This Week’s Specials

Maxie’s been on fire this week, showing so much more maturity and self-awareness than I knew she was capable of. It’s been great seeing her with Lucky, Liz, and Matt. Is our little schemer really growing up? She was so understanding with Liz, and I loved that Liz didn’t throw her out, either, as Liz has every right to do whenever Maxie’s around.

I never thought I'd see these two sharing a couch.

The women had an honest conversation, and Maxie didn’t even try to hold the DNA results against Liz, just encouraged her to make the choice to tell the men the news of Aiden’s paternity. Yes, she said she’d tell them if Liz didn’t as she was leaving, but I can’t blame her for that. Of course, I’ve always had Robin’s back for telling AJ about Michael, so my thoughts on telling parentage secrets are pretty clear: TELL IT.

Matt’s reaction to learning that his girlfriend faked a pregnancy was priceless.

He took 5 seconds to process it and realized he didn’t care. It was cute. Why do I find his character so adorable? Is it because he has absolutely no screen time? Possibly. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Is Carly listening? Because my heart needs to grow a LOT fonder of her.

I’m continually amazed that Brenda is showing no animosity toward Suzanne at all.

Where's the stare full of piercing daggers?

I’m with Sonny, she “has an incredible way of showing” her love for Brenda, if that affection is to be believed. How does Brenda not fill with rage whenever she sees the woman who told her that her child died? She’s been super nice to her! I’m so confused. I know she’s focused on providing a stable, supportive environment for Lucien right now, but she should not be so accepting of Suzanne. It takes acrobats more crazy than I can perform to understand her calm behavior towards Mrs. Balkan.

Jason floored me on Friday when he had such a wonderful, introspective conversation with Michael about everything living the life has cost him.

"Kid, you really, really don't understand what you're doing."

I was impressed, and those of you who’ve been following my columns for a while know that Jason’s nowhere close to my favorite character. If this self-reflection continues, I will be thrilled. Choosing the mob a decade and a half ago was the worst decision he’s ever made and hearing him say it was shocking and satisfying to me. Will Michael listen? I think Jason made some inroads on showing him that choosing a mob life will have real and true consequences. And I love how Jake’s death has come together with Michael’s resurfaced desires to follow in his father’s footsteps. That’s the part of this story line that’s been done best, in my opinion, and I hope it continues to be a quality time of reflection for Jason on how his choice to join with Sonny affected his ability to have relationships with others and that Michael will learn from that rather than simply embrace the family business because it’s all he knows.

See you in two weeks for more specials! I’m hoping we can have something more fun on the menu soon. Port Charles needs a reason to celebrate.

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