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On this week’s special’s menu, I have a confusing entree I’ll call the Sonny and Brenda Supper. The model with a new moniker of “Mom” and the mobster with reasonable suspicions and unreasonable silence intertwine over a bed of rainbow chard simmered with garlic, asiago, and a missing child. Take a bite from one side, and you’ll get tears and misplaced rage. Take a bite from the other, and you’ll get no reason whatsoever for keeping a mother in the dark and avoiding the authorities. I don’t even know where to cut first.

So I’ll start with Brenda. I hate, hate, hated that she welcomed Suzanne back into her life, new child in tow, with such open arms. It was ridiculous in all ways, shapes, and forms that Brenda would have forgiven her so easily—the woman hid her son for years! That’s not something you just wave away; it’s not.

Sonny was absolutely right to suspect that Suzanne was lying and Lucien was not Brenda’s child. Brenda not even entertaining the idea made her look like an idiot. Even more idiotic was the setup for Lucien’s kidnapping.

"I swear I'm forgetting something. It was bigger than a breadbox..."

In the very same scene in which Brenda complained about her bodyguard not talking to her, presumably because he was too busy guarding her and Lucien, Lucien disappears! Neither Brenda, Robin, nor the attentive bodyguard noticed a thing. I know bodyguards are usually nothing more than reminders that Sonny’s in the mob, but don’t reference one only to have him completely missing from the very same scene when his boss’s stepson wanders off.

Sonny’s lack of concern about Lucien has also been mystifying. One of his most asinine qualities was on display the last few days while tracking Suzanne: refusing to tell Brenda anything about what he, Dante, and Spinelli were doing. Why was he so upset that she turned to Jax for help when he kept his new wife, the long lost love of his life, completely in the dark about his efforts? He deserved every bit of rage Brenda threw his way. And I have no words for his insistence that Carly—CARLY!?!—come along to help get Brenda’s son back. Including her was even more random than when she popped up at Luke’s intervention a few weeks ago. Does she have some sort of magical child-soothing gift I’ve never seen before?

I'm pretty sure even drugged up Kristina could have handled this.

Of course, it’s a slap in the face to Brenda that Sonny would bring Carly and confide in her about the location of and plan to get back Brenda’s son. I still want this couple together, but it’ll be hard to sweep all the hurt feelings from this plotline under the rug.

I am so very on Jax’s side in the debate over taking Jocelyn home and whose home that will be. I don’t care if he’s being cruel by insisting Jocelyn doesn’t live with Carly—getting your child out of mob danger is totally worth a reduction in quality mommy time. If he simply agreed to let Carly keep custody, then Jocelyn would suffer a reduction in quality daddy time instead. Might as well get a 2 for 1 benefit, in my opinion! Because I’ve taken that stance, you may guess that Shawn is not exactly a character I enjoy.

Fearless protectors of Jocelyn from . . . Jax?

I don’t know why he’s taking Carly’s side in everything, and it does not endear him to me. Honestly, the best reason I can think of for his support is that taking Carly’s side ensures his employment—if Jocelyn’s in a safer environment, then Shawn’s out of a job! It was also ridiculous that Jason refused to let Jax take his daughter home, because forcing a child to stay in a hospital bed is so much more ideal than letting her go home with her dad, right, Jason? Thank god Jax brought up the fact that Jocelyn’s present danger is actually due to Jason. Franco’s obsessed with him, and that’s the only reason Carly’s daughter has been targeted.

Turning to some lighter fare, I really enjoy Matt and Maxie, especially the snide, sarcastic humor that Jason Cook portrays so well. Matt’s fake proposal was highly entertaining, especially how much fun he had faking it and torturing Maxie.

He didn’t deserve a slap, but slaps are more plentiful than identical twins in soap operas; if they stopped coming, we wouldn’t be sure what genre we were watching anymore. I think that sense of fun is what I like the most about this relationship—I get the impression that Maxie entertains Matt to no end. He could sit around watching her flounder all day with a beer in hand and never get bored. Since that’s practically what I do every time I turn on this show, I can’t blame him! Can we have some Brothers Drake and Cousins Scorpio-Jones double dates, please?

That’s all I have on the menu this week! Don’t forget to come by for the new specials soon!

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