason was a threat. Patrick mentioned the soft spot she and Robin have for Jason and she told him that she doesn’t have to justify her feelings.

Johnny and Todd continued to fight and Johnny told Todd it was an accident, just before delivering a good stomach punch. Todd took him to task for Hope dying and Johnny grabbed a baseball bat threatenly. Todd told Johnny that he was wrong; they are nothing alike because he never killed someone and then whined so much about it. Johnny doubted that Todd had no regrets.

Sam told Spinelli that she was sure Todd’s secret had to do with her because of the clipping in his room and that Heather is involved. She wonders why he would hire her at all knowing she is a P.I. Spinelli wondered if she’s looking for something that doesn’t exist and is trying to distract herself from “recent events.” Sam told him that he knows her; she doesn’t give up. He corrected her and pointed out that it’s what she just did with her marriage (Zing! Give her some Bactine for that burn!).

Tracy pointed out that she and Luke are a perfectly matched set and that she knows him in ways that Anna can’t. She knows they aren’t over and she wants a front row seat when Anna realizes he can’t make her happy. When he comes crawling back to her on his bum knee with his bad heart, she will MAYBE think about taking him back. Luke surmised correctly that he was not forgiven. She admitted that even when he makes her miserable, he’s the best time she ever had. He gave her a “same here.”

Johnny admitted that the guilt has torn him up and he’s trying to make it up to Starr. Todd asked if that ever worked. He wondered what Carly would say when she found out and pulled out his phone, suggesting they call.

Carly outlined to Jason that he could pull back and shut down or go find Sam and start over. Jason pointed out that Sam can’t forgive him for all that happened.

Spinelli pointed out to Sam that she hid a lot of information from Jason and that while he may not have acted the way she wanted, he’s a good man. She reminded him about John’s beating and her baby’s subsequent death. They debated the two kisses and Spinelli urged her to move closer to Jason. She ignored him and asked him to help her crack Todd’s safe.

Nurse told Anna that she’d seen all the rooms and Anna said, “Except this one…” and she burst into Robin’s room, which was open. Nurse lied and said that an elderly gentleman with dementia had been there and died that morning. She reminded Anna that she’d seen all the rooms and that her daughter is not there. The camera panned to show that the brochure was still on the floor. Hmmm. You don’t take elderly dead guys with dementia to Switzerland as a rule.

Patrick continued to explain to Elizabeth how the pills helped him. He thanked her for being a friend. Anna walked up on them hugging and Elizabeth covered, saying they were talking about Robin. Anna asked about Luke and Elizabeth told her he was stable. Patrick thanked her for not telling Anna why he was there.

Ewen wheelchaired Robin to the elevator and Elizabeth phoned. She said Patrick made her realize that she would like to go out with him again.

Luke asked Anna what was wrong and correctly guessed that she let Heather get to her. She filled him in on what happened with Heather and Fercliff. She did, however, find the brochure and showed it to Luke. Luke told her she was reaching and that Heather was torturing her. Anna told Luke that she has to go to the facility in Switzerland. Good going Robin!

Spinelli refused to crack the safe, telling Sam he won’t help distract her from what is important. Sam was determined to find out what Todd is hiding. She hooked up her super spy listening device to the safe and got busy.

Todd phoned Carly as she talked to Jason. Johnny told him to hang up the phone, then said, “Go ahead. Tell her what I did to Starr’s kid and I’ll tell her what you did to Sam’s.” Todd let Carly say, “Hello” 4-5 times.

Episode and week ends.

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