General Hospital Spoilers

Find out what will happen on GH the week of March 7th!

Sam tells Abby that in her heart of hearts, she really does want to have a baby with Jason.

Jason recounts to Michael the sacrifices that has to be made to live a life in the mob.

Siobhan receives notification that she is being deported.

Michael is suspicious when Carly is suddenly friendly with Abby.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he will be marrying Siobhan.  Elizabeth is crushed by the news.

Jax is furious to find Carly taking care of Shawn, feeling that she is exposing the children to the violence of the mob.

Elizabeth has another DNA test run on Aiden.

Sam is discharged from the hospital.

Lucky and Siobhan prepare to be married, despite Luke offering an alternative.

As Matt and Maxie work together to help Robin and Patrick, their relationship deepens.

Kristina steps up her efforts to win Ethan’s heart.

Luke offers Carly his help in taking care of Jax’s threats to take away the children.

Theo is able to recapture Brenda and returns her to the cave, where he insists that she tell him what became of his grandchild.

Dante and Sonny work together to get information from the Balkan’s assassin.

Jason scours through the Balkan’s records for clues to where Brenda might be.

Theo refuses to believe Brenda’s assertions that her baby was stillborn.

Dante tries to get Suzanne to talk about the birth of Brenda’s baby.

Sonny believes that Theo wants to take him down.

Jason pushes Spinelli to come up with information to help find Brenda.

One of the Balkan’s servants agrees to help Brenda escape.

Theo injects Brenda with a deadly neurotoxin.

Sonny, Jason and Dante find Brenda just as her life is slipping away.

Date and Jason have different ideas on how to deal with the Balkan, but head after him as he escapes.

Sonny rushes Brenda to GH where Robin and Patrick work frantically to save her life.

Lisa and Johnny find Robin and Patrick searching Johnny’s penthouse.

Coming Soon:

Sonny swears revenge on the Balkan.

Johnny tells Lisa he as a plan regarding the syringe.

Elizabeth walks in on Nikolas and Brook in a moment of passion.

Suzanne and Theo look for their grandchild.

Elizabeth finds out the paternity test results.

Carly and Jax learn that Josslyn has a serious medical condition.

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