This Week on General Hospital

April 18th – 22nd

Jason and Sam decide to try and have a baby together.

Michael tells Jason that he believes that he would make a great father.

Jason tells Carly that Johnny may be trying to bring Michael into the Zacchara business.

Carly finds Sam crying after her OB/GYN visit.

Jason is stunned hear that Michael considers him to be his role model.

Sam tells Jason she is able to have a baby after all.

Michael defends Carly’s parenting choices to Brenda.

Elizabeth sees how close Nikolas and Lucky have become and believes it would tear them apart to reveal the truth.

Ethan declines Kristina’s request that he be her date to the prom.

Matt tells Maxie she would do well to keep quiet about the paternity test results.

Johnny visits Anthony in prison to get information about Brandon’s murder.

Anthony knows more than he is telling about Brandon.

Robin worries about her future with Patrick.

Lisa slips narcotics to an oblivious Kristina.

Anthony pushes Johnny to take Michael into the fold.

Lulu asks Johnny to keep Michael out of the mob.

Cell phone footage creates a bad situation for Michael in the murder case.

Ronnie urges Michael to confess or Dante could lose his badge.

Jax confronts Brenda about raising a child in Sonny’s mob life.

Ronnie shows up to arrest Abby.

Sonny and Brenda argue over Jax’s words.

Jax offers Shawn 10 million dollars to leave town.

A family gathering goes south when Molly’s innocent words set off another battle between Brenda and Carly.

Sonny goes to visit Anthony and has strong words with him.

Johnny comes home to find his father has been released from prison.

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