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All I want for Christmas is a box of See’s truffles, and Lucky to already know Siobhan’s playing him. Wouldn’t it be great if he knew what she were up to and has just been playing along all this time? I’m fond of the couple, and if Lucky and Siobhan are both manipulating each other yet falling in love, then I’m all in. But if Lucky’s going to be made a fool of, then get me off this relationship train. Yes, when he falls for someone, he falls hard, but I hope that her gorgeous locks and sweet pout aren’t enough to disable all his con sensors.

I admit, they'd probably do me in.

If anyone should be able to tell when they are being played, it should be Lucky Spencer. The boy lived under false identities for the first several years of his life, after all.

Oh, Robin, you’d come off so much better if you didn’t let Lisa succeed in her goal of riling you up.

The Wild Robinus Scorpious Beast

Rise above it, girlfriend. Robin is so much smarter than to let Lisa push her buttons, or at least to let it show that Lisa’s pushing them. I don’t know what to make of her losing her cool. Regardless, it’s no excuse for Steve, Matt, or especially Nikolas, to take Lisa’s side on things. There’s appearing unbiased, but then there’s apologizing over and over for Robin’s behavior and everything poor, poor Lisa has had to go through.

"Would you like a closer look at my bias?"

It’s ridiculous, especially coming from Nikolas who has been through a lot with Robin. She helped him recover his speech, they both were subjected to a month of make-believe coupledom at Jerry’s hand, and they’ve been good friends for years! I think he’s taking unbiased a little too far. Unless he’s pretending to support Lisa . . . I’m sensing a theme with my hopes and dreams for characters this week. I am truly hoping they are all smarter than they are showing themselves to be and playing the players. This means I am set for a big fall myself as these storylines shape up. Why I’m trying to believe Nikolas is only pretending to be nice to Lisa when he’s actively employed and spends time with a woman who tried to break up his sister’s relationship shows my own soap opera naiveté.

As Lulu said, people warning her away from Dante is getting really, really old. This includes Luke, Tracy, Carly, Spinelli and everyone in between who thinks he’s destined to follow Sonny’s genes in the relationship department. It’s not like Sonny raised him, ya’ll. I don’t buy that Dante’s destined to sleep around just because Sonny’s such a cad. Luke telling Lulu, “Don’t think you can change your man,” made the least sense of the bunch.

"C'mon Lulu, he's sweet and always complimenting you---the man's bad news!"

Last I checked, Lulu was perfectly happy with her man. What would she want to change about him? He seems like great boyfriend material! We’re also supposed to believe that he’s an untrustworthy liar because he worked an undercover job—you know, as part of his job where he protects the public? That was just despicable of him, wasn’t it?

I know that keeping this secret for Brenda and his old feelings for her coming back are somehow going to be the proof everyone needs that Dante is an untrustworthy player, even though they are not at all related. Having feelings for someone from your past isn’t exactly like cheating on your girlfriend. Nor is keeping an old promise proof of deceit. But the fact that he covered up Aleksander’s death is a sticking point, even for a huge fan of the character like me. I hate that his stance on Claudia’s death cover up now makes him a hypocrite, though I’m clinging to the idea that he learned from that past mistake and didn’t want Michael to have to suffer for it in the future—why yes, Michael did suffer in prison, but if it had come to light years later and Michael had to carry around a guilty conscience for years, and we were already seeing that affect him rather strongly, then it probably would have been worse for him. And the worst experience from prison, Michael’s probable rape, actually happened because of his importance to Jason, since his assaulter was working for Franco. I just have to get that in there, because Jason was seen as the rescuer for Michael in prison, but if Jason hadn’t caught the attention of a killer with his own killing prowess, then Michael would never have dealt with Carter in the first place. Yes, Jason does occasionally note how much bad he’s brought into people lives through his career choice, but until he backs that angst up by changing careers, I’m not going to let up on him.

So following my impassioned defense of Dante, I give you full and complete permission to harass me if he continues not to tell Lulu everything about his past with Brenda and his feelings for her. I expect full disclosure in the next two weeks, and if he doesn’t come clean by then, well, he deserves what he gets. And I expect you to remind me of that once his feathery hair starts making me swoon again. Deal?

Let’s end with what the last few weeks of GH viewing have taught me: Sonny is beneath Jason in the power ranks of the Corinthos organization. Both the Giambettis and Spinelli refused to listen to Sonny repeatedly last week when he insisted on taking Brenda out and was overruled.

The Grunts get their way.

They cited Jason’s orders as what restrained them . . . to Jason’s boss! I would think that whatever Sonny said would be final, but no, those underlings held firm to their loyalty to Jason’s commands. Man, it’ll be interesting if Jason and Sonny ever have a break again. I don’t think a single associate would choose Sonny’s side. Pondering that hierarchy also made me wonder why Suzanne was fine with Jason escorting Brenda to parties, but Sonny doing so would be bad PR.

Don’t forget to stop by for next week’s specials. I think I’ll have to spice up, then spike us some cider to make it through the holidays in Port Charles!

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