General Hospital Spoilers

Tragedy strikes a family on GH the week of March 14th

What Happened to Elizabeth…

Elizabeth’s week goes from bad to worst ever and she begins it by walking on on Brook and Nikolas about to make love.  Angry, she threatens Nikolas, telling him that she will take away his parental rights.

Right after she learns that she will be receiving the results of Aiden’s paternity test before the end of the week, Lucky comes to tell her that he is marrying Siobhan.  This breaks her already broken up heart even more.

Lucky goes to Luke to ask him to come to his wedding, but Luke refuses.  Later, Luke has a change of heart and hurries to get to Lucky’s wedding before he misses it.

Sam hurries off after one of the Balkan’s men and is stricken by a terrible headache.

Brenda and Sonny leave Port Charles by car for their honeymoon.

Johnny invites both Lisa and Robin to his penthouse and sends them on a treasure hunt to find the syringe.  Robin finds it and jumps in her car with the evidence.  Lisa follows behidn her, determined to get the syringe back from her.

Carly gets an urgent phone call from Jax saying that Josslyn has a high fever and heads out to meet him at the hospital.

Theo and Suzanne leave together to try and find Brenda’s baby.

Elizabeth comes home and finds the paternity tests waiting for her.  She reads that Lucky is really Aiden’s father and barely has time to think about this before she realizes that Jake is missing and the door is open.  She sees him just in time to witness a mother’s worst nightmare as he is hit by a car that leaves the scene of the accident.

Jake’s family, including Jason, hurry to the hospital, fearing the worst.  Patrick and Robin hurry to try and save the little boy as he is rushed into emergency surgery.

Other things that happen:

Brenda makes a full recovery after being given the antidote.

Theo manages to slip away, but Jason swears his vengeance.

Kristina works to break up Abby and Michael.

Alexis tells Jax to be careful about taking on Carly in a custody battle.

Michael tries to oversee a shipment himself on the sly.

Johnny tries to get Lisa to get over Patrick without any success.

Abby clues Jason in on Michael’s shady dealings.

Dante and Ronnie are staking out the shipment Michael is involved with and Dante is force to confront his brother.

Brenda dreams of her baby.

Josslyn is diagnosed with Stage 5 cancer.

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