This Week’s Specials

On this week’s specials menu, we have a fast-traveling reveal of rape, a fake arrest, and a tattered bridal gown. And thus, February sweeps are upon us!

I would be remiss not to comment on the quality of performances this week. Chad Duell showed some fantastic acting chops as Michael struggled against saying the word but finally let the truth be told. Laura Wright is phenomenal at showing a Carly who’s true to herself at all costs—she can comfort her son and drop her marital problems in a flash, but even faster, she reverts to her single-minded revenge against Dante, which I’m convinced is really Carly’s method of avoiding giving herself any blame for the life Michael’s ended up with.

And of course, she managed to find a way to use Michael’s rape to try and convince Sonny not to marry Brenda.

"How can I murder Brenda and Robin and make it Dante's fault? Think, Carly, think."

That’s Carly’s gift and curse: to twist any situation in a way that it supports her goals and then make herself believe her reasoning. No one can ever say Carly doesn’t commit to a cause!

Dominic Zamprogna has also been great this week, though I think Dante’s beating himself up too much over Michael’s rape (Carly, of course, disagrees with me—she’s probably adding me to her revenge list right now). I’d much rather watch him talk it over with Sonny, though, than keep wallowing in regret. That makes me think what an odd place it must put Michael in to have others throwing blame here and there about him getting raped. For someone who wants to move on from something that traumatic, it must make the whole process harder. Hopefully, he’ll be spared knowing what’s going through everyone else’s mind so he can focus on his therapy.

I enjoy how much Jason is relying on Lucky and Dante lately to discuss whatever situation may arise, most recently being Michael attacking Abby’s boyfriend.

"I saw your bat signal, Jason, and I came right away."

I would love if he left those mob ways behind (my desire for that is no secret), but maybe he wouldn’t have to turn completely clean. He could be a police consultant like the main character from White Collar and perhaps find out that helping people is actually more appealing when the mob enforcement aspect is no longer part of his life.

I’m very happy that Siobhan finally came clean with Lucky—it’s made their scenes a million times easier to watch. However, Siobhan needs to reel in her panic about her sister.

Siobhan's far too common expression.

I’d like a little more feistiness and a little less high-pitched fear and tears, please. I dig Siobhan, but ever since her sister’s been held hostage, everything she’s done has been more reactive than active. I need her to show me that her heavily proclaimed self-reliance is real . . . while leaning on Lucky for support. Hey, I never said my requests were simple—I demand layers in my heroines.

I’m serving a special’s menu just for Brenda Barrett next week, full of foods considered lucky: black-eyed peas steamed with collard greens in a garlic broth with roasted rosemary pork chops and freshly fried donuts with a raisin, apple, and custard filling. Rumor is she’ll need something to counteract the bad mojo headed her way!

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