GH Spoilers

Another death hits Port Charles the week of April 4th.

Abby goes to Jason for help with Michael.

Michael draws a bead on Brandon, but Jason shows up and stops him.

Dante later announces that Brandon has been shot and killed.

Both Jason and Michael feel the other one killed Brandon and do their best to protect each other.

Dante plans to protect Michael by framing Jason for the murder.

Jason and Michael realize that neither of them is guilty.

Lucky has another confrontation with Luke.

Robin tells Patrick that they should get counseling.

Lisa and Johnny get closer.

Lisa goes to see Kristina while she is babysitting Emma.

Maxie arranges a book singing for Spinelli and when he balks, Sam convinces him to go.

Brenda falls in love with Lucian, but Sonny is not convinced Lucian is Brenda’s son.

Patrick confronts Johnny.

Carly tries to reunite Lucky and Luke, but Lucky connects with Sonny instead.

Nikolas tells Brook Lynn good-bye as she leaves for her tour.

Sam comforts Jason as he wrestles with his regrets over not being a father to Jake.

Nikolas comes upon Luke taking out his anger on the Haunted Star.

Anthony contacts Johnny.

Lucky loses his composure with Jason as they talk about parenting.

Lucky wants to marry Siobhan sooner rather than later.

Carly and Brenda get into a “who’s the worst mother” fight.

Carly asks Sam to give Jason a baby.

Sonny asks Brenda to have a DNA rest run on Lucian.

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