General Hospital Spoilers

A town is consumed by grief.  Find out what happens on GH the week of March 21st.

Jake dies in surgery as Jason watches from the observation area.

Jason breaks the news to Lucky, who then has to tell Elizabeth.

Patrick is devastated that he could not save Jake.

Robin comforts him and asks him to come back home again… for good.

Matt comforts Maxie.

Jax resists the medical suggestion of chemotherapy for Josslyn and wants to wait for an organ donor.

Dante and Sam work to find out who hit Jake and are able to narrow it down to a list of seven cars.

Carly goes to Jason, who is out of his mind with grief, and asks him to donate Jake’s organs to save Josslyn.

Jason says he will talk to Elizabeth about it.

Elizabeth is furious at Jason’s suggestion, but ultimately agrees.

Luke and Lucky have a painful conversation.

Nikolas offers his support to the Spencers.

When he is alone with Sam, Jason breaks down over his loss.

Sam is stunned to realize that both she and Carly are on the list of suspected drivers in the hit and run.

Steve comforts Elizabeth.

Carly tells Jason that she may have been the one to hit Jake.

Patrick suggests to Johnny that his scavenger hunt may have inadvertently caused Jake’s death.

Sonny and Brenda hear about Jake’s death and cut their honeymoon short to return home.

Jason goes to Elizabeth.

Other things happen too:

Sonny is obsessed, even during his honeymoon, with finding Theo.

Theo tells Suzanne that she has to choose between ASEC and finding their grandchild.

Kristina continues to interfere with Abby and Michael.

Brenda tells Sonny that she doesn’t want to return to modeling.

Robin and Patrick enjoy a family breakfast with Emma after their reunion.

Dante worries about how to handle Michael.

Robin and Lisa’s encounter turns violent.

Lisa gets the syringe back and destroys it.

Johnny and Lisa make love.

Michael vows to protect Carly after seeing the hit and run suspect list.

Franco contacts Carly and threatens Josslyn.

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