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Commentary by Becca

This week’s special is a single serving of humble pie.  The crust is made from chocolate cookies brought in from Bensonhurst and a piquant filling of crushed candy canes and dreams, stimulating enough to open your eyes wide. Mix those together with a vanilla custard sauce, bake for an hour, and top with Yule log crumbles. Sadly, you can’t order it—I’m the only one eating this dessert.

As I promised to do, I must now admit, however sad it makes me, that Dante Falconeri is a tool.

I may love his flowy wisps of hair, and the cheesy pick-up lines charm me just as much as they do Lulu, but Dante has lost his moral high ground completely. Why? Because he won’t tell his girlfriend that he’s reliving his past love for Brenda, won’t even tell her that he used to love Brenda at all. That’s not even considering the secret baby! Dante is cheating on Lulu in spirit, and it makes me sad knowing that he’s more than likely going to lose her over it, though I think any upcoming break up scenes will be awesome. The worst part of all this, though, is that he knows he’s being an idiot, but he’s also being that guy who revels in the misery of his own making. He should be spending his time not reliving past infatuation but questioning why he had feelings for Brenda at all. She’s in love with the father he loathes—that should be a clue that maybe, just maybe, Brenda’s not the woman for him, but this cop’s head is too muddled up for the clear thinking he used to pride himself on to break through.

Speaking of Brenda and Sonny, as a fan of the couple, I’m disappointed that they are engaged so soon. I like slow burn relationships the most in soap operas, and I would have loved to watch Sonny work hard to convince Brenda to take a chance on him again. One date and an evening by a Christmas tree aren’t enough to sway this fan to take a chance on the relationship; I’m not sure how they were enough for Brenda, who insisted on taking things slow but a few weeks back. That said, it’s a treat to watch Sonny and Brenda be completely vulnerable and honest with each other (except for that darn, secret baby, of course). I thought their scenes in Lila’s rose garden were great, and it’s fun to watch Sonny simply be amazed that Brenda is in his life again—I can’t begrudge him trying to keep her there.

His emotion sold me. It apparently worked for Brenda, too.

"Surprise! We're engaged!"

As for the wedding of the season, I thought Tracy was absolutely riveting.

Okay, she wore a bit too much eye makeup, but otherwise, she simply rocked that dress. Of course, now I am positive we will never see her wear an outfit without long sleeves again (did she ever?), but who’s complaining? I would watch Jane Elliot light up a room anytime. Less enjoyable to watch were Luke’s anxieties, or shall we call them cold feet, leading up to the event. His nervousness and back-up plan felt so manufactured, especially since he’s been married to Tracy for years now, for all intents and purposes. I was also disappointed in the lack of follow up on Lulu and Lucky’s reactions to having the wedding on Laura’s birthday. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the scenes where they both learned the date ended on unhappy reactions. What transpired in the meantime to bring them to peace with it?

Back to the wedding day itself, I love that Brook Lynn was the one to talk her granny into taking that leap of faith and marrying Luke. I agree with Katrina, wouldn’t it have been great for Ned and Dillon to be there to support her as well? Once all the prenup hubbub was over and done with, I really enjoyed Luke and Tracy’s vows, dancing, and kisses—they sparkled beautifully during all of them.

Do you think Luke really did sign the prenup? That was definitely left open to interpretation, but I choose to believe that he did sign it and not as Wily E. Coyote.

Last on this week’s menu is Abby and Michael’s romance.  Do you find it an inappropriate age difference? I do not; I’m hoping that hot first kiss in a very awkward circumstance wasn’t just luck and that these two could make the screen simmer. I also think that Michael’s an adult—a young one, yes, but there are worse mistakes than dating an older woman that he could make. He’s right; he’s not a normal teenager and expecting him to act like one isn’t realistic. What’s more interesting to me, however, is how much the Davis shrieking harpies, otherwise known as Molly and Kristina, disapprove. Those girls adopt whatever stance Carly deems correct, and then they promote it zealously. You may recall that both liked Dante last spring but quickly morphed into screaming banshees once he turned Michael in, not even stopping to consider why doing such a thing made a lot of sense from the standpoint of a police officer. Remember the scene outside of the courtroom, with Kristina, Molly, and Morgan triple-teaming Dante with an avalanche of tears and wailing?

Countdown: 30 seconds to ear drum explosion!

My ears rang from the high decibel of those whines for weeks. Now they’ve grabbed on to the idea that Abby’s too old for Michael with a vengeance, and it’s rather odd. Why would Michael’s best friend and sister insist that Abby’s too old? Usually, best friends are more inclined to support crushes and the like, regardless of possible age differences. It’s like Carly swung by while Alexis was out and gave them the party line. I dread watching more of Kristina yelling at Abby for her interest in Michael, while Molly wails in the background about how the laws of romance are being violated, not even realizing how many of her favorite books featured huge age differences between the characters. In other words, I’ll be reaching for my ear plugs soon.

Don’t forget to stop by for next week’s specials! I’ll experiment with some toasty winter beverages that’ll thaw out anyone who happens to be stranded on the side of a snowy road, unconscious, with hallelujahs ringing out while their bloody bodies are panned by the camera.

Happy New Year, Port Charles?

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Pictures courtesy of Kat’s General Hospital Screencaps.

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