General Hospital Spoilers

Find out what happens this week on General Hospital.

Luke is revealed to be the driver of the car that hit Jake and he falls into a downward spiral.

Lucky and Luke have an altercation about his drinking.

Lulu goes to Elizabeth to give her support in her time of grief.

Jason finds out about Franco’s threat to Josslyn and goes to help despite his own sorrow over losing Jake.

Sam goes to visit Josslyn and reveals her secret desire to the baby.

Lulu tries to rationalize Luke’s drinking.

Jax is furious to find out that Shawn is Carly and Josslyn’s bodyguard.

Brenda goes to the hospital to visit Carly and Josslyn, but Carly rejects her overatures.

Sonny and Luke have an emotional conversation.

Shawn comforts Carly as she breaks down over all that has happened in the past week.

Elizabeth rages as she looks at the paternity test results.

Lucky shares his feelings with Maxie.

Carly tries to get Jason to focus on taking care of himself rather than going after Franco.

Sonny goes to visit Josslyn and praises Carly.

Sam and Jason talk about having children and agree that all a parent can do is love their child.

Michael and Abby make love, but their afterglow is disrupted by Brandon, who has been released from jail.

Abby drops the charges against Brandon to keep Michael safe.

Michael gets a gun.

Theo comes closer to finding his grandson.

When Kristina becomes Emma’s babysitter, Lisa targets her.

Brandon shows up at Abby’s apartment and beats her.

Brenda talks about how much she wants a child.

Theo is moments from finding his grandchild when Suzanne takes him out.

Spinelli reveals to Maxie that she is his muse.

Michael pulls his gun on Brandon.

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