What Will Happen on GH This Week?

April 25 – 29th

Maxie take action to force Elizabeth’s hand.

Luke continues his self-destructive behavior and goes on a tirade to Sam about Jason.

Ronnie arrests Abby for Brandon’s murder.

Maxie presses Elizabeth to come forward with the truth.

Sonny takes a stab at trying to redirect Luke from his current path.

Kristina comforts Ethan as he worries about Luke’s drinking and denial.

Michael’s attempt to protect Abby is not well received by his family.

Robin and Patrick leave Emma with Kristina while they go out on a date.

Robin urges Brenda to have the DNA test and end the questioning.

Thursday’s episode is solely dedicated to a Spencer family intervention and an ultimatum of rehab.

Sonny gives Michael a direct order to stay away from Abby.

Lucian is found to be missing, right after Brenda informs Suzanne that she’s having a DNA test run on him.

Maxie wonders if it’s a good idea for Jason and Sam to try to have a baby so close to losing Jake.

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