Heads Up, GHFCW Attendees!

Hello GH Fans!

Can you believe the time is creeping up on us so quickly? Your fan club staff has been hard at work processing ticket orders and finalizing plans for what is assured to be the best GHFCW ever!

I want to give you a heads up on a particular situation that has been brought to my attention. There is a group of people who are currently selling “Fan Club Weekend” T-shirts directed toward the weekend that we are hosting our Official GH Fan Club Weekend in July. These people are in no way affiliated with the General Hospital Fan Club and are using terminology that can be confusing for those not familiar with the Official GH Fan Club and the Official GH Fan Club Weekend. Early on, we asked them to kindly reshape their marketing to avoid this confusion, however, these T-shirts are currently on sale and because of the use of the words “Fan Club Weekend,” there are fans who believe that these shirts are the Official GH Fan Club promoting the entire weekend. This group is not hosting the “weekend,” but only one event that is taking place at the same time.

The Official GHFC Weekend has its own official logo and its own T-shirt which will be sold over the course of the actual GHFC Weekend. There will be plenty available and you do not have to purchase these shirts in advance. If your interest in is in having an Official GHFC T-shirt, please visit the GHFC Boutique over the course of the weekend and pick up the real deal, as well as many other friendly priced souvenirs. The Boutique will be well advertised and easy to find. In this case, you truly want to “accept no substitutes.”

See you in July!

Debbie Morris
GH Fan Club President

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